January 26, 2009

Coming Home

The familiar chirping of my cell phone alerted me to his text.

"U home?"

I couldn't help the smile that curved my lips. I was thinking about a recent text involving his impatience and the desire for a quick screw. The crassness of that conversation was such a turn on and frankly my pussy was beginning to throb. My response was short and sweet.

"Almost...about 10 minutes."

I thought about asking him if he wanted something, but I knew what he wanted so why be coy. Those last few miles home seemed to take much longer than normal. Just as I was digging my keys out of my purse to unlock the door I was reminded of his impatience.


I walked into the living room and kicked the door shut behind me. I dropped most things on the floor, but decided to hang up my keys. I'm pretty good at losing those things so I try to keep them in one spot. Anyway, he wanted me in the bedroom so that was exactly where I headed.

I laid down across the bed and reached for my zipper. I thought he was slightly disappointed to realize I was still dressed instead of immediately stripping in the living room when he said I needed to get naked...now. The best way to get naked fast...have help! I was stripped down to bare skin within seconds.

My fingers immediately went to the wetness pooling between my legs as his tongue slid from my ankle to my calf and up toward the juncture of my thighs. He sure was taking his sweet time now.

My hips arched as his mouth licked my swollen lips in a broad stroke. His teeth came next...pulling open my wet sex...one fleshy fold at a time. I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit. I needed to feel the sucking kisses. Instead he had other ideas. Without much pretext his finger pushed inside me and my pussy clenched hard. His tongue began a quick slide to my ass. So...dirty.

My hands clutched at the sheet and covers on the unmade bed. I wanted to reach for my abandoned clit, but as I started to slide my fingers into my curls his mouth moved back up. He was determined to make the orgasm quick and hard. I wanted to come around his dick.

A quick flip to my stomach and my hips pulled up into the air, he replaced the stroking fingers with his hard, hot fuckable dick. I could only grab hold of the bedding beneath me and hang on. My ass pushed back against each hard thrust. The sound of balls slapping against flesh was such a lovely compliment to the slick sliding sound as he drove us both closer.

We don't last long most times rather choosing to give in to passion, but we especially don't last long in this position. I felt my body start to tighten and the pressure building behind my clit. Trying to slow down the release was pointless.

I gasped and groaned out loud as he said my name and demanded that I take his cum. I wanted to...I wanted every last drop of him inside of me.

"Welcome home baby."

January 14, 2009


Cold sheets and an empty bed made for a long night. She craved the heat generated from intense passion and raw desire. A small smile curved her lips as she let her fantasy take shape. It was dark and bordered on the edge of pain. Her carefully dropped hints and increasingly bold requests had been met with caution and skepticism. Perhaps not every fantasy was meant to be shared or brought to reality. There was freedom in allowing a fantasy to be solely for her pleasure.

January 12, 2009

Simply Us

Today I was thinking about the movie Scarlett. Near the end, she and Rhett are standing by a massive fireplace and she says to him, "You once said heaven help the man that truly loves me." Then he moves toward her and takes her in his arms and just as he lowers his head for what you know will be the most passionate of kisses, he growls, "Heaven help me."

Ahh, bless men that can ride the tides of emotion and drama with the women they care about.

I don't normally discuss DF in terms other than relating the latest way he's brought me pleasure, but I want to just put some thoughts out there. And I'm sure he's going to be thrilled beyond measure that I'm doing so in blog format. I've hesitated to write anything more substantial because frankly I want to keep everything in a nice and orderly box...feelings especially. Once they start to spread beyond said box it could get complicated and messy...two things which I'm not really good at handling.

I've made no bones about my last relationship. It was passionate and destructive all rolled into one. When it ended I was left questioning my own ability to trust and care about someone else. You know how you do that...you swear no one else will get close enough to do that kind of damage again? Well...enter DF. It wasn't two months later and here he was...flirting and being sexy and charming and...well you get the point. Now, we've reached the one year point and I still can't quite believe it.

It is perfectly true that DF is really great about meeting the sexual needs, but he's really great meeting some more normal ones too. As I'd mentioned earlier, my grandmother passed away recently and he was there in all the ways he could be. I sort of feel like life has dumped a bunch of stuff on my lap lately...some good and some awful...but due to that I'm starting to feel like an emotional nut! I hate things out of control...especially my emotions...so dealing with it all has been wild to say the least. Still...here is DF...seemingly not scared off by this often emotional and dramatic turn of events. He's so unlike..."the other".

We don't really define ourselves or label things...like saying we're in a relationship. I mean of course we're in some sort of relationship because that is what you call close interaction with another person, but I don't think of it as a "relationship". I guess we're more....well just "us". I like that because I'm not really good at being in a relationship. I tend to question and mistrust myself and him. Being a part of "us" feels safe and normal...though I still question (just not as much) and I'm learning to trust (him and me) more.

So...why this rambling post you (and probably DF) are wondering? Because...this is kind of new territory for me and writing helps me process. Also, because I think letting you know he's more than just wonderful in all things sexual is important too. Mostly...because feeling again...well it feels scary but really good too.

January 4, 2009

Fresh Starts

The thing I love most about a new year is the feeling of a fresh start. That very feeling was what prompted me to start this blog a year ago...the need to have a fresh start. I was coming off of a passionately intense though destructive relationship, I was feeling trapped by the "good girl" image I'd perfected, and frankly I just wanted to see how expressing my sexuality and sensuality would change me. After a year, over 100 posts, and numerous bare and practically bare photos of myself later...well, I think I made a pretty good decision.

Over the last year, I've had some doubts about whether to keep this blog or just shut it down. At the heart of the matter, I was writing for myself. I thought things might come out in written form that were getting stuck when I tried to mentally process them. But, as often happens when you blog, I met people and made friends. I found some really awesome blogs and made connections. Then blogging sort of turned into writing for the benefit of others. And that kind of writing is harder to produce on a regular basis...at least for me.

So, after some thinking and processing (seriously, I'm a thinker and a lot of times tend to over think...silly me) I've decided that I'm not ready to give up The Naughty One just yet. Though I have decided to eliminate the need to write for other people's benefit. It has taken some pressure off knowing that this place is for me and my thoughts...whatever they might be...and if you, the dear reader, continue to read and comment then that is simply icing on the cake!

Life has seen fit to toss some curve balls in my lap (the sudden death of my grandmother days before Christmas, a health issue (of a strictly non-sexual nature) that has me somewhat concerned, job issues (love my job, but some new responsibilities have been given and will demand more of my time), computer problems, etc.) so these posts might become sporadic...well I guess I should say stay sporadic. Of course, one of the best things about the blogging community is that no matter how long the absence it still feels great to get back in the groove and catch up on what other's have been up to. I hope to make the rounds more frequently than I've been doing. And I'm sure my beginner attempts at erotica will continue along with some personal experiences and thoughts about sex in general.

So, here is to the fresh, clean slate of 2009...