March 30, 2008


As I've made mention before, I am fully enjoying some seriously satisfying phoning. DF does an incredible job arousing both my mind and my body, but alas there are times when he simply can't be there in audible tones. Thankfully, I have a great imagination and have perfected the touches that bring me the most pleasure. Yesterday I was at a point where relief was needed...immediately. In as much detail as I can recall (some of you are very much into the details...) I want to share with you...graphically share with solo release. I've tried to write in a way that shares my actual experience with the fantasy that fueled the experience. I hope it isn't too confusing! Just thinking about it and writing it has left me wet and throbbing. I suppose I'll have to do something about that...

Still slightly damp and flush from the hot water of my shower, I let the towel slip down my body to the floor. Standing at the foot of my bed, I feel a few drops of water roll off the ends of my hair and slowly trail down my back. Quickly comes the thought that I'd much rather have your tongue leaving the wet trail across my skin. I climb onto the bed, crawling on my hands and knees, until I'm in the center. There I turn onto my back and stretch out. My body is aroused and every sense seems to be heightened.

The material of the comforter is cool against my hips and legs. As I move them trying to find a comfortable position I notice how they seem to glide over the material. They are soft from the recent shave and the lotion I applied from toe to hip bone. My back settles in against the pillows, seemingly surrounded in softness. The fan above the bed sends a gentle breeze across my bare body as it dries the last bits of moisture. The room is silent except for the sounds of my breathing. My eyes are closed, but only sunlight, filtered through the sheer curtains, lights the room.

You find me spread out on the bed. My legs are slightly bent at the knee and my thighs are open. One arm is across my belly so I can easily touch just the under curve of my breast. The other is skimming across my thigh from my knee to the inside. Walking to the edge of the bed you watch. I raise one eyebrow at you silently asking if you are enjoying what you see. With a nod, you silently give me permission to continue exploring my body with my own touch. As my hand moves up my body, gently cupping my already damp folds, and then heading up to stroke my other breast, I notice that your body isn't completely unaffected either. I watch as your hand moves toward your cock and then grasps your ball sac in one hand.

In my mind, I can clearly see what I want to be happening. My hands, while a poor substitute for yours, can bring me to a place of pleasure. Sinking in more against the feathery mattress and the cushion of the pillows, I bring my knees up so that my feet are resting flat against the bed. With a hand on each knee, I let them fall open, baring my most feminine part. Using the tips of my nails, I slowly drag them down the sensitive inside of my thigh to that soft juncture of my thigh and hip. My breath catches as I move in toward that soft, slightly swollen place that is begging to be touched. My fingers lightly tease the folds. The difference between the feel of the smooth skin and the little tuft of hair at the top makes me smile. I feel bare...but not quite.

My fingers are light touches on my breasts. The nipples are already hard and the small circles of rose pink skin around them are starting to crinkle. Using a thumb and finger, I gently pluck the nipples. The feel of skin on aroused skin is incredible, but the friction is too much. Raising my arms, I wiggle my fingers toward you. Leaning in you suck my fingers into your mouth. The warmth and wetness of your mouth is so very similar to other warm and wet places. I close my eyes and groan low in my throat as you swirl your tongue around the knuckles and fingertips using enough saliva to make sure they are thoroughly coated. Pulling away, I bring my fingers back to my nipples. Using a touch that is firmer, I slide my wet fingers across the hard tips. Everywhere I touch, a cool sensation is left in the wake.

One hand moves to rest against the gentle swell of my belly, right above my mound. My other hand drifts down to the opening of my body. The slick wetness is more intense here and I slid my middle finger inside. My hungry walls close around my finger and a gasp escapes past lips I didn't realize were open. Reluctantly pulling away, I gather as much wetness as I can and slide my finger between those folds up to the hard little nub at the top. Using my other fingers to hold myself open, I gently began to smear the slickness over my sensitive flesh. The circles are wide and ever decreasing as I move to the direct center. My breaths are shorter and I swallow hard. Finally, I apply steady and firm pressure from two fingertips as my now soaked lips close against my fingers and hand. I can feel my inner walls being coated as I clinch and long for something that isn't there.

