June 30, 2008

Hit And Miss

First, thanks to Rae for being such a good blogging buddy and doing a little post for me! I'm not usually away from my internet so long, but moving does have its own ups and downs. For instance...still a connection problem somewhere along the way.

I'm actually blogging from a very "good girl" location so this blog might remain sparse for the next couple of weeks. Everyone be nice and hang in there with me!

I hope you wonderful bloggers are having a naughty time. Enjoy it just a little bit extra for me okay?!

June 25, 2008

She lives!

Okay, I do have it on good authority that The Naughty One does, indeed, live. She texted me this afternoon and asked that since she is still in the process of moving, and does not yet have internet access if I couldn't please (pretty please, with sugar, and a cherry on top--probably my cherry actually) post something letting everyone know that yes, she is actually alive and well, if a bit busy this week. She is desperately depressed that she will be missing, for the first time since she started, her weekly HNT. Let us have a moment of silence for that missed naked naughtiness....


By the way, this is Rae from over at Always On (yay! Shameless plug!). That would be considerably less shameless if I wasn't in the middle of my own computer problems and had good updates...oh well, we'll shamelessly plug my Erotica site instead. :-) There IS a new post there, and I think that if all of you horny people out there like Ms. Naughty's erotica, you may, perhaps like mine too.

Why me you ask? Ms. Naughty and I met, oh, lightyears ago, back in November approximately. Late November. And she was kind enough to indulge me in some menage a trois playtime (on the Internet, natch) with my lover back in December. Oh, the fun we had. ;-)

She did promise to be back up and running with her HNT (AND her delicious, delightful, delectable erotica) in the next week or slightly more...but hopefully there will be no more missed HNTs. She is alive, well, and missing you all TERRIBLY.

And may I say it is quite freeing to post on someone else's blog. How yummy.

June 19, 2008


I've had fun doing my little striptease, but I think I'll give some other body parts a chance to shine in future HNTs. If you missed anything you find the previous pictures here...menage a trois.

In other not so naughty news, I'm moving tomorrow. I will try to post as soon as possible, but if you've ever moved you know what I'm in for this weekend. Y'all try and behave yourselves!

June 14, 2008


I'd seen this quiz around and decided to take it. I wasn't surprised at all by what it said...I've always thought I was experimental and curious about sex. How else is a girl supposed to know what turns her on or not?! I'm still wrapped up in boxes and tape. I have a story (inspired by a lovely nap I had the other day...) in the works, but I need to tweak it and having the time for tweaking is limited these days.

So...anyone up for a little experimentation?!

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
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You scored as Experimental

Experimentation is a great place to be. Open-mindedness when it comes to sexuality can open doors and allow you to discover things that you didn't think you would find engaging. Having such a curious attitude can help you learn more about your own sexual nature as well as the nature of others.







Exhibitionist / Voyeur










Degradation Lover




June 12, 2008


Did anyone guess my theme?

You know in looking at this I realize just how light my nipples are. It all sort of fades together. So...more pink and black!
If you missed last week...Menage
This week...A
Anyone want to guess what next week will be titled?!

June 10, 2008

Busy Girl

Poor blog...it probably misses me! I know I miss it and all my favorite Naughty Reads.

My life is sort of crazy at the moment. I'm moving in 11 days. Sexy things are still happening (I was treated to some very dom treatment by DF last night...always leaves me twitching!) but by the time I'm settled down I'm not in the mood to write.

Sorry! I feel like such a bad blogger.

I hope things will be back to some semblance of normalcy soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me.

I hope you guys are all doing well!

June 5, 2008


Pink...so girly. Black...so naughty.

June 2, 2008

Turn Up The Heat

It has been so hot here lately. I think I could deal with the heat, but the humidity is even worse. Today as I lay in bed, dewy behind my knees and under my breasts, I kept thinking about how heat has such incredible erotic possibilities. See if you agree...

