January 31, 2008

HNT...Down In Mexico

This past summer I went on a cruise to various ports in Mexico. I had a wonderful time and also came home with a little reminder of my time there...a tattoo! Okay, the naughty one wants to just leave it at that, but the good girl is insisting that I share that it was only a henna. It lasted about two weeks once I was home and then it began to fade. But, I love saying I got my toes into the sand and a tattoo on my body when I was away in Mexico!

January 30, 2008

Sugasm #116: Morning Wake Up

I'm new to Sugasm, but I had such a positive response to my kink story that I figured I would toss it out for the masses. I do have to give a huge thanks to Rae! If you only knew me, you'd know I'm completely clueless when it comes to anything remotely related to technology. So, yesterday as I was trying to figure out how to get this posted (and was running into numerous road blocks) she graciously took over and got this ready for blogger consumption! Thank you Rae...you are the best!

Now, I don't know how many people actually click through to all of these blogs, but let me point out three. I'll admit that I didn't read them all, but the ones I read I really liked. If you've got the time you should give them all a once over. If you've only got time for a few I suggest the following:

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In Case of Fire (one of this week's top picks...loved this story!)

Choice Only Begins With Abortion (found in Sex & Politics...I love how she stated her opinion without trampling anyone who might have had a different one...well worth the time!)

Enjoy! I know I did.

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January 28, 2008

The Concert

I'm not exactly up with the times when it comes to technology. I just got an iPod for Christmas, but it has turned out to be my favorite new toy! Well, of the non-sexual variety. Anyway, I love to sing like I'm a rock star while I'm driving. During one such "concert" the idea for this story came together. I was listening to a song by Cher and I've included a few hints as to the title of the song. Brownie points to you if you can figure out what song I was inspired by! Also, the last several stories were ones that I already had in my repertoire, but this is a brand new one! I really like the way it turned out. I hope y'all do too!

Loud and off key singing greeted him as he walked in the door. He loosened his tie as he followed the noise to the bedroom door. Crossing his arms, he leaned against the door frame and simply watched.

His lover was dancing around the bedroom using her iPod as a microphone. Her eyes were closed and she was singing at the top of her lungs some song by Cher – something about a prayer. He didn't have a prayer as he watched her spinning and shaking her lush curves in pink and purple striped panties and one of his white dress shirts she'd commandeered. Every time she'd raise her arms the hem would allow him a glimpse of her panties-covered bottom. He did so enjoy her ass.

Just as he was fixing his gaze on that ass, she turned and spotted him watching her. She let out a screech and immediately tried to pretend she hadn't just been doing her best pop star dance. He chuckled and started toward her. Her cheeks flaming, she turned and presented him her back. He slipped his arms around her – his forearm pressing under her breasts.

“Don't stop on my account.” he whispered as he moved a silky lock of hair behind her ear. For a moment she was still and he wondered if her embarrassment was going to get the best of her. Then she pushed her generous curves back against him. Slowly she began to rock her hips. Bringing his hands to her hips, he slowly began to bunch the crisp cotton, exposing her soft thighs and those panties.

For several minutes they moved in an erotic dance, stroking and teasing. His cock was a firm pressure against her thinly covered ass. She rocked back against his cock, lifting on her toes to stroke him. Letting a soft sigh pass her lips, she turned in his arms.

“Hey baby.”
“Hey yourself. Isn't that my shirt?”

She smiled and backed out of his embrace. Playing with the top button she chewed her bottom lip and gave him a saucy wink.

“Yeah. Want it back?” she teased as the first button slipped free. As her fingers moved from one button to the next his cock throbbed with each glimpse of her breasts and the curve of her soft belly. With a shrug the shirt became a heap of material around her feet. She loved watching his eyes darken as he took in her almost naked form.

“If you want it then come take it.”

The low growl in his throat as he advanced on her said he knew she wasn't talking about a shirt. Coming closer, his hands closed around her upper arms. She gasped at the tightness. Turning her around, he urged her up on the bed. His fingers trailed down her back stropping at the edge of her panties. She wiggled against his hands.

“Stay still.”

She turned her head to watch him, but she obeyed and stayed on her hands and knees. He quickly rid himself of his shirt, pants, and briefs. His cock was jutting away from his stomach; a shine already forming on the tip. Licking her lips she stared greedily at his cock.


Her pout gave way to a smile as he moved behind her. Leaning down he trailed wet, eating kisses along her back. His tongue sent licks of fire straight to her pussy. He nibbled along the band of her panties; his hands stroking down the side of her thighs.

“Take them off me.”
“Okay, I'll take them off.”
“I said no.”

He punctuated the command with a sharp slap on her ass. She reached down and slid the wet crotch of her panties to the side. The slide of fabric across her swollen flesh pulled a moan from her throat. Reaching between her thighs she slowly spread her folds; opening herself to him. Her clit was swollen and pink, pulsing gently. His fingers dug into her ass.

“Like it? My pretty little puss?”

She stroked herself slowly and deliberately. Her words had the desired effect. He slid his hands up her back and around to cup her aching breasts. Rolling her nipples, he filled her with a swift stroke. She cried out his name and he groaned as her wet, tight pussy surrounded him. He was hot and thick inside of her.

