October 30, 2008

HNT...Just A Glimpse

I'm sure if this really qualifies since I was fully clothed, but I sure do like this shot. I love my neck and glimpsing area.

You know, the more I look...the more I think that shadowy area is the perfect place for a wet tongue or maybe questing fingers.

October 26, 2008

Fuzzy Line

There is a line drawn in some patch of sand. On one side sits the girl who can say please over and over without feeling a bit of self doubt. On the other sits the woman who is getting pretty sick of saying please because it is starting to feel like begging.

And walking the fuzzy line is such a fucking pain in the ass.

October 23, 2008

HNT...Yep, Slacker Is Me

So, it has been brought to my attention by a few people now that I am seriously slacking in the blog department and especially in the HNT department. I freely admit this, but heck...life gets crazy at times.

You might be wondering what I've been so busy doing or you might just be scrolling down for the HNT picture. Go ahead...you'll be back to reading very quickly...well except for my toe fetish friends.

***I have to look at that very unattractive shoe thing on a daily basis and was kind of tired of looking at it when I logged in here. So, if you missed the picture...you didn't miss much.***

That is my right foot in a post op shoe. No, I didn't have surgery on my foot, but I do have a stress fracture across the top. You should have seen the clunker of a boot thing they had me in before. This shoe, while not exactly styling, is more comfortable and I can drive at least. So, there is one part of the craziness...I've been dealing with foot issues.

On a more happy note...I bought my first car! I felt like I signed my life away, but finally my new car is sitting in the driveway. Well, to be honest, my driveway is the apartment parking lot and when I say new I mean new to me only. Still, Spence the Spectra is terrific and I'm totally in love with it!

Work is a bundle of stuff not even remotely naughty, but it is busy. Lately, I come home and just make dinner and then sink into the couch. I've even gone to bed early the last few nights. Of course, I haven't been sleeping good either the last two nights so I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I should stay up later. Oh I don't know...see what a lack of sleep does to one's brain cells?!

Anyway, I'm still alive and kicking (though not so hard with that right foot). I hope to be back into the groove again soon. These nice girl posts make for a boring naughty read, huh?

October 12, 2008

Wet Sheets

If you've been reading for any length of time then you probably remember me saying that I wanted to learn how to squirt (by the way...that word sounds dirty and not the good dirty...I'll use the term splash from here on out). I had read about other bloggers who were soaking their sheets on a regular basis and I wanted in on the fun.

My best blogging gal pal, Rae, has been my total source of information. See she's been splashing for quiet some time...bitch (you know I mean that in the sweet way!)... and I was so jealous. While I know the ability to splash doesn't make or break me as a woman, I didn't want to be left out. Believe me, I tried and tried. I even bought a toy that claimed to guarantee a little splash. Unfortunately, my body just seemed like a dud in the splash department. Well, until today...

Yep, those are my sheets. As you can see they are wet! It might be a little harder on the blue sheet, but I promise it got splashed too.

Forever Rae has been telling me that thinking too hard about splashing will cause it to not happen. Her advice was to simply relax and it would happen. I suppose that is what happened today.

The entire experience started out with me watching a short movie of a naughty nature. The longer I watched the more turned on I became. I left the computer and was stripping on my way to my bedroom. I reached for that vibe that hangs out in the nightstand drawer thinking it might be a nice change of pace to have the penetration along with the clit rubbing. The egg shaped tip rested briefly on my clit but I was soaked and I easily slid it inside of me.

I spent a few minutes pushing it in and pulling it out of my wetness. Then I pushed it in and simply held it while my fingers put firm pressure on my clit. Letting my imagination run wild, I let go of the vibe in favor of clutching the sheet in my hand while the other pressed harder against my clit. I seem to remember my feet flat and lifting my hips and opening my thighs wide.

The next thing I knew the vibe slipped out (which normally I have an awesome grip and come around the egg shaped thing) and then I felt a little pop feeling followed by my orgasm. I laid there for a minute catching my breath. I also shifted my legs on the sheets and had my first encounter with the wet top sheet. I leaned over to put the vibe on the nightstand and realized more than just that sheet was wet.

Now, I hadn't had the urge to go to the bathroom before this began so I thought that maybe it might have been that. Remember I don't have a great track record for splashing so I wasn't quite ready to believe. Then I remembered that Rae says that you can sniff the wet spot and tell right away if it is splash or an unfortunate loss of control. So, sniff I did...it did not smell like pee. It actually didn't have an odor, but I did notice that it had a slight shine to it.

Hopefully optimistic, I found my splash expert friend and after several questions and answers I feel safe in saying I splashed. Finally! Now, if I could do it again...that becomes the next question...

October 11, 2008


On my cell phone I have 160 character spaces with which to send text messages. I try to use those 160 spaces wisely. One of my favorite things...sending naughty texts. Take a peek at this snippet of a conversation and see what you think...

My tongue sliding across your skin. Moving down over your belly. My hands linking with yours to hold you still as I shift lower on your thighs.

You feel my wet heat on your thigh as you feel my tongue circle your belly button. Placing pulling kisses across and down the top of your thigh.

my tongue leaving a wet trail over your thigh to lick your ball sac. My fingers closing around your cock and squeezing as I slide it down to the base.

moving my mouth along the underside of your fuckable cock. Warm breath on the tip as I open my mouth to take you inside. Using my lips to slide down and then up.

Taking you further into my mouth each time. Finally sliding you all the way into my mouth to touch my throat. Hollowing my cheeks and sucking.

One hand around the base and the other cupping your balls. Using all the wetness to coat you. Gagging slightly as I slide deeper on your cock.

You fucking my mouth. Moving my head up and down on you. Pulling my mouth off to lick and explore the slit and swallowing the precum.

Now your hands in my hair pulling me down to your cock. Relaxing my throat with each thrust.

Relaxing my throat with small swallows. Wanting your cum in my mouth.

Easing off your cock and licking lightly to catch each drop.

...did I use those 160 spaces in the naughtiest way possible? Yes, I'm becoming quite fond of this new way to talk dirty!

October 8, 2008

That Sounded Dirty

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the naughty offers to spank me! The birthday was a good one. I spent the evening out with friends and got some great gifts (which it isn't about the gifts, but gosh I love getting them). All in all...a good way to start the next trip around the sun!

Lately, DF and I haven't been able to make the connections that we (well definitely me and hopefully him) have come to enjoy due to some unexpected travel and work related stuff. Sure, I can (and have been) take matters into my own hands, but still I like the sharing of the pleasure. Needless to say...I've been twitchy. A lot.

As if I needed more proof...today I found the the most nonsexual thing he said so darn sexy. We were talking about my very soon upcoming purchase of a car (yes...my car buying virgin days will soon be behind me...) and he was giving me some advice about the warranty. Honestly, I'm not even sure where in context this fell, but he said something about the lubricated inside parts.

Can anyone else clearly see where my mind went?!

I and my lubricated inside parts are missing him.

(See...I do find inspiration Mr. Muse.)

October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday...

...to me!

Now, who wants to be in charge of the spankings?