May 31, 2008

Just A Little Bit Slutty

First, thanks to everyone who commented on the HNT from yesterday! Sometimes when I'm looking for a picture (or taking a picture) I tend to think "show more skin", but the more I looked at yesterday's picture (and I'll admit...I looked a lot) the sexier I found it. So, more less revealing pictures just might be on their way. I already have one in mind...

Yesterday I decided to wear the white button down shirt that was in the HNT. I thought, "Why not? It'll be my own little thrill." I actually had an interview to go to so it felt a little bit slutty. I mean, I'd use that shirt and bra combination to please readers and now I was wearing it to present a professional front. The interview went well and I think a tad of that was due to the confidence boosted by knowing I looked great in what I was wearing.

On the way home, I texted DF about the interview. I'd also mentioned that if I was offered the position it would mean a substantial increase from my current salary. DF being the funny man he is (and knowing first hand about my love of panties) commented that the money "would buy a lot of panties." After work I went out with friends for happy hour at our favorite restaurant. What girl doesn't enjoy happy hour?! I had something fruity, I had something colorful, I had something tart, and before I knew it I had four cocktail glasses lined up in front of me. Needless to say I was a little bit tipsy.

Everyone knows the funnest thing to do when you're in that almost-drunk-but-not-quite stage is to call (or in my case text) people. I told a couple of people I was tippy (I'm not a good speller on my best day and even worse when I'm tippy...) and when I discovered it I found it so funny. Actually everyone at the table found it funny. Anyway, at some point I mentioned something else to DF about buying me panties. To which he replied, "U r a panty slut." Normally I have to be in the right mood to be called that, but last night I just got this smile and thought, "Yeah. Yeah I am."

And speaking of being slutty, you guys should go read Lucy's post about being slutty. She posed a great question to which everyone should add their two cents. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Try and find some time to do something just a little bit slutty!

May 29, 2008

HNT...Button Popping

Okay, this is sort of a re-run of something I took back in February. Still red and white and my skin is hot, right?! That is one of my favorite bras...I feel so sexy in it. Now, I'm kind of running out of ideas for HNT. No groaning...I'm a good girl turned naughty and can only think of so many half naked poses. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments...

May 26, 2008

Entirely Too Many

I have entirely too many panties!

I came to this realization today as I was doing the laundry...which I hate. As I sorted the panties load (yes I have enough to qualify them for their own delicate cycle through the washer) I couldn't help but start counting. Thirty-three panties to be exact. What on earth am I doing with so many pairs of panties?!

The answer is simple...I love panties. I don't think I have a fetish because I don't do anything fetishy with them...unless wearing them counts. But panties make me feel sexy and I can't help but love anything that accomplishes that! I was just mentioning to someone recently that I feel more sexy in just a pair of panties than completely naked. There seems to be something delicious about keeping that one part of me covered while exposing all the rest. panties turn me on.

Yes, that is a ridiculous amount of panties, but they all have their purpose. Well, you know the purpose beyond keeping my girly part cuddled. My favorite style is the cotton hipster. They cover where I want to be covered but don't ride up a mile on my back beneath jeans. My definitely curvy ass and those panties just fit perfectly together. And why mess with perfection huh?

There are the lace panties that make me feel like a lady. I love the black panties (and added very recently a red pair...) that give me that boost of power. The pink (in all its shades) make me feel sexy and so girly. I have a sheer melon colored string bikini pair that make me feel just a little slutty. And of course, all the colorful pairs that just make me feel like having fun.

So while I do try to toss something old when I buy something new, I have a feeling my collection of panties will always be rather large in number. Diamonds and chocolates might turn other women's heads, but never underestimate the power of a pretty pair of panties...

May 25, 2008

That Is Exciting

There isn't anything too naughty going on this weekend. Just a little bit of the usual and a little bit of the exciting. Hope y'all enjoy the holiday weekend!

You Are An Exclamation Point
You are a bundle of... well, something.
You're often a bundle of joy, passion, or drama.

You're loud, brash, and outgoing. If you think it, you say it.
Definitely not the quiet type, you really don't keep a lot to yourself.

You're lively and inspiring. People love to be around your energy.
(But they do secretly worry that you'll spill their secrets without even realizing it.)

You excel in: Public speaking

You get along best with: the Dash
What Punctuation Mark Are You?
So...who is a dash?!