I feel the bed dip and give as you move next to me. Your thigh and knee easily move over mine to ride against my wet heat. Leaning up on one arm, you lay the other across my breasts as you gently tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I press down against your thigh, relishing the feel of the coarse hair against so sensitive a place. You lean into me as I turn into your chest. The curve of my neck and earlobe are exposed to your hungry mouth. With care you place wet open mouth kisses along my jaw and move to my ear. I place one hand against your chest, curling my fingers against the hair as I slide my other hand lower to my throbbing center. I nip at your shoulder as you take my lobe into your mouth and suck. The wet sounds of your mouth on my ear cause my body to flood against your thigh and my fingers. Leaning back, I bring my mouth to yours. Our lips quickly open to the other. The kiss is deep and wet. A moan is trapped against the back of my throat as you plunder the hollow of my mouth. My nails begin to bite at the skin of your chest and along your thigh.

A hand roams up my body as the other continues an assault on the increasingly sensitive bud. I briefly touch my breasts, cupping one in my hand and pulling at the nipple between my fingers. I arch my upper back and press my hips down against the bed. The angle of my body pulls on everything feminine at my core. The pressure increases and a low tightening begins. Gasping and panting for breath I strain against the hand between my thighs. Sinking back into the pillows I ease off the pressure and then steadily increase it again. The building up and then easing off is torture...torture of the sweetest kind. I can feel a throbbing begin deep inside. Every touch sends a wave of some tingly sensation from those inner walls straight to the nub under my fingertips. My other hand is now reaching out blindly on the sheets beside me, flexing and grasping. Holding back that tide seems so futile.

Feeling an answering need, you move fully between my thighs. With your hips you spread them wide. Wanting to help and opening myself fully to you, I lift them up toward my chest. My wet, hot center is now laid open for your touch. One word slips past my lips to brush against yours, “Please”. Grasping your hard flesh, you slide the head between the slippery folds, teasing the sensitive place against the top. My body is already tightening and pulling. Reaching between our bodies, I guide you to the wet opening of my body. I lift my hips as you press down. The slide is slow and the stretching of my body around yours triggers a deep wave of pleasure. My body greedily begins to pull against you, needing to coax your seed into the slick depths of my body. My hands stroke across your chest to your shoulders. With every slap of your sac against the soft flesh between my thighs, I flex my fingers and curl my nails into your skin. The pressure builds until I can do nothing but breath and let it have total control over my body. Arching my neck and chest into you, I begin the rhythmic tightening around your cock. Finally, you settle in deep and groan against my neck. With a final rough breath I feel your body jerk once more before you rest fully against me. My thighs and legs relax to wrap around your hips and thighs holding you still inside of me.

I gasp and let an incoherent litany of sounds fill the still room. Among those sounds is a very distinct name. Yours. Arching again, my back coming up from the pillows and my hips pressing hard against the soft bed, I increase the pressure on my fingers and the tempo of the touch. I can feel my toes begin to curl against the comforter. Every muscle in my lower body seems to be contracting and pulling tight. With a final moan, I let the pressure build and flow out of my body. My fingers begin to slow as I clinch and tighten hard inside. My fingers in the sheets grasp and pull, finally easing as I let my body relax. The touch on my now swollen and very sensitive bud stops as I gently ease my fingers away. There is a sharp tug as I finally break the contact. I lay my wet, sticky fingers across my belly. My breathing is still harsh, but returning to normal. I feel flush and feel that the dampness from the bath has been replaced with dewy sweat behind my knees and under my breasts. Once again, I stretch and relax into a comfortable position and rest. Sated.

March 27, 2008

HNT...Fit To Be Tied

**My day will start unbelievably early tomorrow, so I'm posting just a tad bit early. Surely no one will mind!**
I was in a picture taking mood this week. You can't tell in the picture, but I am wearing panties so that counts as half naked right?! I also have this lovely iron headboard. It is perfect for grabbing in the midst of an orgasm or just being tied to...

March 23, 2008

When It Comes To Sex...

