May 31, 2009

And Counting...

This morning I woke deliciously achy in various places on and in my body. It might be my own fault, for I did choose to indulge deep and long in several types of pleasure, but I'd rather blame DF. I'm sure he'll gladly shoulder the blame considering what a mass of relaxed and well satisfied woman I currently am...won't you baby?

Friday night found us both with a weekend that wasn't too demanding on our time, so I playfully suggested DF set a goal for us (meaning mostly me) to aim for this weekend in regards to achieving pleasure. After a little back and forth on the number, we agreed upon a reasonable goal considering we had 48 hours in which to achieve it.

The fun started early with a little solo for me and then a daring climax in the bubbly waters of the apartment complex hot tub. I have to admit I wasn't all together sure about playing in such an open and public place, but the thrill of maybe getting caught was pretty intense. Not to mention that if you tilt forward just a bit against the lower jets...

3, 4, 5, and 6 yesterday left my girly parts pretty sensitive and begging for a short reprieve from fingers, tongue, dick, and toys. Of course, 7 this morning was pretty darn perfect and had me questioning why I'd even wanted to stop just shy of the goal. Snugly, spoon sex just might be my favorite way to wake up. Well...maybe after on my knees with a thick shaft teasing me from behind. You know, 8 with the hand held shower head pulsing cool water on my clit felt pretty amazing as well. Afterward, DF was chuckling and I asked why. His reply was, "At us. This has been a crazy weekend." And yeah, it has been out of our norm, but maybe that is why it has been so fun.

And if I'm not mistaken, there are still a few hours left in this day and a goal that still hasn't quite been reached... I hope you lovely readers have had something akin to our weekend. If not...schedule one soon. It might leave you achy, but it will be well worth it!