May 23, 2008

Bare Bottom

For a while now, DF has been trying to bring out the naughty girl in me in a very non-naughty place...the office. We tried a few days ago and while I did get all hot and bothered I couldn't get past the whole work thing. But, never one to give up easily, I'm going to try again.


At work, most everyone will be gone for lunch at the same time so I'll have some uninterrupted time alone in My desk has been turning me on for days now so I'm hoping I can get past the whole "I'm at work!" and have a little fun today with DF.

Oh...and to help things along...I'm not wearing panties today.

***After thought....

Who said work couldn't be fun?! All morning my bare bottom felt so sensitive against the fabric of my skirt. Every time I crossed my legs or shifted on my seat I was reminded that I wasn't wearing panties. It felt fun! It felt kind of dirty! When everyone else headed out to lunch I slipped back to my desk and after a brief (thanks to being so twitchy and some verbal inspiration from DF) few minutes of finger work I was my desk.

Afterward, I felt a little bit guilty, a little bit dirty (not the good kind), and then I felt a little bit sexy. Anyway, while I don't think I'll be up for all kinds of public sex I did enjoy myself!

May 22, 2008

HNT...Finger Lickin'

This really doesn't need an explanation. Though I will say DF did well...

May 19, 2008

Sweet Fruit

This morning as I cut some watermelon for my lunch I let my imagination run wild. This did not happen...though that would have been a great way to start my day. Now I'm in the mood for watermelon again...

Following the sound of her humming, he found her sitting at the kitchen table. She was still wearing the tank top and panties she'd pulled on when she'd slipped from their bed. Her hair had been haphazardly pulled up into a knot on the top of her head. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he leaned down and placed an open mouth kiss on her neck.

“Hmm...I thought you were sleeping late.”
“I missed you.”

Sliding into the chair across from her, he watched her cutting thick slices of watermelon. With her knife she cut the juicy red fruit into perfect square chunks and then dumped them into the bowl. Every time she picked up a handful of fruit, the juices would run down her hands and arms. She caught his eyes following the drops as they trailed down her skin.

She reached into the bowl and pulled out a piece of watermelon. Smiling, she slowly brought the piece to her mouth. Sliding it into her mouth, she closed her eyes and sighed as she chewed the juicy piece of fruit. Opening her eyes, she caught him licking his lips. She bit her bottom lip and eyed the fruit in the bowl. Reaching for another piece, she offered it to him.

“Want a taste?” she murmured.

He shook his head. She shrugged her shoulders and brought the fruit to her mouth. Opening her lips, she bit through the fruit. The sweet juice flooded her mouth and dribbled down her chin. As she chewed, she arched her neck and let the juice continue on its path down her throat. He cleared his throat as she swallowed.

Deciding that this was a wonderful way to get in a daily serving of fruit, she reached for another piece. The only sound in the kitchen was their breathing. Arching her eyebrow, she brought the dripping fruit to her mouth and then dipped her hand down. She placed the cool fruit against her warm skin and slid the fruit down over her throat. She moaned as the fruit slid easily across the rounded upper curve of her breast. He groaned as she slid the fruit into the hollow between her breasts.

Reaching across the table for her wrist, he brought her fingers and the red fruit to her mouth. She smiled and then opened her mouth. He guided the fruit onto her tongue. Closing her lips around her fingers she sucked the juice off and then began to nibble the fruit. The next piece she crushed in her palm and then swept her hands across her chest and neck. It was like finger painting with a sweet juicy paint.

Pushing back from the table, she reached for the hem of her tank and then pulled it over her head. Standing in her panties and nothing else, she looked at her lover. She hooked her finger and motioned for him to come toward her. She bumped her ass against the edge of the table. Putting his hands on her hips, he urged her up onto the table.

Tangling his hands into her hair, he took her mouth. Her mouth was still sticky and wet from the watermelon. His teeth nipped at her lip. She eagerly opened her mouth for his kiss. He tasted her first with his tongue and then with his whole mouth. Giving as good as she got, her soft mouth was moving against his, her hands plowing through his hair, and her thighs pulling him closer to her.

Easing her back against the sticky table, he continued eat at her mouth. “I'll have that taste now.” he breathed against her throat.

Looking at her, he watched her hazel eyes darken. Taking it as an invitation, he began to ease the soft cotton down her legs. Letting the panties slip to the kitchen floor he reached for a piece of fruit. Her breath caught in anticipation as he slid the fruit down her curved belly and across the now slick folds of her pussy.