I stole this little questionnaire from someone's blog. I honestly don't remember from whom or I'd be giving credit. If I recall correctly it was one of those TMI Tuesday type things so you may have seen it already. I'm usually slower than everyone else when it comes to these! I liked this one because it discussed some of the more raw elements of sex. Who doesn't like a little raw every now and again?!

Is sex hotter for you when it’s forbidden? Or do you get wracked with guilt and it’s not enjoyable?
Okay, first I think the definition of forbidden needs to be explained. Forbidden to me can mean a couple of things...first, a you-should-not-do-this type of thing (a married man, a best friend's boyfriend, anyone that already has another woman's name on him...) or second, a wouldn't-this-be-so-incredibly-sexy-if-we-could-get-away-with-it type of thing (sex on your desk...during the day when anyone could walk in, sex in your parents' bed, anything that would get your arrested for public indecency...).
So know that we all know my thoughts on what counts as forbidden...of course it makes the sex hotter! Anytime there is the least chance of being discovered or caught in the act, makes the act more intense. While I would give that second type of forbidden a run any day of the week, I do not think I could handle the first type again. Yes, I said again. In college I had a relationship with a married man. It isn't one of my proudest moments and I don't fling it out there as a badge or something I'm bragging about. It just is what it experience that makes up who and what I am. Of course I felt guilt (what self-respecting woman wouldn't?) and in the beginning it was easier to push the guilt away until after he'd left my bed and simply focus on the pleasure. Near the end, it became harder to excuse my behaviors (well, we both felt that way) and so we knew it was time to put an end to the whole situation. The thought that there was something he wasn't getting at home that I could give him (that he wanted desperately to take and I loved to give) was a very powerful feeling. Eventually though that feeling was replaced by doubts and guilt. Would I trade that experience...never. The whole thing taught me a lot about my sexuality and the limits I was willing to push, the type of relationship I would want to cultivate with my own husband so I wouldn't be left in a position like his wife, and finally about myself and how I would deal with the guilt.

Are casual sexual encounters fulfilling to you? Do you need an emotional commitment from your partner for sex to be fulfilling?
No, I've never had a one night stand and I honestly don't think I could ever do it. I'm not sure I could just be in a relationship where all I was was the place for him to put his dick. My hat is off to the women who can, but for me it isn't an option. Yes, I do need that emotional commitment or at least connection with my partner before sex is truly fulfilling. Aren't most people that way?! I think women joke about wanting to be like a man and not let emotions and feelings come between them and a good fuck, but I honestly think we aren't wired that way. Every sexual relationship I've been in was emotional for me. I don't always think the guy felt the same, but for me I needed that type of connection. The older I get, the more I crave that connection before any type of sex takes place. I want to know that I'm valued and cared about as a person outside of sex. I guess I want to be more than just sex. If I know that I'm respected and liked before I ever step into the bedroom, then I'm willing to be more open and honest about sex. Those are two things I think are huge components to fulfilling sex.

Have you ever joined or participated in an online dating site? If not, would you ever consider it? What about a fetish site, such as
No, I've never been a part of online dating. I don't think that there is anything wrong with people that do choose to go that route though. Now, I have met people online through chat rooms and recently through blogging, but that is a little different isn't it?! The internet isn't as scary a place as it once was, so I wouldn't rule it out completely as a place to meet someone. As for the fetish sites...I'm not even sure I know what those are. So, no, I've never met someone that way.

Do you think that with all of the online dating sites that cater to every fetish and desire and places like craigslist that it’s more difficult to make a commitment and/or stay committed to your partner?
Someone recently told me that "the internet is the devil." While I don't know if I completely agree with that statement, I do think that the internet makes it much easier to get in temptation's way. I also know that commitment is a choice you make. If someone is out searching for a fetish/desire website or looking for someone to connect with then I would question just how committed that person is to their partner/spouse. Some might find this preachy or off-topic, but if you aren't happy at "home" and you are having to scour the internet looking for something to fulfill you then you have big problems. Turning to a website, starting up a chat with someone out there just looking (I've seen chat rooms called Married, But Looking...what the heck?), or putting yourself in a place where temptation can get the better of you are all things to avoid the problem. I would hope that if I was married (or in a committed long term relationship) I would have the courage to be open with my husband/partner about my needs, the problems, and have him there ready to help me find those solutions rather than just turning to someone else. (I had to scroll back up and re-read the question...I might have gone off topic!) Again, I think commitment is a choice you make (sometimes even a choice you make daily but still a choice) and if I'm committed then those sites and places aren't going to cause me trouble. The trouble comes when people are not committed.

