May 10, 2008

On The Run

Her cell phone was chirping as she entered her bedroom. She'd purposely left it on the night stand when she went out to run. She was a girl prone to running...running on the pavement and running when things became complicated. Tonight she'd chosen to pound the pavement. As her breathing began to return to normal, she walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

Right on cue, the cordless phone began to ring. He was persistent and she couldn't help but offer up a small smile. After a careless remark her natural instinct had been to withdrawal. He didn't know it yet, but she planned to give in. She'd simply needed some time to think. She listened to the click of the answering machine as it picked up his call.

“'ve made your point.”

With a sigh, she grabbed the hem of her tank top and slowly peeled it off her body. With an observant eye, she noted the flush across her chest and the small dots of moisture between and underneath her breasts.

“Are you getting ready to relax in a fru-fru smelling bath?”

Despite herself, she giggled. She cupped her breasts and let her fingers tease the pale pink flesh surrounding her nipples. The cool air and her touch were causing the crinkling that he loved to explore with his tongue. She sighed and skimmed her hands down to the cotton band of her pants. In one smooth motion, the cotton and her panties pooled at her feet. Stepping away, she turned toward the tub and reached for the faucet.

“I wish I could see all that creamy skin...watching you shed the layers that have protected you all day.”

With a twist of her wrist, hot water poured into the tub. She liberally poured a sweet smelling pink liquid into the flow of water. Scented bubbles began to fill the tub. Leaning back, she watched those bubbles grow and spread. Once the water reached the perfect level, she gingerly stepped into the soothing bubbles. With a pleasurable sigh, she sank down into the depths of her bath.

“You've probably sunk into those suds and tilted your head back against the rim of the tub. You think you've hidden yourself, but you are your most vulnerable at this moment. You know it. More importantly...I know it.”

With a small shake of her head, she reached for the scratchy puff ball that would wash away the residue of her run...and her thinking. She slowly began to run the puff along her shoulders and down one arm. She pulled it back up and again made the sweep across her neck to repeat the gesture on the other arm. With eyes closed, she leaned forward slightly in an effort to reach her back.

“Are you reaching all those hard to touch places? Think how much easier it would be if an extra pair of gentle hands were there to help...”

Resting once again in the bubbles, she drew her knee up and began the slow sweep down to her toes. She took a moment to admire the pattern of white bubbles and wet skin. Continuing, she moved to her other leg lavishing the same attention to it. Done with the puff, she set it adrift with a push of her hand.

“Rest baby. Enjoy that water and those silly bubbles. Imagine those touches of water against your skin as my fingers.”

With eyes closed, she began to gently trail her nails against the sensitive flesh of her breasts. Using her palm, she cupped the mound and smiled as she felt her hard nipple pressing into her skin. She wasn't normally a girl who found extreme pleasure from breast play, but she had to admit that each touch seemed to tug at her core. She visibly swallowed then let her tongue dart out to wet her lips. The soft moan that followed was full of pleasure and filled the steamy room.

“Yes baby. You are touching...I know you are. I want to stroke your wet skin...touching your sides and rubbing your soft belly. Slipping lower, I will thread my fingers through that patch of hair that shows you are a woman. Touch what I can't.”

Unable to resist the sound of his voice giving her direction and the throb that had started low in her belly, she touched. One hand cupped her breast and the other slipped between her thighs. She spread her thighs and stroked deep. There was wet from the now cooling water and wetness from her increasingly warm pussy. Tapping her fingers across her lower lips she smiled as her middle finger slipped into her heat. A very crude word escaped her mouth.

The sharp sound of a cell phone snapping shut filled the bathroom.

“You're going to prune in there.”
“Who said you could come into my bathroom?”
“I want to watch.”
“I know...”

He reached out a hand to her. After a moment, she pulled her fingers from between her thighs and placed her hand in his. Gripping her, he helped her stand. Water drops and suds clung to her body. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she stepped over the edge of the tub. He pressed his lips to hers.

Now was the time for giving in...


Edtime Stories said...

very nice

Gorilla Bananas said...

Glad you made the booby caress work for you!

Alfie said...

Brilliant idea, beautifully written.

Naughty Girl said...

Ed: Thanks...I wasn't sure how this would come across.

Mr. Bananas: Well...that was kind of crass. LOL

Alfie: Thank you so much for saying so! I wasn't sure about this piece of writing, but I am very glad that you enjoyed it!

Riff Dog said...

Mmmm, I do like this one a lot! Rest assured it comes across perfectly!

Rose said...

Very nice indeed!!! And very enjoyed as well....great description and wonderful visual.

Naughty Girl said...

Riff: Thanks! I'm glad it is coming across the right way.

Rose: I needed that compliment! Thank you and I'm so glad you enjoyed. :)

asweetnectar said...

I love bubble baths! especially if I have the hubby for an audience