With a sigh I turn over. The air is heavy with heat. Not bothering to open my eyes, I kick off the sheet that had bunched around my hips. I can feel the dampness behind my knees and under my breasts. The thin material of my t-shirt pulls against my back as I reach for you. My hand smooths over the bed, searching but not finding you.

Opening my eyes, I realize I'm alone. Sitting up, I cross my arms and reach for the hem of my shirt. My fingers brush against my skin as I pull the shirt over my head. Getting rid of the offending material hasn't helped. My flesh is hot and damp. The rolling power outages must still be going.

The shock of cold tile floor meets my soles as I step into the bathroom. Out of habit, I sit and relieve the pressure that had been building. Finishing, I reach for the panties I had pushed down my thighs. Even they feel too confining; too restrictive against my flesh. Turning to clean my hands, I'm startled to see your reflection in the mirror.

You have something in your hand, but I can't tell what it is. You raise your hand and reach for my back. Meeting your eyes in the mirror, I wait. Will the touch be gentle or demanding? I suck in a sharp breath when the freezing cold ice touches my spine. My eyes close on a sigh. The heat of my body melts the ice quickly. I shudder as the beads of water roll down to the small of my back.

Pulling my hair to the side, your lips find my neck. Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth, I groan as you lick the salty moisture from my skin. Your body feels scalding against mine, but I don't have the desire to pull away. My hands press against the cool counter as your arm reaches around me and slips inside my panties. One thick finger teases the slick seam.

Opening my thighs wider, I watch you in the mirror. I want to glance down to where your fingers are stroking my cunt, but I can't look away. I feel you circling the tender hole. The teasing touches end as you push your finger inside. I immediately clench around your finger. I press forward as you press the heel of your hand against my clit. For several minutes you simply work my body, playing to my desire and need.

I groan as you pull your hand away. Reaching for your wrist I bring your fingers to my mouth. I taste my desire as I nibble and suck your fingers knuckle deep in my mouth. Running the fingers down over the soft curve of my stomach, you press them back between my thighs. I reach down and push my now drenched panties down my thighs. A final wiggle sends them to the floor.

The heat from our bodies touching is almost overwhelming. I can feel the small tendrils of hair at my neck soaked with sweat. I can feel the moisture gathering and beginning to trail down between my breasts. I reach up to cup my breasts and pluck my nipples. Your hands leave the wet heat of my cunt. One hand reaches for your cock and the other presses hard against my back. Bending me over the counter, you now have a perfect view of my ass and wet lips.

I feel you nudge the head of your cock against me. I reach down and hold myself open. With a harsh groan, you slide your thick cock between my lips. Each stroke ends with your moist tip against my swollen clit. Rocking against you, we tease each other. Finally, with a gasp, you slide inside my hot cunt. Your bare flesh against my pulsating wet walls is intense. My body immediately closes around you, holding you.

With forceful thrusts and breathy pants and moans, you fuck me. Your arms bracket my body as your palms land next to mine on the counter. You whisper incoherently against my back. All I can do is feel. I feel the sharp edge of the counter against my belly, the heat of your body against my back, drops of sweat in dips and hollows. Without warning my cunt tightens low and deep. I cream around your cock, my scream filling the room. You groan as you jerk inside my body and spill your seed.

Twisting in your arms, I sink to my knees. The cold tile is a welcome relief after being surrounded by such incredible heat. My nails lightly rake along your back thighs until they curve around your ass. Your cock is still wet and shiny. I lick my lips and kiss your stomach. With a smile, I take your semi hard cock into my mouth. With firm pressure from my tongue, I begin to lick you clean. The taste of your cum and my wetness explode against my tongue.

Pulling away from my mouth, you pull me up against you. We are hot, sticky, sweating...sated. With a smile, you lean in and kiss my mouth. Our mouths fuse and our tongues tangle. Leaning together, I reach into the shower and turn the water on full blast. Breaking contact, I step into the cold water and moan.

“Join me.”