What is the weirdest fetish you’ve heard of?
Ohhh, what a good question! Now, I've said it before, I'm a naughty girl wrapped up inside of a pretty darn good girl. I love them both, but thanks to one, I would consider myself to still be relatively innocent or sheltered when it comes to all the fetishes and kinks out there. I think group sex or orgies are pretty weird. On some days I think I could handle a threesome and on other days I think that is one too many for my liking. I don't think I could have sex with just one person in the midst of a whole group of people. I also think that incest is a pretty weird fetish. I'm not naive enough to think it doesn't happen, but that just makes my skin crawl. When it is against someone's will it makes me sick, but to think of the people that do it for actual pleasure... I am sure there are many other weird fetishes out there (and maybe I'm into them and just don't know it!) but those are a couple that I think fall under the weird column for me.

The definition of ‘fetish’ is so vague. Do you think you have a fetish(es)? If so, do you want to share what it is?
I think people call something they don't understand or can't relate to a fetish. I did it above...I'm sure people that are having group sex and sex with a relative don't consider themselves fetish freaks! It all depends on perspective I guess. Now, yeah...I think I have a fetish or two. As I've mentioned another time or two, I think pee play is erotic. That is something that not everyone can get behind or understand. It isn't a must have type thing, but I do enjoy it. Also, I find some of the elements of BDSM appealing. I like the giving up control, the physical marking (either biting, red marks left from a spanking, etc.....though not cutting or hitting type things), the being tied up or to something. I'm sure there are people out there that would read that and write me off as some freaky sex addict! To me, that isn't something out of the norm. Okay, I know the pee thing is naughty and I like that. But, giving my partner control or letting him leave a mark on my neck or breast...that isn't naughty. That is just something I like! Also, I really think to each their own. It isn't my place to say what is or isn't right, natural, kinked, or fetishie when it comes to others...just when it comes to me.

Go ahead and steal...some of you are just itching to do it!

March 21, 2008


I chose a nick name for him. You know...the him that has the ringing of the phone and the jingle of the text message causing a low throb and tingle in anticipation of just who might be on the other end. Yeah...that him.

DF...and I'm not telling you what it means. He knows, I know, and we're all that need to know.

But feel free to go ahead and guess!

March 20, 2008


I almost listed all the things this picture wasn't, but instead I'm going to list what I like most about it...

~ the simplicity of my back and shoulders

~ the hair...whether it comes through or not my hair is super soft thanks to that orgasmic shampoo and conditioner (aka Herbal Essences...remember those commercials?!)

~ the black and creamy skin combination

~ the way the simplest things can be sexy

So there you go...simplicity

March 18, 2008

Dining On The Table

She was bored. His boss had invited them to attend a gallery opening with him and his wife and getting out of it wasn't an option. It wasn't that she didn't like his boss or the wife, but the art scene wasn't for her. Of course, the plastic expression on her face, the smile that didn't quite reach her eyes, and the false interest she was projecting wouldn't be noticeable to anyone else. He made eye contact and slowly began to move in her direction.

“You're bored and it is starting to show.” he whispered in her ear as he came up behind her.
“Only to you. Take me home and do something about it.” she shot back as she turned in his arms.

His throaty laughter washed down her spine and settled low between her legs...exactly where she wanted – needed – him to be. The corner of the gallery afforded them a little privacy and she pressed her advantage. She leaned into him as he widened his stance. Her mouth made gentle contact with his jaw. She let one hand slide from his chest down to his belt buckle.

