January 15, 2008

Something Kind Of Random

A while back I was tagged by Rae to share seven random things about myself. And since this blog is all about me exploring my sexuality and sharing that exploration, I decided to put a decidedly naughty twist on it. I would tag...but, first I'm not a rule follower exactly so I don't really care for the tagging rule and second, I don't know many people in this part of the blog world. With that said, if you're a lurker please let me know if you're enjoying yourself! I'm a giver (in a lot of ways) so I want to know if you like what you're reading and seeing. Plus, my naughty reads section is painfully short. Or as someone else has said...I'm a bit of a comment whore. Okay...on with the randomness.

1. I've slept with a married man. Nothing like getting my biggest sexual secret out there, huh? College was my sexual awakening so to speak. Anyway, I met him at an artist lecture series about photography. We chatted and exchanged email addresses. I'm not sure exactly when the emails changed from innocent (oh who am I kidding...emailing a married man?!) to decidedly indecent. He found me wonderfully attractive and I found I liked being wanted. So, thus began an on and off again affair. I enjoyed it very much, but eventually I couldn't handle the guilt. You can't turn off years of being the good girl.

2. I have an I'll-try-anything-once attitude when it comes to sex. This has helped me know what I'm comfortable with, what I enjoy the most, and what I don't want to ever do again.

3. I've discovered that I like being the submissive one. Now, I'm not into heavy BDSM, but don't mind being tied up, spanked, or giving over control. I like to think that I'm very selective when choosing my partner so I feel comfortable being the submissive one. I do understand that it isn't for everyone, but for me I'm not sure I'd be comfortable being in the director's seat so to speak.

4. I find older men extremely attractive. I've dated one guy my age. We were in high school. The next closest to me in age was four years older. The farthest away from me in age was 30 years older.

5. I wish I could take better naked pictures. I wish I had the self-confidence to snap pictures from all angles.

6. My latest sexual project is trying to learn to squirt. I try...I really try, but so far nothing. Maybe it is a two person job?

7. I am always the horniest when I'm on my period.


Charles said...

so what were the sexual things you've tried once and never want to do again?

Rae said...

The older I've gotten the hornier I am on my period...particularly with Naughty. :-)

I'm with you on not being overly into BDSM, but I am definitely more submissive than anything.

Yay squirting! I know you can do it!

Naughty Girl said...

Charles: I don't want to role play that I'm anyone's "little girl". I don't mind someone touching my ass, but I don't want anything in there.

Rae: Glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels extra excitable while on the rag! How does Naughty feel about it?

sweetness said...

Squirting does NOT have to be a two man job. I actually taught myself as a surprise to my lover. My main advice.....to relax, and have a really good vib for you clit. (I love a bullet or pocket rocket)