May 13, 2008

Making Fuck

So, I've always wondered...just what is the difference between making love and fucking? I might be totally wrong, but I've always thought making love was slow and tender and well...loving. Fucking always seems to be hard and fast...raw. While I do so enjoy that quick-fire, dirty talkin', let's-get-down-to-business sometimes I crave that slow build and sensual orgasm. I think I want to make love...or make slow...or well make something.

When you pick up a romance novel (okay...they are a guilty (and sometimes really naughty) pleasure) the couple are hot and heavy and then at some point it shifts and there is this "magical" moment where they are supposedly fucking and then it becomes making love. I'm not one hundred percent sure I've ever been one hundred percent in love so maybe I've never made love. Help a girl out!

Are making love and fucking one in the same?
Can you make love with someone you're not in love with?
Can you fuck someone you're totally, deeply in love with?
What do you consider "making love"?

Don't leave me hanging here...


sweetness said...

oh wow! I've got to think about that one...I'll be back!!! kisses

Alice said...

To me, making love means experiencing a deeper more emotional connection, but yes, they can be (but are not necessarily) the same. I think to make love, there has to be some measure of being in love, but you can certainly share a hot fuck with someone you are deeply in love with. Of course, this is just my take on it. :)

Lucy said...

Okay, here are my thoughts.

1) are they one and the same?
personally I don't think they are. I agree with your analogy of fucking being hard and fast and raw and making love being tender and soft and gentle etc. But this is not always the case, I don't think.

2) making love with some1 ur not in love with?
I can't really comment. I've only ever had sex with one person, so to me, the answer is no. I agree with Alice's comment... making love is experiencing that deep, raw, emotional connection with. That person that when you think of them, you know you can't live without them.

3) FUCK YEAH you can fuck someone you're totally, deeply in love with! (wicked grin on face, hoping for some action later tonight when He gets home from work).

4) I kinda already answered this in my answer to question 1.

Hope this helps. (probably didn't though, lol).

Have a good one.

Southern Sage said...

First I must say I have never made love, everything I do is fucking.

Are making love and fucking one in the same? No
Can you make love with someone you're not in love with? yes
Can you fuck someone you're totally, deeply in love with? yes
What do you consider "making love"?
When the man is crying and romantic and has a bouquet of flowers sticking out of his sappy ass while he's doing it.

sweetness said...

ok here goes....

I personally would have to add another category in there...just what we needed right!!

There are 3 different ways for me...
having sex
making love

having just that sex, doing it because you both need the release.

making love...for me there has to be a certain degree of love involved...slow sweet passionate.

fucking....rough dirty can fuck a stranger as well as fuck someone you love.

but then you can also have sex with the one you love too!

god girl I'm afraid I'm just as confused as you are now!!!!


Edtime Stories said...

I went through this before, here is the link:
there are a few good answers.

Now for me you can fuck anyone you are physically attracted to, I mean sometimes the person you love is also the person you lust. But fucking is a sense of rawness in it. Perhaps when you fuck it is about your own release.

Making love, well then it is about both of you. It is about the great sum of the parts. It can be raw, it can be off road. I think a couple who have a good master/slave relationship are making love when the master is pushing the slave over the top giving him or her what she needs. Or taking what he or she wants.

I think the difference has less to do with the act but more the intention. When one simply takes to get their own orgasm, it is fucking. When one becomes concerned about the mutual nature of the act, it is making love. Yes you can make love with someone you aren't in love with, but there would have to be a least a little concern for what the partner wants.

I think sometimes I want to fuck, but mostly it becomes making love.

Hank said...

I would say there is a difference.
I only make love in the bed with Peggy. Fucking can take place anywhere at anytime.
Our love making is quieter than fucking, with more kissing and loving, and mostly in the missionary position so there is more body contact.

asweetnectar said...

I think there is a difference. Making love is the sweet tenderness and tender touching and appreciating each other.

I do think that you could just fuck someone. Just for satisfaction or as stated earlier release.

Alfie said...

That'll take some thinking about. Cue for a post (after I ask Emma's opinion).

Sassy One said...

To me, fucking is definitely more raw, hardcore, etc, etc. A sense of urgency and lust. Whereas making love is more sensual, passionate, slower, less frantic.
I think you can definitely "fuck" someone you love, but I'm not really sure you could make love to someone you don't love. I think there has to be a certain sense of intimacy and connectedness there...who knows!
Great post!!

Rose said...

There is a place you go during sex with someone you love. If it's hard and fast, sweet and soft, brutal..if you do it with love, you are making love, just different ways.

Sex with someone you hardly know..well I'm guilty of that in the past..I was a very naughty newly divorced woman making up for lost time. The sex was ...mmm...interesting. Did it make my heart thump and my toes curl like it does with "R". No. Am I sorry I did it. "NO". It was what I needed at that time and it was what ended up bringing me to "R".

But Making Love and just having SEx is whatever you perceive it to be..different for anyone and everyone. But for me there is a very big difference. When I can be brought to tears from sex simply because of the emotional attachent, love...then I know thats the difference for me.

Great Post!!!!

Naughty Girl said...

Everyone: Thanks y'all! Everyone had some really great in-sights into this whole making love/fucking issue. While I'm still not sure if I've been completely in love, I don't share my body with just anyone so there is a level of feeling and connection with that person. Anyway, I'm certainly enjoying the fucking and I'm looking forward to the time where I can make love too. Thanks again everyone! :)

A. Secret said...

Phew! I say just do it all. Alot.

Rae said...

Definitely fuck someone you love...making love with someone you don't love? Probably possible, but there definitely needs to be connection there I think that doesn't automatically come from having sex.

Sweetness is totally right though! There are three categories. :-)

catscratch diva said...

Are making love and fucking one in the same? No, they are two totally different sensations.

Can you make love with someone you're not in love with? Yah, I think its exactly how you described it. Fucking is just raw animal sex. Making love is slow and easy.

Can you fuck someone you're totally, deeply in love with?
Oh hell yah. I used to fuck Darth regularly. He was good for that.

Mickey said...

Every time I've tried to make love, it's ended in fucking... I've always started off sweet and slow and tender but, eventually, speed increases and we're off!

should-be-working said...

Sex involves only the genitals. Lovemaking involves that as well as the heart.

Sarah said...

To me fucking and making love are two different things, but if you can enjoy both with one person you have probably found your soulmate.

jasi said...

fuck while making love with her.....its a damn good experience