Quickly catching his rhythm, she rocked back on his cock. The wet sound of her pussy and the slap of his abdomen on her ass caused his control to snap. He drove harder into her body. Her back arched as the tip of his cock stroked her at just the right angle. Leaning over her, he tongued her spine, following it with a soft scrape from his teeth. Her breathing was coming harsh and fast.


He knew she was at the edge and he wasn't far behind her. Sinking his teeth deep into her shoulder he gave her what she was craving – his mark. The gesture of possession shredded her last bit of control. She throbbed around his cock; her release grabbing at him. Stiffening and holding himself deep inside of her, he growled his release into her ear.

With shaking hands he smoothed her hair off her neck and placed a gentle kiss on her temple.

“I guess you don't have to look no more.”

Giving into the soft giggles she sank to the bed.

“I guess you're right.”

January 27, 2008

Some Sexy Bloggers

A lot of the fun of blogging is getting to put my thoughts out there. I have really gotten into sharing the stories that I write, the pictures that I take, and my sexuality. But, one of the other things I really enjoy is reading what other bloggers have to say. Sometimes I stumble across something too "out there" for me, but most of the time I have a good time reading. I also try to leave comments everywhere I go. I don't know...it just seems like the nice thing to do...especially if I like what I read.

Anyway, this is how I found Sweetness and Watching My Wife. I've linked them in my Naughty Reads and check them out daily. I also leave comments fairly regularly on their blogs too. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that each considered letting something I'd said in a comment be incorporated into a post!

I hope they don't mind, but go check them out!

January 25, 2008

Oh So Slutty...

I have this strange addiction to memes! They always ask the things you never think to just share. So, thanks to Rae, I'm getting in touch with my sluttier side. Y'all enjoy!

1. Chocolate or Whipped Cream
Hmm, I wonder if this means on my strawberries or on me?! I don't really care for chocolate in general, but I can think of a few things that would taste...err look better dipped in chocolaty goodness!

2. Leather or PVC
PVC...isn't that like plumbing pipes? Hmm, plumbing and pipes...still sounds dirty!

3. Outdoor Sex or Indoor Sex
For the most part, indoor sex. There are some times where outdoor sex would hold some appeal, but my first pick would be indoors.

4. In the Jacuzzi or in the Bed
I have this thing about high quality sheets and a comfy pillow top on my bed. My bed is seriously one of my favorite places to be so definitely the bed. And while the foreplay can great in the water, I feel "dry" during any type of water sex.

5. Bad Sex or No Sex
This is tough, but I'm going with no sex. I completely agree with Rae that no sex doesn't mean no masturbation, but sometimes you just want that skin on sweaty skin contact. At that point, I think I'd be all for bad sex.

6. Dominate or Be Dominated
I prefer to be the one dominated. Lately there has been a lot of buzz around this word in the blog world. Or maybe I'm just reading more about this, but for me giving over the control isn't about losing it completely.

7. Thigh Highs or Bodystockings
Definitely thigh highs! They are so much easier to put on and so much fun to peel off...one at a time.

8. Fast or Slow
I'm discovering there is a certain amount of pleasure to be gained from that slow burn.

9. Rough or Gentle
I like both, but I really enjoy sex when it is slightly rough around the edges.

10. Bite or Suck
Yes please! I think this is the popular answer! I love the rawness of a good bite especially around the inner thigh, the curve of my neck, or along the small of my back.

11. Role Play or Reality
I like reality, but sometimes you just need to play!

12. Dirty Talking or Dirty Talking to
I don't understand the difference between the two? And yes...dirty talk!

13. Edible panties or no panties
No panties! I mean a fruit roll-up on my ass and pussy...something is off about that.

14. Spanking Paddle or Bare-Handed
Bare-handed definitely. Besides, that hand can soothe the sting...

15. Landing Strip or Kojak
Landing strip, though I'm currently thinking about going completely bare. Anyone care to weigh in on this topic?!

16. Moaning or Screaming
I like moaning and those panting breaths in the room.

17. Older Men or Younger Men

18. Threeway or No Way
Depending on the players, I would be open for a threeway. But mostly, I'm not good at sharing so I don't think this would be a regular thing for me.

19. Swinging or No Swinging
Again, depending on the swingers, I think I might be up for trying this. I do think there is a difference between trying something and making it a habit.

So, who else is up for being slutty?! Be sure and let me know if you decide to play along. I'd love to come and see your slutty side take center stage!

January 23, 2008

HNT...Doing What I'm Told

I thought posting a picture of my ass was hard. That was nothing compared to showing off my girly parts (even if they are sort of covered by panties)! I feel very exposed posting this picture for a couple of reasons. First, this picture was taken because I was told to "open your pants and rub yourself over your panties and take a pic" and I did it without much hesitation. That fact alone means something to me. Second, this is not exactly the picture I would have chosen. Being comfortable with all those curves and dips is one thing, but being comfortable enough to send it out on the Internet is another thing. HNT is stretching my courage and the encouraging comments are boosting that "want to" when it comes to posting!