As she let her fingers dance across the fly of his pants, she met his eyes. The smile she gave him held the promise of passion.
“Not here...”
“Here?” she questioned as her palm cupped his balls through the material of his pants. She was feeling extremely naughty, but public sex wasn't his scene.
“I said no.”

He reached for her wrist and brought those questing fingers to his lips. He gently brushed a kiss across the tips.
“We're about to have company.” he said, shifting his stance and letting her hand go.
“Wonderful” she mouthed as she turned around toward the other couple. Luck seemed to be with her as his boss was making his own excuses for cutting the night short.

The ride home was a silent form of foreplay. She let her knees fall open and slowly bunched the soft material of her dress in her hands. She stopped just short of the lace edge of her thigh-high stockings. While looking straight ahead, she cleared her throat to get his attention. Then she began to trail one pink tipped nail along the inside of her thigh.

“You should keep your eyes on the road.” she advised with a satisfied smile. He thanked God they were almost home.

She had just dropped her hand bag on the counter and was turning to head to their bedroom when he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up onto the kitchen table. She let out a small gasp as he spread her legs and stepped between them. Her arms went instantly around his neck and she pressed her mouth to his. He tasted hot and passionate. When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, he made a rough sound of pleasure that moved down her spine.

With their lips and tongues still locked together, he began to push her back down to the table. With one hand braced next to her head, he reached under her dress to find her panties. His mouth moved to her neck as his fingers pressed against her already damp crotch. Panting, she arched into the touch. One thick finger was sliding over her panties and pushing into the crease of her lips. She breathed his name as she shuddered.

She reached for him, attacking the buttons of his shirt with determination. She needed to feel his skin. Becoming frustrated with her efforts, she grabbed the sides and pulled. Buttons popped and rolled across the table. With a grin, he asked, “Mind if I do the same to your dress?”
“Don't you dare...”

Leaning up and away from her body, he looked down at her sprawled across their kitchen table. Her hair was fanned out, her thighs were open, and her dress was pushed up to expose the lacy tops of her stockings. With a growl, he reached under her dress and slipped his hand beneath the elastic edge around the leg of her panties, grabbing the crotch. She lifted her hips and he pulled the panties down her thighs and off her feet. Uncurling his hand, he looked down at the evidence of her desire marring the black of her panties.

Raising her eyebrows, she licked her lips. With slow and deliberate movements, he brought the panties to his nose and mouth. She watched, enthralled, as he tongued the crotch of her panties; tasting her. Tossing the panties to the floor, he gathered the material of her dress and pulled it up and over her head. While she laid there in nothing but her stockings, he removed the shirt and pushed his slacks and underwear down to his ankles. Grabbing for her, he pulled her to the edge of the table.

His blood rushed through his veins, hot and thick. She was already slick and swollen and laid out for him across the table like a feast for his demanding appetite. Leaning down, he opened her outer lips. Her body flushed at his intense inspection. He bent to lick her and her hips lifted off the table in response. He curled his tongue around her hard clit and sucked. Working first one finger and then two into her puss, he began to walk them along the wet walls. It never took long, and all too soon she was clinching around his fingers and moaning with her orgasm.

Leaning up, she held herself open as he replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock. The slide in was easy given the fact that he'd already brought her to one climax. She continued to lift and thrust against him. Grabbing for his shoulders she pulled him closer to her. Each pull of her wet cunt on his cock sent ripples of pleasure down his spine. She would tighten around him as he thrust. In moments, he could feel his balls tighten. His release wasn't far behind. Moving faster and faster, he groaned and pulled his cock to rest against her hot mound.

Gasping at the loss, she watched as he jerked his cock to release. He came with a groan on her belly. Looking down the length of her body to her belly, she smiled and reached for him. She placed soft kisses along his neck and tongued his throat as she moved to his lips.

“Not that I didn't enjoy it, but why did you do that?” she asked.
“I wanted a reason to get you into the shower...” he answered.
“You could have simply asked!”
“Yeah, but this was more fun.”

