October 11, 2008


On my cell phone I have 160 character spaces with which to send text messages. I try to use those 160 spaces wisely. One of my favorite things...sending naughty texts. Take a peek at this snippet of a conversation and see what you think...

My tongue sliding across your skin. Moving down over your belly. My hands linking with yours to hold you still as I shift lower on your thighs.

You feel my wet heat on your thigh as you feel my tongue circle your belly button. Placing pulling kisses across and down the top of your thigh.

my tongue leaving a wet trail over your thigh to lick your ball sac. My fingers closing around your cock and squeezing as I slide it down to the base.

moving my mouth along the underside of your fuckable cock. Warm breath on the tip as I open my mouth to take you inside. Using my lips to slide down and then up.

Taking you further into my mouth each time. Finally sliding you all the way into my mouth to touch my throat. Hollowing my cheeks and sucking.

One hand around the base and the other cupping your balls. Using all the wetness to coat you. Gagging slightly as I slide deeper on your cock.

You fucking my mouth. Moving my head up and down on you. Pulling my mouth off to lick and explore the slit and swallowing the precum.

Now your hands in my hair pulling me down to your cock. Relaxing my throat with each thrust.

Relaxing my throat with small swallows. Wanting your cum in my mouth.

Easing off your cock and licking lightly to catch each drop.

...did I use those 160 spaces in the naughtiest way possible? Yes, I'm becoming quite fond of this new way to talk dirty!


asweetnectar said...

My dear, Those are some pretty sweet text's.

David said...

It would seem that more and more, life is all a Twitter.

David said...

A very nicely composed sequence, judicious use of limitations, yes.

hornymaleuk said...

I just wonder what you could do with 320 words!!

Alfie said...

Great. But one of these fine days you'll send it to the wrong person (my worst nightmare). If it happens, claim your phone has been stolen.

Naughty Girl said...

Sweet Nectar: Yes, indeed they were!

David: I like that thought...making the most of the limitations I have. :)

Horny Male: You should look around. Apparently, I'm pretty good when I have unlimited space with which to write.

Alfie: Perfect advice. I shall have to keep that in mind!

Southern Sage said...

looks naughty to me!
I don text but I could smile at some like that!

~c said...

get it girl...;-)


Edtime Stories said...

You do that rather well.

Naughty Girl said...

Sage: I'd hope you'd do more than smile!

C: Oh yes...I got it!

Ed: Thank you!

Jennybean said...

aren't dirty texts fun!

I think the pause between messages makes it even better!

Riff Dog said...

Wow! I'd say you maximized those 160 characters! Fantastic!