January 20, 2008

Morning Wake Up

I don't know if I would label myself as an extremely kinky person, but the story below and the ideas behind it might seem that way. Lately I've had several conversations with people about what is kink. I've always had this opinion, but it was great to hear others agree with it! I really don't believe that "kinky" holds much value. For example, what I might consider kinky might be just regular vanilla for you. On the other hand, what I might consider run-of-the-mill vanilla might be extremely kinky for you. Everyone has certain things that turn them on and turn them off. I really believe that great sex and a great relationship are based on being comfortable with the person you're with. I want a guy that has earned my trust in such a way that I feel comfortable saying I want to try such and such in the bedroom. Also, I want him to be comfortable enough to share his deepest desires with me. Basically it all boils down to the fact that if you and your partner are comfortable then what anyone else thinks about it shouldn't matter. So, be as vanilla or kinky as you want...just enjoy it!

As for this story... Well, I was lucky enough to be in a relationship where we were each comfortable enough to say let's try this. I have to admit that he introduced me to more new things than I brought to him, but we enjoyed it all. I really believe that happened because first, I'm curious by nature so I was willing to try anything once and second, we were comfortable with each other. If it was a flop, we'd laugh and move on. One of the things he brought up was something that had always sort of turned me on. But it was something I would never have said because for the good girl it was something too kinky; maybe even freaky. Well, once he helped bring that out we had a lot of fun with it. This may not be something you're interested in or something you would ever consider pleasurable, but because I do doesn't mean I'm freaky or weird. It just means we have different tastes. And if you're brave enough...share your own "kink"!

"Good morning baby."

The whispered words and the roaming hands slowly pulled me from the murky depths of a deep sleep. Your hands were slowly sliding down my back and over the curve of my sweet ass. I arched my back and mumbled a sleepy reply as your finger found my crack. You love to touch me...especially when I'm warm and pliant. You'd pushed the comforter off our bodies so when I turned over you were rewarded with a perfect view of my breasts and soft and curved belly. I had a little pout on my mouth and my eyes remained closed.

Leaning down, you thumbed a nipple and then laved the hard peak with your tongue. "Hmmm." I said as my hand cupped your neck. Slowly dragging your tongue and teeth up my neck to my ear you softly whispered "I want to pee." I nodded my head and dropped my hand. "'kay." I murmured, already reaching back for my pillow and a few more minutes of sleep. I'd gladly let you start the day first.

"On you."

Those words stopped the movements. My eyes finally lifted. Already the green was turning darker with desire. My mouth opened in a soft "oh", then quickly curved up in a secret smile.

"No, the shower. Now move your ass. I need to go pretty bad."
"You sure are a bossy bastard." I threw over my shoulder as I got up from the tangled sheets.

I leaned against the sink while you reached into the shower to turn on the water. As you turned back to me, I reached for your cock. "Not yet."
Your mouth settled on mine for a quick wet kiss. Our tongues met and mated in a wet, hot duel. Finally, pulling back, you drew me into the shower. You positioned me under the spray so I could get wet. Smoothing my wet hair back, I moved to stand in front of you.

"Bend." you commanded as you held my hips. I stretched down to my toes, my ass was up and you could easily spread my cheeks and see my tight little hole and pretty pussy.

"I love peeing on your ass baby."

Holding your cock, you began to spray warm pee onto my back and ass. You like to see the little splatters as it hits my skin. You like watching the tiny yellow drops roll between my ass cheeks and down to my pussy.

I moaned and you saw my fingers come up to lightly spread my pussy lips. I stroked my clit and teased my pussy hole with my fingernail. Then I lifted my fingers to my mouth and made a sound of pure pleasure as I sucked my dampness and the tangy traces of your pee off my fingers.

"Turn around."

I turned around and licked my lips, arching a brow and smiling at you. Then I obediently opened my mouth and cupped my breasts. You started to pee again...first on my breasts and then on my chin. A few sprays reached my open mouth and tongue. I closed my mouth to swallow as you groaned. I gave your cock a long lick and then stood up.

Wrapping my arms around your neck, I leaned in and gave you an open-mouth kiss. Your tongue tastes while your hands cupped my ass. I moaned and then leaned back. You patted my sweet ass and told me to head back to bed. You had an early meeting, but there was no reason why I couldn't sleep in a little longer.

Wrapping up in a soft towel, I headed back to the bedroom with a satisfied smile on my mouth.

January 17, 2008


What to say about these...

They are my small, light pink tipped breasts and here for your viewing pleasure. Maybe you'll have something more creative to say about them!

January 15, 2008

Something Kind Of Random

A while back I was tagged by Rae to share seven random things about myself. And since this blog is all about me exploring my sexuality and sharing that exploration, I decided to put a decidedly naughty twist on it. I would tag...but, first I'm not a rule follower exactly so I don't really care for the tagging rule and second, I don't know many people in this part of the blog world. With that said, if you're a lurker please let me know if you're enjoying yourself! I'm a giver (in a lot of ways) so I want to know if you like what you're reading and seeing. Plus, my naughty reads section is painfully short. Or as someone else has said...I'm a bit of a comment whore. Okay...on with the randomness.