March 17, 2008


bedroom toys
Powered By Rabbit Vibrators

I've seen this little quiz on a few blogs and thought I'd give it a shot. The questions were pretty straight forward and I discovered that maybe I'm a little straight laced (I only have piercings in my ears, my "number" can be counted on one hand, I don't have a tramp stamp or any other type of "ink", and I prefer to cuddle up with a movie and two hands touching in the popcorn bowl on the couch for my Friday night entertainment) but none the less it appears I could turn a nice little profit.

So...who is saving up their pennies?!

March 15, 2008

A Little Bit Naughty

I really enjoy this piece of blogland. I like that I can toss out things (be it an attempt at erotica, a picture of me exposed, or just sharing my thoughts related to all things sexual) and everyone is so positive and supportive. The naughty girl loves that! But, I'm more than just a naughty girl. I have deep roots in being the nice girl too. I like to think that I can balance these two parts and bring out the best of both these girls.

Seriously, I sound like I need a psych evaluation for having split personalities! But you know what I mean...

This past week, I went away to where those good girl roots began...I went to visit my parents. Now, if there is ever a place to exercise a little restraint on the naughty girl, it is under your parents' roof! Masturbating is fine (as long as the moans and pants aren't so loud it brings someone to the door to ask if you're okay...) and dirty texting (as long as you keep the silly little smile off your face that draws questions...), but phone sex should be out. Or at least my nice girl says.

I'm still enjoying phone time with my caveman (trying out nick names for him...this might not work?!), but I decided that getting phoned and coming would be off limits this week. First, the good girl kind of felt a little bad about doing that particular naughty deed at home and second, I wanted to see just how long I could go without coming. Ask any girl, if there is a significant lapse of time between orgasms then the first one back is incredible! I love incredible orgasms.

Saturday was easy...I was tired from the drive and still satisfied from Friday night.
Sunday was okay...a little twitchy but okay.
Monday was a little bit harder...thanks to a provocative idea about car sex.
Tuesday was rough...I had to watch where exactly the shower head was pointing.
Wednesday was very tempting. I'll admit that I touched, but only briefly.
Thursday was the breaking point...I needed to come and this whole not coming idea was starting to sound really dumb.
Friday was relief!

A sleepy wake up call (I'm beginning to get addicted to those...) and a very hot verbal fantasy left me drenched and throbbing. I knew that if I touched with purpose I'd come and in a major way. My fingers spent a very brief moment stroking my swollen lips and then zeroed in on my clit. It didn't take too many circles or much pressure and I knew I'd come before he could finish his thought. To help slow down that spiraling tightness, I slid my middle finger inside my pussy. I immediately felt myself clamp around my finger. The length and thickness left a lot to be desired, but even then the pressure was fantastic.

I came hard and fast. My lady readership will probably understand that curling pressure that seems to start deep inside and eventually seems to just push out through your clit, pussy, legs, and toes. I can't think of another way to describe it! I wanted to slow it down and enjoy it, but I'm not sure I could have removed my hand if my father was fixing to walk through the bedroom door. Thankfully, I had a thick comforter to bite down on. Even after the first throbby waves settled, I was sensitive enough that taking my finger out and my thumb off my clit nearly started round two. I love orgasms like that!

So, as far as naughty details go, that is all I'm willing to share. I like that some things are still for me alone. But, it is very nice to be back home where I can be naughty (and loud) to my heart's...maybe that should be my girly part's...content!

March 8, 2008

In The Meantime...

I have several days off in a row, so I'm taking a little trip. Unfortunately, that means I won't be blogging for the next several days either. But, in the meantime, you should check out the following bloggers. Everyone on my Naughty Reads is worth the click, but I thought I'd highlight just a few. Enjoy the reads!

Mr. Bananas: It is all about the monkey business and well the fact that he said he wanted to spank me!

Lakota Princess: She writes these really intense stories (which I got to be in sweet is that?!) and she has an ass I covet!

Mr. Sage: I just like his take on stuff in general and the scruff isn't bad either!

Sweetness: She really is sweetness with just enough spice thrown in to make her one hot read...and the fact that she took a spanking because of me is pretty hot too!

March 6, 2008


Tuesday afternoon I went and did my part to further the election process. I even got the sticker to prove it!