“Baby...” she whimpered.

He popped the fruit into his mouth and chewed. She watched his throat as he swallowed the sweet fruit. Meeting her eyes, he watched a warm flush spread. Smiling, she let her thighs fall open. With a wolfish grin, he tasted her warm and willing flesh. She moaned as his morning scruff rasped across the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. He let his tongue soothe the chafed skin. Her hips jerked at the touch.

“Relax darlin'.”
“Easy for you to say...”

Leaning up on her arms, she watched him again spread her lips and taste. Her body was humming with pleasure as he worked two fingers into her tight hole and used his tongue and lips to tease her clit. Her soft growls and moans were quickly bringing him to the brink. His cock was hard and a bead of moisture had formed at the tip.

With a hand flat on her chest, he pressed her back against the table. He lifted her legs high to his shoulders. His cock pressed against her wet opening. With a hard slam, he drove into her. He stretched her and the pressure was deep.

Crying out she ran her hands over his chest, digging her nails into the soft skin above his nipples. Taking him easily in her wet heat she quickly began to feel the sweet tightening of her inner body. With a scream of pleasure she tightened around his cock and shuddered. His groan of release quickly followed hers.

Each was sweaty and hot as they collapsed together. He kissed her lightly on the mouth and then across the bridge of her nose. With care, he lowered her legs, but stayed between them. Now that the passion was spent, the stickiness from the watermelon was starting to dry on her skin. She also noticed that some how a tiny black seed had gotten stuck in his chest hair.

Laughing she reached up and pulled it off. “I'll put the watermelon away if you'll go start the bath water...”

May 15, 2008


A couple of weekends ago I decided to do something new with my hair. I cut it and decided to go red. I love it!

May 13, 2008

Making Fuck

So, I've always wondered...just what is the difference between making love and fucking? I might be totally wrong, but I've always thought making love was slow and tender and well...loving. Fucking always seems to be hard and fast...raw. While I do so enjoy that quick-fire, dirty talkin', let's-get-down-to-business sometimes I crave that slow build and sensual orgasm. I think I want to make love...or make slow...or well make something.

When you pick up a romance novel (okay...they are a guilty (and sometimes really naughty) pleasure) the couple are hot and heavy and then at some point it shifts and there is this "magical" moment where they are supposedly fucking and then it becomes making love. I'm not one hundred percent sure I've ever been one hundred percent in love so maybe I've never made love. Help a girl out!

Are making love and fucking one in the same?
Can you make love with someone you're not in love with?
Can you fuck someone you're totally, deeply in love with?
What do you consider "making love"?

Don't leave me hanging here...

May 10, 2008

On The Run

Her cell phone was chirping as she entered her bedroom. She'd purposely left it on the night stand when she went out to run. She was a girl prone to running...running on the pavement and running when things became complicated. Tonight she'd chosen to pound the pavement. As her breathing began to return to normal, she walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

Right on cue, the cordless phone began to ring. He was persistent and she couldn't help but offer up a small smile. After a careless remark her natural instinct had been to withdrawal. He didn't know it yet, but she planned to give in. She'd simply needed some time to think. She listened to the click of the answering machine as it picked up his call.

“'ve made your point.”

With a sigh, she grabbed the hem of her tank top and slowly peeled it off her body. With an observant eye, she noted the flush across her chest and the small dots of moisture between and underneath her breasts.

“Are you getting ready to relax in a fru-fru smelling bath?”

Despite herself, she giggled. She cupped her breasts and let her fingers tease the pale pink flesh surrounding her nipples. The cool air and her touch were causing the crinkling that he loved to explore with his tongue. She sighed and skimmed her hands down to the cotton band of her pants. In one smooth motion, the cotton and her panties pooled at her feet. Stepping away, she turned toward the tub and reached for the faucet.

“I wish I could see all that creamy skin...watching you shed the layers that have protected you all day.”

With a twist of her wrist, hot water poured into the tub. She liberally poured a sweet smelling pink liquid into the flow of water. Scented bubbles began to fill the tub. Leaning back, she watched those bubbles grow and spread. Once the water reached the perfect level, she gingerly stepped into the soothing bubbles. With a pleasurable sigh, she sank down into the depths of her bath.

“You've probably sunk into those suds and tilted your head back against the rim of the tub. You think you've hidden yourself, but you are your most vulnerable at this moment. You know it. More importantly...I know it.”