1. I've slept with a married man. Nothing like getting my biggest sexual secret out there, huh? College was my sexual awakening so to speak. Anyway, I met him at an artist lecture series about photography. We chatted and exchanged email addresses. I'm not sure exactly when the emails changed from innocent (oh who am I kidding...emailing a married man?!) to decidedly indecent. He found me wonderfully attractive and I found I liked being wanted. So, thus began an on and off again affair. I enjoyed it very much, but eventually I couldn't handle the guilt. You can't turn off years of being the good girl.

2. I have an I'll-try-anything-once attitude when it comes to sex. This has helped me know what I'm comfortable with, what I enjoy the most, and what I don't want to ever do again.

3. I've discovered that I like being the submissive one. Now, I'm not into heavy BDSM, but don't mind being tied up, spanked, or giving over control. I like to think that I'm very selective when choosing my partner so I feel comfortable being the submissive one. I do understand that it isn't for everyone, but for me I'm not sure I'd be comfortable being in the director's seat so to speak.

4. I find older men extremely attractive. I've dated one guy my age. We were in high school. The next closest to me in age was four years older. The farthest away from me in age was 30 years older.

5. I wish I could take better naked pictures. I wish I had the self-confidence to snap pictures from all angles.

6. My latest sexual project is trying to learn to squirt. I try...I really try, but so far nothing. Maybe it is a two person job?

7. I am always the horniest when I'm on my period.

January 11, 2008

His Angel

I'm not new to my sexuality, but I am new to letting its desires take control. My last few stories have been centered on three people sharing pleasure. Well, last night, I got to be part of that type of pleasure sharing experience. I was invited by Rae to join her and the delightful Naughty for a romp in the instant messenger. I know it sounds strange, but it was actually very fun! Oh yeah...and pleasurable! I've always been turned on by the written word. And the words written last night were certainly turning on type words. So, I offer up thanks to Rae for letting me get a little more in touch with this naughty girl's desires. If you're interested in reading more about the experience you need to head here or there.

Now...about this story. This is one of the very first stories that I ever wrote. I had just been to New Orleans for the first time and loved the atmosphere of the city. Also, my friend Drew was the first to realize that there might be more to the good girl than what met the eye. He simply encouraged me to tell him a fantasy. He let me talk and well...this is what came out. At the time, I certainly wouldn't have pictured myself as any one of the characters. Now, I can look back and find traces of myself in all three of them. Yes, I said three...again. Now, in an effort to be up front and honest, there are not three physical bodies in the story. But I've come to realize that memories of a lover or the desire for someone else can certainly be just as real as another body between the sheets. Read into it what you will, but enjoy!

He couldn't get her out of his head or his groin for that matter. She had begun to dominate his days and invade his nights. He hadn't felt her young, tender body thrashing beneath his in weeks. He'd lost his temper and she'd left...furious with him. He didn't tolerate losing well and he'd decided the first time he'd seen her that he'd never loose her. For all of his money and power, he was still unable to find her. That fact angered and frustrated him. She had eluded his most trusted of muscles. The thug had lost her scent down in the Louisiana bayou. She had grace and an innocence about her that delighted and intrigued him. He had to have her back. He had to have her back soon.

A knock on the door brought him back from their past. Another young lady hesitated at the door. This girl was a far cry from the elegant woman he searched for, but in the dim light and if she kept her mouth shut would warm his bed and satisfy his lust. He had crawled between her thighs and vented his pent-up rage before and tonight he would do it again.

He'd first selected the girl from the nightclub's staff because she had a Southern accent like the woman he truly desired. He beckoned her in from the door and experienced a flash of annoyance. She never would have hesitated at his door. She would have breezed in and demanded his time whether he had the time to spare or not. She wasn't timid and frightened of him like this chit seemed to be at times.

After directing the girl to his bedroom, he poured himself a shot of bourbon. He tossed it back, felt the sting as the drink slid down his throat like liquid fire. After pouring himself another one, he grabbed the crystal tumbler and made his way to the bedroom. Passing a photograph on an end table, he silently tipped his glass to the glossy photograph of the woman he only associated as his. Promising himself that it wouldn't be long before she was back where she belonged and that she would never dare to leave him again, he continued on to the waiting whore.

As he watched her remove the flimsy black peignoir, that still bore his angel's scent, he had to turn away. After the first fuck, he had sent the girl away with specific instructions to have her hair restyled and dyed to match the dark mahogany strands of her predecessor. While in the dimmed light of the bedroom it gave the girl her coloring, the girl's hair lacked the silky texture and thickness that hers had. As the girl removed the thin covering, he noted more differences between the woman and the girl. The woman's waist had been smaller than the girl's. So had her breasts. They had been full and rounded, but not due to implants. He angled his gaze to the thatch of light curls between her thighs and scowled. She'd been dark, a stark contrast against her cream hued flesh that never failed to inflame his blood and make his cock twitch. No, this girl would never be his angel, but she would satisfy his need for release.

