April 13, 2010

Word of Advice...

Dear Good Girl Trying On Naughty,

Please be careful and watch out about falling for the naughty boy trying on good.

About To Learn The Hard Way

May 31, 2009

And Counting...

This morning I woke deliciously achy in various places on and in my body. It might be my own fault, for I did choose to indulge deep and long in several types of pleasure, but I'd rather blame DF. I'm sure he'll gladly shoulder the blame considering what a mass of relaxed and well satisfied woman I currently am...won't you baby?

Friday night found us both with a weekend that wasn't too demanding on our time, so I playfully suggested DF set a goal for us (meaning mostly me) to aim for this weekend in regards to achieving pleasure. After a little back and forth on the number, we agreed upon a reasonable goal considering we had 48 hours in which to achieve it.

The fun started early with a little solo for me and then a daring climax in the bubbly waters of the apartment complex hot tub. I have to admit I wasn't all together sure about playing in such an open and public place, but the thrill of maybe getting caught was pretty intense. Not to mention that if you tilt forward just a bit against the lower jets...

3, 4, 5, and 6 yesterday left my girly parts pretty sensitive and begging for a short reprieve from fingers, tongue, dick, and toys. Of course, 7 this morning was pretty darn perfect and had me questioning why I'd even wanted to stop just shy of the goal. Snugly, spoon sex just might be my favorite way to wake up. Well...maybe after on my knees with a thick shaft teasing me from behind. You know, 8 with the hand held shower head pulsing cool water on my clit felt pretty amazing as well. Afterward, DF was chuckling and I asked why. His reply was, "At us. This has been a crazy weekend." And yeah, it has been out of our norm, but maybe that is why it has been so fun.

And if I'm not mistaken, there are still a few hours left in this day and a goal that still hasn't quite been reached... I hope you lovely readers have had something akin to our weekend. If not...schedule one soon. It might leave you achy, but it will be well worth it!

April 26, 2009

Back Against A Wall

I wasn't sure I'd even remember the password associated with logging in, but apparently I remember more than I think. It has been an incredible amount of time since I've written anything here. Life has kicked it up a notch and some things have simply fallen by the way. There was an experience yesterday that inspired me to get back in touch with the storyteller inside. I was pleased...

He silently watched as she reached across the table to wipe up crumbs. The hem of the oversized shirt she called pajamas came precariously close to exposing the generous curve of her ass. A trace of disappointment came when he spied the edge of her panties. When would she learn that he preferred her panties either folded up in the dresser, discarded in a moment of haste on the bedroom floor, or anywhere but covering her lovely ass from his view?

Moving up behind her, he put his hands under the soft material and reached for her panties. Startled, she straightened. She found herself pressed against the warm front of his body. Relaxing against him, she laughed softly as his hands began to work the panties over her hips and down her thighs.

“I forgot the rule…”

“Daddy doesn’t like for the puss to be covered when there is not a need.”

When the panties fell to her ankles, she kicked them away with her toes. His fingers slid across the lower curve of her belly to rest against the soft, trimmed curls above the apex of her thighs. He was hit with the fresh, damp scent of her. Pulling her hair to the side, his tongue touched her neck and left a damp trail to her lobe.

Lust rose high. He turned her to face him and then walked her purposefully backward until she bumped the wall. Her hands curled around his neck pulling him down to her mouth. As her tongue ran across the seam of his lips, she closed her eyes. His hands were still on her hips and she felt his fingers pressing into her skin as the kiss became deep and wet. Pulling away, he grabbed for the shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She reached for him, but he avoided her hands and held her arms against her body.

“Don’t move.”

She pressed her palms against the wall and obeyed. He sank to his knees in front of her.

“I want to play with you.”

With gentleness, he spread her thighs and stared openly at the swollen folds in front of him. Glancing up, he took in the warm flush of arousal covering her breasts and her already hardening nipples. Her breathing had increased, but he was determined to draw this out for his own amusement.

He used his fingers to spread her slick and swollen lips, opening her up for a more intense, probing touch. Leaning in, he breathed deep. Oh yes, this was a favorite scent of his. With a broad stroke of his tongue he swept down from her clit to the tight hole at the base. A slick, tangy sweet wetness filled his mouth. She gasped.

Two fingers slid against the opening, testing the readiness. With steady pressure, he slid two fingers inside while he used his other thumb to press onto the hardening bud of her clit. Her body shuddered and he felt her knees begin to weaken as she leaned more heavily against the wall.

With his fingers buried knuckle deep inside, he moved his mouth over her clit. At first, he teased with short flicks of his tongue and she groaned, pressing her hips against his mouth. She wanted hard sucking of her clit, but she had forgotten who was in control of this little game.


His teeth bit down on her clit just hard enough to remind her that what she wanted wasn’t as important as what he knew she needed. He began a steady rhythm of pushing, pulling, and curling those two fingers inside of her. His mouth alternated between fast flicks, long pulls, and intense bites against her hooded clit.

She was panting and trembling against the wall. Her hands had moved close to his head, but she hadn’t touched. He could feel the walls of her sex tightening and beginning to clench harder around his fingers. Her orgasm was closing in and he had a strong desire to have his thick cock buried inside her when it did.

