May 31, 2008

Just A Little Bit Slutty

First, thanks to everyone who commented on the HNT from yesterday! Sometimes when I'm looking for a picture (or taking a picture) I tend to think "show more skin", but the more I looked at yesterday's picture (and I'll admit...I looked a lot) the sexier I found it. So, more less revealing pictures just might be on their way. I already have one in mind...

Yesterday I decided to wear the white button down shirt that was in the HNT. I thought, "Why not? It'll be my own little thrill." I actually had an interview to go to so it felt a little bit slutty. I mean, I'd use that shirt and bra combination to please readers and now I was wearing it to present a professional front. The interview went well and I think a tad of that was due to the confidence boosted by knowing I looked great in what I was wearing.

On the way home, I texted DF about the interview. I'd also mentioned that if I was offered the position it would mean a substantial increase from my current salary. DF being the funny man he is (and knowing first hand about my love of panties) commented that the money "would buy a lot of panties." After work I went out with friends for happy hour at our favorite restaurant. What girl doesn't enjoy happy hour?! I had something fruity, I had something colorful, I had something tart, and before I knew it I had four cocktail glasses lined up in front of me. Needless to say I was a little bit tipsy.

Everyone knows the funnest thing to do when you're in that almost-drunk-but-not-quite stage is to call (or in my case text) people. I told a couple of people I was tippy (I'm not a good speller on my best day and even worse when I'm tippy...) and when I discovered it I found it so funny. Actually everyone at the table found it funny. Anyway, at some point I mentioned something else to DF about buying me panties. To which he replied, "U r a panty slut." Normally I have to be in the right mood to be called that, but last night I just got this smile and thought, "Yeah. Yeah I am."

And speaking of being slutty, you guys should go read Lucy's post about being slutty. She posed a great question to which everyone should add their two cents. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Try and find some time to do something just a little bit slutty!


Cannon said...

It's awesome that your wore that shirt to a job interview. Secrets are sexy and the risk of being caught/recognized is also sexy.

My wife and I have a blog that try to keep anonymity on, but as we get more and more readers, the risk of being "found out" turns us on greatly.

So great blog and yes love the HNT posts the most.

Keep up the sexy posting and please check our blog out. I would love to hear what you think.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think I would have given you the job, whatever it is.

Southern Sage said...

Woooo Hoooo
thats great about the new gig. Hope you get it.
I'll go hit up Lucy, I'm a slut, I love sluts!!
Go Slutsssssssss

Naughty Girl said...

Cannon: Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure and return the favor. :)

Mr. Bananas: I hope they feel the same!

Sage: You crack me up! But I'm not sure if you could make it as a cheerleader. ;)

Lucy said...

I'm glad you got a confidence boost from wearing the top. You by chance feel that slutty that you had to flash them did you? LOL, just kidding.

Thanks for giving me a shout out. Much appreciated. Have a good one.


Lucy said...

sorry, that should read:
You didn't by chance feel that slutty that you had to flash them did you?

Just wanted to correct myself there. Sorry for the multiple comments.