With a sharp edge to his tone, he commanded the girl to lie back on the bed. Flipping the switch that would bathe the room in darkness except for the light glow from the window, he undressed and pictured her waiting for him against the sheets. For these moments he could picture the one he truly wished to be possessing instead of the girl she had forced him to turn to for comfort. As he moved between the legs of the redhead beneath him, he could almost believe she was his angel.

His angel he thought as he filled his hands with her pale breasts and squeezed. He shoved himself into her, smiled when she sucked in a breath at the rough entry. But when her eyes widened, he saw that they were blue and not the deep emerald green he wanted to see. He ordered the girl to close her eyes, allowing him to recreate the illusion that it was her beneath him and not the girl from the club. When she obeyed the command he began to move inside of her again. Sweat beaded between his shoulders, along his forehead, and above his lip even though the room was chilled.

He pumped into the her. Harder. Deeper. Faster. Ignoring the girl's moans and fingers clawing at him, he thought of her. He thought about how beautiful she was, of how perfect she was, of how he had trained her in the ways to please him, of the envy he saw in other men's' eyes when they saw her with him, of the knowledge that no other man had come before and that no other man would ever have her. Only him. As he rammed his cock into the girl's drenched pussy, he remembered the first time with her. He'd brought her body to fever pitch and then eased his throbbing rod deep inside her warm, tender flesh. She'd closed around his dick and milked him with each contraction of her velvet muscles. She'd clenched him and braved the storm as she cried out his name in pleasure.

Finally he felt the scorching rush of semen that had been building to a peak in his balls. He drove himself into the young girl's pussy one last time balls deep and shouted another name as spurts of the warm sticky cum splashed inside the girl's womb. Then he collapsed on top of her. The girl glanced up at him adoringly, spoiling the fantasy and causing his anger to rise to the surface. Leaning back from the girl, he took in everything about her. From her tangled hair, the light blue eyes, the enlarged breasts, the parted thighs, down to the god awful hot pink nail polish on her toes...it all cause hatred to burn through him.

This girl was not the fiery woman who was his equal in all things sexual. She didn't move the right way and made the wrong sounds. She begged for acceptance like a damned puppy dog. Even while the sight of this whore from the club aroused his flesh, she disgusted him on every other level. His anger shown through on his face and the young girl took on the frightened look that never failed to annoy him further. He reached for her and tossed her back against the tangled sheets. She made a pathetic attempt at calming him but her efforts were useless. He spread her legs apart, threaded his fingers through the tight curls. Light blond curls, he noted, enraged again that the defect had once again pulled him from the fantasy. He entered her in one swift thrust sliding easily into her pussy that was still slick from the last coupling. Her breath caught at the uncontrolled violence. He pretended once again that it was her sweet body beneath him. It was her moans he heard filling the room as he drove himself into her. It was her voice that cried out his name as pleasure engulfed her. He pretended that it was her that he'd once again mastered and made his own.

January 10, 2008

HNT...Surrender The Booty

Well, this is something very new to me. Just recently did I tap into the excitement of taking half or all the way naked pictures of myself. And while that has turned out to be fun, I'm still nervous about posting them on here. But, that is what this blog is all about...stretching those boundaries and letting people in. So, while I've looked at the shot from every available angle and thought through any negative thoughts I'm putting my best bottom forward.

I was messing around with the self-timer mode on my camera when I took this picture. I was on my hands and knees...mostly my arms stretched out in front of me...doing the bad girl crawl with my panties-covered (yeah...virginal white isn't all that exciting huh?)bottom in the air.

Please play nice...that would go a long way in more of these being posted!

January 7, 2008

All About The Fingers...

I'm not quite sure where I found this, but I did steal it. I'm a sucker for a meme type thing and this one had a decidedly naughty twist to it! I honestly do not remember when I start masturbating. I want to say maybe at the end of middle school or maybe before I started high school. I do know that I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Remember there is a good girl too and her parents certainly didn't explain self pleasure to her! Anyway, I started to try new things, I listened closely in the locker room, and I read...a lot. I've gotten pretty good at knowing how I like being touched and what makes me respond the most. Also, letting the good girl prevail I didn't talk about masturbating either. Girls didn't do that sort of thing...or at least that good girl kept telling me. Well, one night in college while I was co-house-sitting I opened up to my small circle of friends. It was some drinking game and I was doing a really bad job at winning so spilling came pretty easy. Low and behold, they couldn't believe that was my dirty secret. And so, thus started the whole trend of being comfortable with it. And boy...am I comfortable with it!

How many self-pleasuring toys do you own? One...which I just recently bought.

Where do you usually masturbate? Mostly at home in my bed. I have this thing about my bed. It is one of my favorite places. I've also masturbated on the bed in my parents' spare bedroom, in the shower, and in a friend's spare bedroom. That one I actually had some reservations about, but I quickly got over it!

How many times a day do you masturbate? Usually just once a day. More often if it is the weekend or I'm relaxed and happy. And sometimes not at all. It all depends...

Do you watch porn? Yes...and sometimes I still feel weird about it. It is sort of like a weird fascination. By watching porn I've discovered that I like watching. I knew I liked watching a guy get off, but watching a woman is surprisingly hot. I kind of like that too.