He pulled his fingers out and stood. She protested the loss, but he brushed his fingers over her mouth and she immediately sucked them inside. Her tongue curled around his fingers, sliding down between and over the bump of his knuckle. She greedily ate the sticky wetness off his fingers and began a deep, pulling suction on his skin. Her mouth made the promise of pleasure if only he’d give her more flesh.

“Not this time baby. Daddy has other plans for you.”

He pulled her away from the wall and turned her so that she was facing away. He walked her to the edge of the table and bent her down over it. The cold table was pleasure pain against her sensitive nipples. She could feel him spreading the cheeks of her ass. She smiled a knowing womanly smile at the sight that would greet him.

“You’re hot and so slick like you always are for me. You’re ready for Daddy to fuck you, aren’t you, my dirty little whore?”

Pushing her ass more firmly in the air toward him was her only answer. Her pussy was aching and demanding relief. She shifted and let her fingers slide against the swollen lips. Her fingers found her clit and began to rub in hard little circles. He simply watched her for a moment.

With the head of his dick, he nudged her fingers out of the way. He strummed the tip against her clit and rocked into the hooded pleasure point. She shuddered with the need to come. With deliberate movements, he stroked his dick from her clit down to her flooded hole and back up. He repeated the movements several times until she begged.


“Please what?”


Slowly, he pushed into her. Her pussy was so wet; he knew she’d be able to take his entire thick rod into her. The tight, wet walls of her puss pulled against his flesh as she stretched easily to accommodate his thick length. He began a steady, fast-paced rhythm that had him pounding her body with his.

She could feel the edge of the table cutting into the soft swell below her belly button, but little did she care. She wanted to feel him losing control against her back. She welcomed the sucking grasp of her body to his every time he pulled away and pushed back in. Straining toward their orgasm, he pushed against her back with his hand and she moaned.

Her orgasm rushed over her body in a wave of sensation. He groaned and she knew his dick was spurting his release against her velvety walls. She lay still as he thrust a last time against her. When he slid from her body, she tightened just a bit. She could feel a drop of his release trickling down over her sensitive lips to her clit. The perfect end to a perfect fuck.

February 20, 2009

Not Going To Be A Lesbian

So...a happy hour, three martinis (not dirty cause olives are just gross), and one orgasm that might have gotten on the couch later...guys can still be asshats on occasion. Of course girls can be bitches at times too.

Anyway, I don't want to really be a lesbian. Nope...I really adore that fuckable cock.

February 18, 2009


I was having a great catch up session with my friend Rae and we came to the same conclusion...

Guys can be such dumb asshats. Almost makes a girl want to think about becoming a lesbian some days...well except that this girl would miss the fuckable cock.


January 26, 2009

Coming Home

The familiar chirping of my cell phone alerted me to his text.

"U home?"

I couldn't help the smile that curved my lips. I was thinking about a recent text involving his impatience and the desire for a quick screw. The crassness of that conversation was such a turn on and frankly my pussy was beginning to throb. My response was short and sweet.

"Almost...about 10 minutes."

I thought about asking him if he wanted something, but I knew what he wanted so why be coy. Those last few miles home seemed to take much longer than normal. Just as I was digging my keys out of my purse to unlock the door I was reminded of his impatience.


I walked into the living room and kicked the door shut behind me. I dropped most things on the floor, but decided to hang up my keys. I'm pretty good at losing those things so I try to keep them in one spot. Anyway, he wanted me in the bedroom so that was exactly where I headed.

I laid down across the bed and reached for my zipper. I thought he was slightly disappointed to realize I was still dressed instead of immediately stripping in the living room when he said I needed to get naked...now. The best way to get naked fast...have help! I was stripped down to bare skin within seconds.

My fingers immediately went to the wetness pooling between my legs as his tongue slid from my ankle to my calf and up toward the juncture of my thighs. He sure was taking his sweet time now.

My hips arched as his mouth licked my swollen lips in a broad stroke. His teeth came next...pulling open my wet sex...one fleshy fold at a time. I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit. I needed to feel the sucking kisses. Instead he had other ideas. Without much pretext his finger pushed inside me and my pussy clenched hard. His tongue began a quick slide to my ass. So...dirty.

My hands clutched at the sheet and covers on the unmade bed. I wanted to reach for my abandoned clit, but as I started to slide my fingers into my curls his mouth moved back up. He was determined to make the orgasm quick and hard. I wanted to come around his dick.

A quick flip to my stomach and my hips pulled up into the air, he replaced the stroking fingers with his hard, hot fuckable dick. I could only grab hold of the bedding beneath me and hang on. My ass pushed back against each hard thrust. The sound of balls slapping against flesh was such a lovely compliment to the slick sliding sound as he drove us both closer.

We don't last long most times rather choosing to give in to passion, but we especially don't last long in this position. I felt my body start to tighten and the pressure building behind my clit. Trying to slow down the release was pointless.

I gasped and groaned out loud as he said my name and demanded that I take his cum. I wanted to...I wanted every last drop of him inside of me.

"Welcome home baby."

January 14, 2009


Cold sheets and an empty bed made for a long night. She craved the heat generated from intense passion and raw desire. A small smile curved her lips as she let her fantasy take shape. It was dark and bordered on the edge of pain. Her carefully dropped hints and increasingly bold requests had been met with caution and skepticism. Perhaps not every fantasy was meant to be shared or brought to reality. There was freedom in allowing a fantasy to be solely for her pleasure.