January 4, 2008

The Center of Pleasure

In college, Jason and I were the complete opposite of each other. He was the bad boy and I was the good girl. Sometimes that worked for us and sometimes that didn't. Not long after we began having sex on a regular basis, we were invited to a party where sharing was the theme. I considered myself open, but there was no way I was that open. I told him no and eventually he realized that he couldn't talk me into it. I don't regret not going with him, but I did wonder about what might have happened if we had gone. I wrote the following story as a way to put those thoughts to rest. Enjoy!

He parked his car a few houses down from the actual address and turned the engine off. What the hell was he doing here he wondered. He stared for a few moments at the huge brick house and then picked up the invitation. It was nothing fancy, just an expensive piece of paper with black block letters. A date, time, and address. His eyes closed briefly and he breathed deep. Her scent lingered...white cherry blossoms...on the invitation. He'd come because he knew she'd be in there. Oh yeah, she was all innocent temptation, but in a certain element he knew she'd be a wild child. His gut said this was her element...not just your ordinary cocktail party.

Wanting to go but wanting to stay he opened the car door and got out. What the hell – he needed a change. He knocked once and the door was immediately opened. After being relieved of his coat and presenting his invitation he was shown to a rather large study. Men and women were mingling and drinking. Yep, his instinct had been right. She'd wrangled an invitation for him to a very private, intimate party. Unsure where to go from his spot by the fireplace, he looked around. She was staring straight at him. Her burnt auburn hair was piled on top of her head and the simple but elegant black dress hugged her generous curves and stopped mid thigh.

He thought she was breathtaking. Apparently so did the man standing next to her with his arm around her waist. He looked younger than his forty odd years but older than her early twenties. They were a striking couple, but he consoled himself with the fact that he'd been told the same thing when out with her. She laughed at something the other gentleman said, but she kept her gaze on him. She motioned with her finger for him to join them.

As he worked his way across the room, he passed two ladies and a gentleman engaged in activities better suited for the bedroom rather than a couch in a crowded study. When he reached her she smiled and handed him her drink. Thank God...he'd probably need it.

“I wasn't sure you were going to come but I'm glad that you did.”

He simply tossed back the amber liquid and fixed his gaze on the man next to her.

“This is a friend of mine.” she said as her lips curved up in a lazy grin.

The two men assessed each other. She turned to the one on her side and explained that he was also a friend. Neither man needed to question just what the friendship entailed. She surveyed the room and smiled.

“It looks like the party is in full swing, gentlemen.”

And was it ever. Several people were in various stages of undress and others were moving out the door toward the stairs. She pulled out of the younger man's embrace and started forward. Both men stared at her retreating form. The older one shot a glance to the younger one and muttered “What the hell.” under his breath. Both gentlemen followed her swaying hips up the stairs and into a spacious bedroom. This really wasn't either man's style, but each were curious to see where this would lead.

Candles had been lit and the air smelled musky. The French doors opening to the private balcony were thrown open and the steamy night air was floating inside the room. Both men settled into the arm chairs that had been arranged around the foot of the bed. She reached for the hem of the clingy dress.

“Hold it sweetheart,” the younger man directed. Her head tilted to one side in her signature snotty move and her green eyes blazed. “What are you up to?”

“Watch and see.”

She slowly peeled the black material off her body. Her fingers quickly released the silver clip holding her hair in place. She tossed it in the direction her dress had went. Each man had mentioned numerous times how beautiful she was and now was no exception. The older man breathed the word beautiful while the younger man's eyes darkened with desire. He had to uncross his legs to relieve the pressure of his slacks against his crotch.

Her black lace bra was tossed into his lap. He'd always enjoyed her young, firm breasts. The other man's attentions were usually focused lower down her body. She perched on the foot of the California King bed and began to remove her stockings. The soft rustling of material mixed wonderfully with the sounds of breath being drawn. The matching lace panties were tossed into the other man's lap. Completely naked she turned and inched to the center of the bed, presenting her nice round bottom to the men.

She began to settle back among the pristine virginal white sheets. “Don't you find these white sheets rather ironic?” she teased. Innocence was the last thing on anyone's mind. Both men had leaned forward watching. Knowing they were both becoming aroused by this forbidden pleasure she closed her eyes and ran her fingers across her stomach. She worked out on a regular basis, but she had the curves of a woman.

One hand moved to cup her breast and tease her nipple. A low moan crossed her lips. Her tongue darted out to chase around her lips. She let her thighs fall open. “Damn.” someone breathed. Both men liked to see the tight curls between her legs trimmed and she correctly guessed that they liked what they were seeing now. She was slightly swollen and already soft and wet. Her fingers snaked down past her navel to cup and stroke her mound. A breathy sigh was the only sound in the room. Her eyes closed on the sigh and she arched her back. Her fingers began to work in earnest against her slick flesh. She pushed, pulled, teasing her body closer to orgasm.

Both men recognized how close she was to coming. The hitch in her breathing, the flush on her body, the way her fingers worked faster...she was so close. She opened her eyes and spread her legs wider. She abandoned the sweet flesh of her pussy to beckon them to her. The moisture on her fingers and clinging to her body were more than either man could resist. This was a plea that each understood. She needed each man...naked and on the bed with her.

If either man had reservations about sharing the woman on the bed, they were quickly forgotten. Clothes were shucked and both knelt beside her. The men didn't touch each other, but both went about the task of bringing her relief. If she had a preference they couldn't tell. One moved between her thighs, caressing the silky soft skin. The other began lavishing attention on her neck and down to her breasts.

Her fingers curled into dark hair and flexed against his scalp as his mouth tormented her body. The pleasure was so intense it bordered on pain. They also needed to be touched, stroked. She began using her hands and mouth on whatever piece of male flesh was offered. Both were hard and aching.

“Angel, you've got to choose.”

Her arms grasped shoulders while her hips arched against a rock hard erection. She moved so that her slick center would envelop his aching head. Force took over and her thighs were pushed open further as he thrust into her. Her body responded by closing around him like velvet covering steel.

The other soul in the room stretched out next to the mating couple. His hand pulled against his cock in a steady rhythm. His own release was getting close. Her head turned toward him, looking at his handsome face. “Soon.” she mouthed. He smiled back at her.

Finally, her body began to bow toward her lover. Her breath caught and a groan slipped between her swollen lips. The man above her shuddered with his own release. The man watching the scene groaned as his cock jerked and ribbons of cream flowed down his hand. This night truly had been an unexpected surprise. The biggest surprise being how much he'd enjoyed this evening of deviance she'd allowed him to be a part of.


Rae said...

Ooh my, I am so going to enjoy your entries! This was a gorgeous scene...love it oh naughty one :-)

Naughty said...

You have a very, very good way of writing, lookin forward to every new entry and some pics hopefully ;)

Naughty Girl said...

Rae: Oh Naughty One...that has a ring to it that I like! Thank you for the compliment too. It is nice to know that these words have an effect on others too. :)

Naughty Guy: Yes, pictures will be coming. Probably slowly until I feel more comfortable (I mean I'm already anonymous but still...)but that is what this blog is for...pushing myself to explore.

jason said...

o really loved this post ....you have written it very well