Have you ever been caught masturbating? I don't think so! But I have been overheard. Those dorm room walls were surprisingly thin...

Do you prefer masturbation to another person getting you off? No. I like masturbating, but it doesn't replace that skin on skin contact.

When is your favorite time to masturbate? Before bed.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done while masturbating? Hmm...I'm not sure. There was one time when I was craving some sort of penetration and grabbed my hairbrush. The handle was thick and the bristles felt amazing against my clit. I don't know if that counts as crazy but it sure was pleasurable!

January 5, 2008

Party Of Three...

I'd like to say that stories will probably flow easily for a while as I have a handful of them already written. They are simply waiting to be posted. It also seems as if I'm not ready to leave the threesome theme just yet! I wrote this story several weeks ago. The thoughts and images had been building for a while. I was very shocked to discover that the idea of kissing and touching another woman was actually arousing to me. The naughty side of me was thrilled, but I struggled with the good girl side. Finally I just wrote. And here is my secret...I wrote the story with two very specific bloggers in mind. Each in his and her own right are fantastic writers and I couldn't help wanting to be a part of what I imagined would be one hell of a good time. And that is as far as spilling my secrets will go...

With a sigh, I threw off the covers and rolled onto my back. What had I been thinking agreeing to such a deviant and wholly sexual weekend? Thinking back, I had been pleasantly surprised to have been invited to share an adventurous weekend away with them. It had seemed only natural to agree. I knew these two people to be friendly, passionate, and above all respectful. I had simply skimmed over the fact that I only knew them through words on a screen and a handful of brief phone calls. Also, a part of me was intrigued by their unique relationship - two lovers who occasionally met to meet needs that weren't being fulfilled at home. Who wouldn't have been flattered? Now, that decision was pressing in around me.

Blowing out the breath I'd been holding, I decided to head downstairs to the comfortable couch and read for a while. I reached into my carry on for a ridiculously sleazy romance book. At this point, I figured it could only help matters. As I tip-toed closer to the next bedroom, I noticed the door was slightly ajar. There were soft moans and the rustle of sheets coming from inside the bedroom. I stopped, letting my feet fully rest against the cool wood floor. I'm not sure why I was really surprised to discover they were sharing the same bed. Sex wasn't new between them...only between the three of us. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to stand there and listen. Nothing in my book would be as hot as what he and she were doing inside that shadowed room.

I carelessly put the book on the corner of a nearby table. I then silently leaned against the wall letting one open palm press against the smooth wood and my other hand toy with the hem of my tank top. My head gently fell back against the wall as I listened. They were kissing each other. Each gentle suck and lick was easily heard. My imagination was supplying what my eyes couldn't see. Behind my closed eyes, I could picture his tongue tasting the seam of damp lips. Her mouth would open on a sigh allowing his tongue to sweep in and tease. His hands would be gentle at the back of her neck angling her to where he wanted her to be. She would be raking his chest in sensuous strokes. Licking my own lips, I eased my fingers across the cotton of my panties to touch and ease the ache forming between my thighs. Shifting slightly to have better access, I accidentally bumped the corner of the book I'd so carelessly set down. Gasping as I reached for it, I missed and the thump it made as it hit the floor was deafening.

Knowing that the fact I'd been listening had been given away, I decided to take the warm heavy feelings of arousal into that room and let this happen. I pushed the door open and stopped just inside the room. He and she were both kneeling on the bed looking expectantly at me. A hot blush stole up my neck and across my cheeks. My nipples were hard and pushing against the soft cotton of the tank. I swallowed and slowly started walking toward the bed. Seeing desire in his eyes did wonders for my confidence, but the appreciation in her eyes put the throb of desire between my legs into overdrive. With each sway of my hips, I inched the thin band of my panties down. The damp panties were riding low on my thighs when I reached the bed. She immediately moved away from him and crawled to me. She leaned in and gave my navel a slow wet lick. Then she reached between my thighs to push the panties the rest of the way off.

As I stepped out of the panties, he was there to run his hands under the tank top. His fingers sweetly played the swell of my breasts and nipples. A strong pull ran straight down my spine to the core of my femininity. Leaning in he brought my lips to his. The kiss was wet and raw...so much more than my imagination had envisioned. All to quickly his mouth pulled away and he tugged the tank away. I stood before them completely bare. At the moment I realized they were bare as well. Desire taking over, I admired his strong body and impressive cock. As I settled on the bed between his body and hers, I looked at her. She was pretty with soft curves and a smile that promised only pleasure would take place in this bed.

His arms wrapped around me. One large hand pinched and rolled a nipple while his other hand slid down my stomach and eased between the slick folds of my pussy. Using his body he urged me to lean into her. Her hands gently caressed my thighs as she kissed my neck. I allowed my head to fall back against his shoulder as she kissed and licked her way to my lips. Closing my eyes I gave into the sweet sensation of letting another person into my mouth. My hands cupped her heavy breasts and teased her already hard nipples. As she explored my mouth and neck, my hands moved down her body. Touching another woman for pleasure was new for me. My touches were light, hesitant, and curious. She smiled gently, understanding in her eyes, and suggested we focus our attentions to something we'd both enjoy.