With a small shake of her head, she reached for the scratchy puff ball that would wash away the residue of her run...and her thinking. She slowly began to run the puff along her shoulders and down one arm. She pulled it back up and again made the sweep across her neck to repeat the gesture on the other arm. With eyes closed, she leaned forward slightly in an effort to reach her back.

“Are you reaching all those hard to touch places? Think how much easier it would be if an extra pair of gentle hands were there to help...”

Resting once again in the bubbles, she drew her knee up and began the slow sweep down to her toes. She took a moment to admire the pattern of white bubbles and wet skin. Continuing, she moved to her other leg lavishing the same attention to it. Done with the puff, she set it adrift with a push of her hand.

“Rest baby. Enjoy that water and those silly bubbles. Imagine those touches of water against your skin as my fingers.”

With eyes closed, she began to gently trail her nails against the sensitive flesh of her breasts. Using her palm, she cupped the mound and smiled as she felt her hard nipple pressing into her skin. She wasn't normally a girl who found extreme pleasure from breast play, but she had to admit that each touch seemed to tug at her core. She visibly swallowed then let her tongue dart out to wet her lips. The soft moan that followed was full of pleasure and filled the steamy room.

“Yes baby. You are touching...I know you are. I want to stroke your wet skin...touching your sides and rubbing your soft belly. Slipping lower, I will thread my fingers through that patch of hair that shows you are a woman. Touch what I can't.”

Unable to resist the sound of his voice giving her direction and the throb that had started low in her belly, she touched. One hand cupped her breast and the other slipped between her thighs. She spread her thighs and stroked deep. There was wet from the now cooling water and wetness from her increasingly warm pussy. Tapping her fingers across her lower lips she smiled as her middle finger slipped into her heat. A very crude word escaped her mouth.

The sharp sound of a cell phone snapping shut filled the bathroom.

“You're going to prune in there.”
“Who said you could come into my bathroom?”
“I want to watch.”
“I know...”

He reached out a hand to her. After a moment, she pulled her fingers from between her thighs and placed her hand in his. Gripping her, he helped her stand. Water drops and suds clung to her body. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she stepped over the edge of the tub. He pressed his lips to hers.

Now was the time for giving in...

May 8, 2008



May 6, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Just a few of my favorite things...

...cuddling up with a warm body on a rainy night. Sometimes I think I must be such an easy girl, but thunder turns me on. I especially enjoy when the thunder and rain wake me up in the night. I can't help but want to ease back into sleep with a few loud rumbles of my own...

...Ben and Jerry's creme brulee ice cream. Seriously, if you haven't tried that stuff you are missing out. It is heaven on a spoon. Truth to tell, it is probably heaven on an anything. Hmm...

...the building up to a great orgasm. During those times of serious self-control, I love to bring myself to the brink and then take my fingers away. Sometimes that slow rolling throb makes breathing hard, but I love to rest for a moment and then build up to that breaking point. I get so wet doing that...

...stripping half way naked, posing, and hearing that shutter click. I had no idea exposing myself would be so freeing...

...trucks. Big trucks. Big black trucks. Boys. Big boys. Big boys who drive big black trucks...

What do you consider a simple pleasure...

May 5, 2008


Well, I've been pimped! Thanks to Sage a few new faces might be peeping around here. Welcome y'all!

I really haven't been too wordy the last few days so the good stuff is probably a few posts down. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have fun taking a look around!

May 2, 2008


Apparently, I'm a fleshbotter! Yep...go ahead and check it out. You can find it here...I'll wait.

I'll admit to being fairly new to the sexy side of blogging and such so I didn't know what Fleshbot was all about. Truthfully, I'm still not quite sure. I'm sort of addicted to checking my statcounter so when I saw that I jumped from my normal range of hits to almost double I tried to figure out what had happened. I noticed that many hits were coming from the above link so I checked it out. And there I was! Or rather there was 8 Minutes 28 Seconds.

I still am not positive who put me up there, but I'm going to give credit to Always Aroused Girl. Her name was on the post so maybe she was the one. Either way...she gets the credit!

And speaking of credit, I should give some to DF too. Without him (and that sexy hot phone call) I wouldn't have had anything to post about in the first place. So, is your credit!

There are lots of links in this post. Happy reading y'all!

May 1, 2008

HNT...Perfect Spot

This is the perfect spot for a wet kiss.