August 14, 2008

HNT...Slip Of A Thing

If you look closely you'll see a lot of evidence of my new kitty. Not exactly the bites and scratches I'd want to have on my flesh.

August 12, 2008

Kiss Me

I'm craving a kiss and frustrated that I can't have it...yet. For some reason, the images in my head weren't making it across in words. I still think you'll enjoy the few that are here, but know that the image behind them was hot, intense, and soulful.

Sneaking up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her. Bringing their bodies close together, he pushed the soft tresses from her neck and laid his mouth on her skin. Her toes curled into the soft carpet beneath her feet. His touch never failed to send fiery heat shooting straight down her spine to warm her core.

“Welcome home.” she murmured, as she tilted her head to allow him better access.

She shivered as his tongue left a moist trail across her throat. With just enough pressure to cause her body to tighten, but not enough to leave a mark, he began to lave and suck the skin beneath her ear. With a groan, he took her lobe into his mouth. Her nails pressed into the backs of his hands as she pressed her bottom against him.

Turning her in his arms, his mouth came down on hers full of need. The kiss held passion and heat. Parting her lips, he teased her with the top of his tongue. With a whimper of encouragement, she let his tongue take full possession of her mouth. Her taste was sweet and her mouth moved with his in a familiar way.

He groaned deep and low into her mouth. She arched up into the kiss, wanting and needing to feel more. Pulling back, he looked into eyes and smiled a knowing smile.

August 7, 2008

HNT...Desert Sand

This isn't normally a look I wear around, but it was a request.
And I kind of have a thing for the requester so there it is...
my other cleavage.