With a sultry look, she and I began to stoke his body to readiness. We wanted more than just his cock to ache, but for his body to burn with wanting and desire. Her fingernails traced passionate patterns along his thighs and across his lower belly. I lavished attention on his arms and chest. My teeth would scrape across his salty flesh and then soothe with a long lick of my tongue. She was exploring up and I was making my way down. His hands touched and caressed whatever flesh he could reach. Sometimes my smooth back and the curve of my ass. Other times the gentle dips and curves of her breasts and stomach. The room was filled with sighs and moans.

Occasionally she and I would touch and explore. There was no pressure; simply a need to please the other person. Shifting, I straddled his lower legs and bent hungry for an intimate taste of him. I greedily took his cock into my mouth and used my tongue to explore the thin slit and tasting the drops of his arousal. My hands lifted and teased the smooth sac underneath. Coming back to his cock, I discovered that she wasn't willing to be patient. Her mouth was now learning every curve and vein of his cock. It was exciting to see her mouth and knowing mine had been there just moments before. Not completely understanding the desire I ran my tongue around his balls and up to meet her tongue on his cock. His body tensed and jerked as our tongues lashed his head and the sensitive spot underneath.

My own body tightened as her tongue brushed against mine. The tangy taste of him and the sweet taste of her was too much temptation. I reached for her chin to hold her mouth still for a deep kiss. I wanted to taste the flavor of our combined desires. She touched all points inside of my mouth as she took control. Pulling back I smiled. Gently biting her bottom lip she smiled back. Her fingers reached for the now drenched folds between my legs. Her exploring fingers easily slipped inside and curled into the one spot guaranteed to cause the most pleasure. He was now leaning up on his elbows to watch as she brought me closer. Without much urging, I slid up his body to settle over his cock. The slide down was an amazing and filling experience. The thickness caused the most delicate and intimate of stretching. I sighed as I seated myself completely. Her hands continued to caress my ass and rub at the one spot hard and aching on my body.

The rhythm was fast and hard. Having someone watch as I indulged in the most intimate of pleasures was completely new, but at that moment it seemed so right. She continued to touch me and him adding to the sensations. Between his deep thrusts and her knowing fingers, I quickly felt the tightening and throb low in my belly. Sighing and moving faster, I slowly leaned back on his cock. The new angle gave him perfect access to the one spot to make the world shatter. A quick thrust from him and tight firm circles from her and my body let go. The orgasm was intense as it rolled through my slick and sticky body. Despite my attempt to hold him inside, he pulled out and rested his hard cock against my pussy. With a long lick from her lips and quick pulls from his hands, he came across my lower stomach.

In the aftermath, we each curled up beside him. I kissed his chest and she kissed his mouth. Perhaps this would be the perfect start to an unforgettable weekend.

January 4, 2008

The Center of Pleasure

In college, Jason and I were the complete opposite of each other. He was the bad boy and I was the good girl. Sometimes that worked for us and sometimes that didn't. Not long after we began having sex on a regular basis, we were invited to a party where sharing was the theme. I considered myself open, but there was no way I was that open. I told him no and eventually he realized that he couldn't talk me into it. I don't regret not going with him, but I did wonder about what might have happened if we had gone. I wrote the following story as a way to put those thoughts to rest. Enjoy!

He parked his car a few houses down from the actual address and turned the engine off. What the hell was he doing here he wondered. He stared for a few moments at the huge brick house and then picked up the invitation. It was nothing fancy, just an expensive piece of paper with black block letters. A date, time, and address. His eyes closed briefly and he breathed deep. Her scent lingered...white cherry blossoms...on the invitation. He'd come because he knew she'd be in there. Oh yeah, she was all innocent temptation, but in a certain element he knew she'd be a wild child. His gut said this was her element...not just your ordinary cocktail party.

Wanting to go but wanting to stay he opened the car door and got out. What the hell – he needed a change. He knocked once and the door was immediately opened. After being relieved of his coat and presenting his invitation he was shown to a rather large study. Men and women were mingling and drinking. Yep, his instinct had been right. She'd wrangled an invitation for him to a very private, intimate party. Unsure where to go from his spot by the fireplace, he looked around. She was staring straight at him. Her burnt auburn hair was piled on top of her head and the simple but elegant black dress hugged her generous curves and stopped mid thigh.

He thought she was breathtaking. Apparently so did the man standing next to her with his arm around her waist. He looked younger than his forty odd years but older than her early twenties. They were a striking couple, but he consoled himself with the fact that he'd been told the same thing when out with her. She laughed at something the other gentleman said, but she kept her gaze on him. She motioned with her finger for him to join them.

As he worked his way across the room, he passed two ladies and a gentleman engaged in activities better suited for the bedroom rather than a couch in a crowded study. When he reached her she smiled and handed him her drink. Thank God...he'd probably need it.

“I wasn't sure you were going to come but I'm glad that you did.”

