January 20, 2008

Morning Wake Up

I don't know if I would label myself as an extremely kinky person, but the story below and the ideas behind it might seem that way. Lately I've had several conversations with people about what is kink. I've always had this opinion, but it was great to hear others agree with it! I really don't believe that "kinky" holds much value. For example, what I might consider kinky might be just regular vanilla for you. On the other hand, what I might consider run-of-the-mill vanilla might be extremely kinky for you. Everyone has certain things that turn them on and turn them off. I really believe that great sex and a great relationship are based on being comfortable with the person you're with. I want a guy that has earned my trust in such a way that I feel comfortable saying I want to try such and such in the bedroom. Also, I want him to be comfortable enough to share his deepest desires with me. Basically it all boils down to the fact that if you and your partner are comfortable then what anyone else thinks about it shouldn't matter. So, be as vanilla or kinky as you want...just enjoy it!

As for this story... Well, I was lucky enough to be in a relationship where we were each comfortable enough to say let's try this. I have to admit that he introduced me to more new things than I brought to him, but we enjoyed it all. I really believe that happened because first, I'm curious by nature so I was willing to try anything once and second, we were comfortable with each other. If it was a flop, we'd laugh and move on. One of the things he brought up was something that had always sort of turned me on. But it was something I would never have said because for the good girl it was something too kinky; maybe even freaky. Well, once he helped bring that out we had a lot of fun with it. This may not be something you're interested in or something you would ever consider pleasurable, but because I do doesn't mean I'm freaky or weird. It just means we have different tastes. And if you're brave enough...share your own "kink"!

"Good morning baby."

The whispered words and the roaming hands slowly pulled me from the murky depths of a deep sleep. Your hands were slowly sliding down my back and over the curve of my sweet ass. I arched my back and mumbled a sleepy reply as your finger found my crack. You love to touch me...especially when I'm warm and pliant. You'd pushed the comforter off our bodies so when I turned over you were rewarded with a perfect view of my breasts and soft and curved belly. I had a little pout on my mouth and my eyes remained closed.

Leaning down, you thumbed a nipple and then laved the hard peak with your tongue. "Hmmm." I said as my hand cupped your neck. Slowly dragging your tongue and teeth up my neck to my ear you softly whispered "I want to pee." I nodded my head and dropped my hand. "'kay." I murmured, already reaching back for my pillow and a few more minutes of sleep. I'd gladly let you start the day first.

"On you."

Those words stopped the movements. My eyes finally lifted. Already the green was turning darker with desire. My mouth opened in a soft "oh", then quickly curved up in a secret smile.

"No, the shower. Now move your ass. I need to go pretty bad."
"You sure are a bossy bastard." I threw over my shoulder as I got up from the tangled sheets.

I leaned against the sink while you reached into the shower to turn on the water. As you turned back to me, I reached for your cock. "Not yet."
Your mouth settled on mine for a quick wet kiss. Our tongues met and mated in a wet, hot duel. Finally, pulling back, you drew me into the shower. You positioned me under the spray so I could get wet. Smoothing my wet hair back, I moved to stand in front of you.

"Bend." you commanded as you held my hips. I stretched down to my toes, my ass was up and you could easily spread my cheeks and see my tight little hole and pretty pussy.

"I love peeing on your ass baby."

Holding your cock, you began to spray warm pee onto my back and ass. You like to see the little splatters as it hits my skin. You like watching the tiny yellow drops roll between my ass cheeks and down to my pussy.

I moaned and you saw my fingers come up to lightly spread my pussy lips. I stroked my clit and teased my pussy hole with my fingernail. Then I lifted my fingers to my mouth and made a sound of pure pleasure as I sucked my dampness and the tangy traces of your pee off my fingers.

"Turn around."

I turned around and licked my lips, arching a brow and smiling at you. Then I obediently opened my mouth and cupped my breasts. You started to pee again...first on my breasts and then on my chin. A few sprays reached my open mouth and tongue. I closed my mouth to swallow as you groaned. I gave your cock a long lick and then stood up.

Wrapping my arms around your neck, I leaned in and gave you an open-mouth kiss. Your tongue tastes while your hands cupped my ass. I moaned and then leaned back. You patted my sweet ass and told me to head back to bed. You had an early meeting, but there was no reason why I couldn't sleep in a little longer.

Wrapping up in a soft towel, I headed back to the bedroom with a satisfied smile on my mouth.


FireResQGuru said...

Let me start by saying that I agree 100% with you. It's not kinky if you like it. You're partner may or may not be into it, but if they are willing to try it, what they first thought was kinky may turn into something they love doing.

I think Freud said it best, it's not deviant behavior if two adults enjoy it and each other, it's just sex. Some like missionary, some like more interesting positions. Some like BDSM, some don't.

There is a little freak and a little kink in EVERYONE. Some more than others, some more often than others. Some people are afraid to let it show, or have it known. I applaud you on your honesty. The words of "The Stranger" by Billy Joel come to mind.

My wife & I have tried (and still do) some sexual things that are illegal in all 50 states & would make a porn star blush. Does that make us freaks? Maybe in some peoples eys.

You're experience with being peed on is one that we havn't tried, and probably won't. We've talked about it, and neither of us are really into that. But if you like it, I say more power to you & enjoy whatever you like!

Naughty Girl said...

Guru: I'll admit I was nervous about putting the story out there, but it is a part of me. Golden showers aren't a regular part of my sex life, but when they do happen I'm very okay with them. To each their own.

Now, I'm curious...what would make a porn star blush?!

Edtime Stories said...

very brave to share this. I think any way of expressing one's sexuality that is mutually enjoyable is wonderful.
Now I have to go pee.

FireResQGuru said...

Maybe I'll have to write about what would make a porn star blush.... we'll save that for another day.

Naughty Girl said...

Ed: Thank you!

Guru: What a tease! In the interest of all who read, I think we'd all like to know the answer...maybe something to spice up everyone's sex life!

SoCal Sal said...

I agree with the prelude. I always thought “kinky” was a term made up by prudes to label any sexual behavior that wasn’t for procreation. My take, try it all twice just to make sure. If it feels good, make it a habit! LOL … Loved the story. I have always wanted to experiment with golden showers in some form. Oh how I like experimenting! Woo Hoo

Loving Annie said...

If you enjoy what you two do together, that's all that matters. I've never tried that one...
I do however, enjoy erotic spankings during sex :)

sweetness said...

I think that no matter what a couple does sexually, as long as there is trust and respect..GO FOR IT! Have fun.....I know we do!!

Naughty Girl said...

Sal: Well steal the idea and experiment away! Of course you should do the gentlemanly thing and come back and tell me all about it. ;)

Annie: Hmm spankings. That isn't something I get a lot, but I can definitely understand how a perfectly timed spank add that extra something to sex!

Sweetness: Yep, I agree trust and respect are essential. So, what kind of fun do you guys have?

sweetness said...

OH!! Now that's a loaded question!!! But I'd love to share a few of the things we've done. Spanking is always a good thing...with a paddle or belt is my favorite. We have alway found fisting to be amazing, and from time to time we have been known to "show" on cam to a few select friends!! What can I say but we have A LOT of trust and respect with each other!!

FireResQGuru said...

Might be easier to say what we have not done..... yet... LMAO. All the above listed things we have either tried, done or still do. I may just have to make a post about same.....

TeacherinHeels said...

If you are happy and having fun .... the who cares what else anyone thinks! XOXO