Okay, I didn't really get that sticker there. I was wracking my brain this week about what to post for HNT and thought my "I voted" sticker would be great. When I went and voted...they stamped my voter registration card and said they didn't have stickers. I didn't think they would take too kindly to me asking for my breast stamped! Thankfully, a friend had an extra sticker she was willing to share. Is anyone even looking at the sticker?!

March 3, 2008

Coming Awake

I like to think this is sexy. Or maybe it is just selfish! Either way, I wouldn't have any objections to it becoming a reality.

He awoke to the curve of his lover's ass pressed to his side. Her toes were curled against his calf. While he didn't care to always be her extra pillow, it was nice to know that even relaxed in sleep her body craved the touch of his. Leaning up on his arm, he reached over her and gently tucked a strand of tousled hair behind her ear. The movement cause her to sigh and shift more into him, but she didn't wake up.

She'd gone to bed in panties and one of his t-shirts. He didn't quite understand her need to sleep in pajamas, but he liked talking her out of them. The soft material of the shirt had ridden up her stomach. He laid his warm hand on her soft belly and rubbed. He inched his fingers up to her breasts. Reaching out, he brushed his knuckles over the small mound. He could feel her nipple pull tight despite the layer of material separating her from his fingers. She stirred and he looked up to her face.

Blinking, she slowly came awake. He continued to stroke her body. She smiled and shifted her thighs.
“Morning baby.” he whispered against her neck.
Mumbling something similar, she closed her eyes and arched her back as she stretched. She turned her head to meet his mouth. His lips teased and sucked at hers. She opened her mouth under his and allowed his tongue to sweep inside. Their tongues mated in a way that had her lower body responding with a slow throb. Pulling back slightly, she whispered his name against his lips.

His hand swept up the material of the shirt to expose her breasts. The tips were beginning to crinkle and her nipples were hard points against his palm. She shifted slightly and grabbed for the hem. With a quick pull, the shirt was off her skin and on the floor. Her hands reached to cup her own breasts.
“No.” The harsh command stopped her short. The desire in his eyes and the pleasure she knew he took from bringing her body pleasure had those hands stroking up his chest instead.

His head was lowering to her breasts as her hands cupped his neck. Arching her back high, she presented him her breasts. He caught one swollen nipple in his mouth and sucked strongly. She felt the pull of his mouth deep in her womb. Crying out, she lifted her hips in a silent plea. Without breaking the seal he had on her breast, he slipped his hand under the band of her panties. Sliding his hand around her hips, the panties slipped down. Grabbing the now damp crotch, he pulled them off her legs.

After giving her a hard, wet kiss, he began to lavish the same attention to her other nipple. The low throb between her thighs was becoming an ache. Again, she reached for her body. His fingers quickly wrapped around her wrist halting her move to provide some relief. He placed a sharp bite on the swell of her breast.
“No, means no Darlin'.”
“Then touch me.”
“I am touching you.”
“Between my legs. Touch me there...please.”

He wedged one large hand between her thighs and stroked. Her swollen flesh was already slick and wet. She was hot and arching into his touch. Without much care, he pushed three fingers into her, hard and deep. She gasped at the rough entry and then moaned as he began to walk those fingers along the soft walls of her pussy. She ground against his thrusting fingers.

She was so responsive to his touch. Her body was soaking his fingers while her nails dug into his chest. Leaving her nipples wet and hard, he took her mouth hungrily as he increased the tempo of his fingers inside her pussy. She whimpered and moved against him, trying to ease the pressure that was building deep inside. Far too soon, he felt the tightening of her body around his fingers.

“That's my girl. Come for me.”

He still had his fingers pressed deep inside of her as she became shaky and relaxed back into the pillows. She sighed and licked her lips. Bringing his fingers to her mouth, she sucked them inside. Her tongue swirled around his fingers, lingering on the knuckles as she cleaned his hand. He pulled his wet fingers from her mouth and held her chin.

Winking, she asked, “My turn?”
With his cock and his lust for her surging, he murmured, “Yeah...”