He simply tossed back the amber liquid and fixed his gaze on the man next to her.

“This is a friend of mine.” she said as her lips curved up in a lazy grin.

The two men assessed each other. She turned to the one on her side and explained that he was also a friend. Neither man needed to question just what the friendship entailed. She surveyed the room and smiled.

“It looks like the party is in full swing, gentlemen.”

And was it ever. Several people were in various stages of undress and others were moving out the door toward the stairs. She pulled out of the younger man's embrace and started forward. Both men stared at her retreating form. The older one shot a glance to the younger one and muttered “What the hell.” under his breath. Both gentlemen followed her swaying hips up the stairs and into a spacious bedroom. This really wasn't either man's style, but each were curious to see where this would lead.

Candles had been lit and the air smelled musky. The French doors opening to the private balcony were thrown open and the steamy night air was floating inside the room. Both men settled into the arm chairs that had been arranged around the foot of the bed. She reached for the hem of the clingy dress.

“Hold it sweetheart,” the younger man directed. Her head tilted to one side in her signature snotty move and her green eyes blazed. “What are you up to?”

“Watch and see.”

She slowly peeled the black material off her body. Her fingers quickly released the silver clip holding her hair in place. She tossed it in the direction her dress had went. Each man had mentioned numerous times how beautiful she was and now was no exception. The older man breathed the word beautiful while the younger man's eyes darkened with desire. He had to uncross his legs to relieve the pressure of his slacks against his crotch.

Her black lace bra was tossed into his lap. He'd always enjoyed her young, firm breasts. The other man's attentions were usually focused lower down her body. She perched on the foot of the California King bed and began to remove her stockings. The soft rustling of material mixed wonderfully with the sounds of breath being drawn. The matching lace panties were tossed into the other man's lap. Completely naked she turned and inched to the center of the bed, presenting her nice round bottom to the men.

She began to settle back among the pristine virginal white sheets. “Don't you find these white sheets rather ironic?” she teased. Innocence was the last thing on anyone's mind. Both men had leaned forward watching. Knowing they were both becoming aroused by this forbidden pleasure she closed her eyes and ran her fingers across her stomach. She worked out on a regular basis, but she had the curves of a woman.

One hand moved to cup her breast and tease her nipple. A low moan crossed her lips. Her tongue darted out to chase around her lips. She let her thighs fall open. “Damn.” someone breathed. Both men liked to see the tight curls between her legs trimmed and she correctly guessed that they liked what they were seeing now. She was slightly swollen and already soft and wet. Her fingers snaked down past her navel to cup and stroke her mound. A breathy sigh was the only sound in the room. Her eyes closed on the sigh and she arched her back. Her fingers began to work in earnest against her slick flesh. She pushed, pulled, teasing her body closer to orgasm.

Both men recognized how close she was to coming. The hitch in her breathing, the flush on her body, the way her fingers worked faster...she was so close. She opened her eyes and spread her legs wider. She abandoned the sweet flesh of her pussy to beckon them to her. The moisture on her fingers and clinging to her body were more than either man could resist. This was a plea that each understood. She needed each man...naked and on the bed with her.

If either man had reservations about sharing the woman on the bed, they were quickly forgotten. Clothes were shucked and both knelt beside her. The men didn't touch each other, but both went about the task of bringing her relief. If she had a preference they couldn't tell. One moved between her thighs, caressing the silky soft skin. The other began lavishing attention on her neck and down to her breasts.

Her fingers curled into dark hair and flexed against his scalp as his mouth tormented her body. The pleasure was so intense it bordered on pain. They also needed to be touched, stroked. She began using her hands and mouth on whatever piece of male flesh was offered. Both were hard and aching.

“Angel, you've got to choose.”

Her arms grasped shoulders while her hips arched against a rock hard erection. She moved so that her slick center would envelop his aching head. Force took over and her thighs were pushed open further as he thrust into her. Her body responded by closing around him like velvet covering steel.

The other soul in the room stretched out next to the mating couple. His hand pulled against his cock in a steady rhythm. His own release was getting close. Her head turned toward him, looking at his handsome face. “Soon.” she mouthed. He smiled back at her.

Finally, her body began to bow toward her lover. Her breath caught and a groan slipped between her swollen lips. The man above her shuddered with his own release. The man watching the scene groaned as his cock jerked and ribbons of cream flowed down his hand. This night truly had been an unexpected surprise. The biggest surprise being how much he'd enjoyed this evening of deviance she'd allowed him to be a part of.

January 3, 2008

Being Naughty

I've always had a naughty side, but I've had to keep it under control. It wasn't until I went to college that I began to explore my sexuality and all things related to it. I want this blog to be a place where I can share those discoveries and make some new ones too. I've just scratched the surface of my sexuality and have found that I like the scratching!

Through some very friendly encouragement, I've decided that I want this blog to be a place where I can share freely what turns me on, explore the desires I have, ask about things I want to know, and post some photos and writings. I'm still not quite sure how I want this whole sharing process to go so please bear with me as I figure it out. After a lot of years of keeping this side of myself under wraps, I'm having some trouble getting started. Anyone else ever had this problem?!