January 10, 2008

HNT...Surrender The Booty

Well, this is something very new to me. Just recently did I tap into the excitement of taking half or all the way naked pictures of myself. And while that has turned out to be fun, I'm still nervous about posting them on here. But, that is what this blog is all about...stretching those boundaries and letting people in. So, while I've looked at the shot from every available angle and thought through any negative thoughts I'm putting my best bottom forward.

I was messing around with the self-timer mode on my camera when I took this picture. I was on my hands and knees...mostly my arms stretched out in front of me...doing the bad girl crawl with my panties-covered (yeah...virginal white isn't all that exciting huh?)bottom in the air.

Please play nice...that would go a long way in more of these being posted!


Naughty said...

mmm...I thought your first HNT would be weeks away, talk about finding the sexy new blogger in her panties ;)

It was an excellent first choice, nicely taken and I do *love* the virginal white panties...grins.

Thursdays just got better...!

Naughty Girl said...

Naughty Guy: Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad someone enjoyed looking. :)

TAG said...

Great. Just found your blog from a link in Rae's blog.

Keep writing.


Anonymous said...

I found this from Rae's blog also... you have a new subscriber!

Mike Stewart said...

DARLIN'!!! You just know what that picture did to the Horny Old Guy, don't you...and what happened next? it definitely got a "rise" out of me and at my age that is a GOOD thing! A very erotic shot darlin'...hope to see more of that lovely body...and soon!

Naughty Girl said...

Tag: I hope you'll keep reading!

Anonymous: I'm happy that you're enjoying what you're reading!

Mike: Yes, more of this body will be shown. I just hope you continue to enjoy it!

NCTraveler said...

From this view..it made me want to move them to the side, push myself inside you, and bear down on your hips while i thrust into you...i want you to feel me slap against you and make you shudder

feetman said...

what a nice ass!