May 26, 2008

Entirely Too Many

I have entirely too many panties!

I came to this realization today as I was doing the laundry...which I hate. As I sorted the panties load (yes I have enough to qualify them for their own delicate cycle through the washer) I couldn't help but start counting. Thirty-three panties to be exact. What on earth am I doing with so many pairs of panties?!

The answer is simple...I love panties. I don't think I have a fetish because I don't do anything fetishy with them...unless wearing them counts. But panties make me feel sexy and I can't help but love anything that accomplishes that! I was just mentioning to someone recently that I feel more sexy in just a pair of panties than completely naked. There seems to be something delicious about keeping that one part of me covered while exposing all the rest. panties turn me on.

Yes, that is a ridiculous amount of panties, but they all have their purpose. Well, you know the purpose beyond keeping my girly part cuddled. My favorite style is the cotton hipster. They cover where I want to be covered but don't ride up a mile on my back beneath jeans. My definitely curvy ass and those panties just fit perfectly together. And why mess with perfection huh?

There are the lace panties that make me feel like a lady. I love the black panties (and added very recently a red pair...) that give me that boost of power. The pink (in all its shades) make me feel sexy and so girly. I have a sheer melon colored string bikini pair that make me feel just a little slutty. And of course, all the colorful pairs that just make me feel like having fun.

So while I do try to toss something old when I buy something new, I have a feeling my collection of panties will always be rather large in number. Diamonds and chocolates might turn other women's heads, but never underestimate the power of a pretty pair of panties...


Gorilla Bananas said...

If you ever need to raise money, just auction a few of them. They'll fetch a lot more if they're soiled, of course.

Naughty Girl said...

Mr. Bananas: I've heard about girls selling their worn panties online. Sounds interesting, but would anyone really buy my "soiled" panties?

Lucy said...


I can totally understand where you're coming from with this. And to be honest, if I were to count mine (which I have before), I would have more than you. There's just something great about knickers isn't there? (smiles)


Rose said...

Hi Naughty,
Love the post!!! I agree. There are a few pair that I enjoy wearing when we play. That is if I'm allowed any clothing at all. Or if we go out I enjoy a pair of lace thongs. But they have the wider sides and back. Much more material that then normal thong. I do love a low cut lacy bra with a button down sweater, so I can unbutton the sweater and leave it all hanging out. I often come down the stairs like this to "R's" delight. But I do button up a few before we go out, but leave enough for his beloved cleavage. I totally get where you are coming from with this.
Hey LUCY>>>>I love the "knickers" comment. I have not heard that in a long time. I love that word!!!!

RONJAZZ said...

Okay...I LOVE panties in all their fun and glory. Love shoving them aside and fucking fast and hard. Love ripping them off so you can buy more. Love orgasming on them to leave a good mark and SHOW you my passion.

That dirty enough?...:) Come read me, too.

DF said...

Ok. 33 pairs. I know two of them just got bought recently cuz I heard the story. That being said, there is not a single month that has more than 31 days in it.

In theory that means there is 2 days. 2 days? 2 days for you to make two of them get flooded and still change. Even after that, you still ain't gotta do laundry.

But wait I'm not doing my job. Perhaps you need to do laundry at least once a month. I'm so glad I'm here to help.

Rae said...

"keeping my girly parts cuddled"

Easily the best line ever. :-)

Naughty Girl said...

Lucy: I love me some knickers! (Great word :) )

Rose: I've gotta make sure I find a guy that is as into my panties as I am. :)

Ron: I like the rawness of just pulling them to the side too. And if my panties get torn during sex someone is so buying me another pair!

df: I guess I could get more into laundry if it was out of necessity because all my panties had been soaked...

Rae: Glad you liked it!

Riff Dog said...

I hear you! I love panties (and bras.) They're so damn sexy. And slowly taking them off is one of the best parts of sex. Honestly, I find a woman in bra and panties to be sexier than completely naked.

sweetness said...

I believe you can never have enough pretties, as I tend to call them. I've never counted but I'll have to now! (I'll let you know!!) I have silk, satin, lace, completely sheer, and cotton, most with matching bras! For me there is something about being dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or better yet scrubs at work and knowing that I'm wearing something sexy underneath. Kinda like my own littel secret! kisses girl

Rambeau said...

If you really have too many panties, I'd love to try some on and take them for my collection. They can even be clean, I just love wearing them.

Trish the crossdresser said...

As s long time crossdresser I have close to 200....ok I have an addiction. So having 40 or 50 panties is not too many. Most of us crossdresser get a thrill out of wearing them, unlike your self who do it for fashion sake. But for what ever reason.......Yes, panties are fun.....don't knock it unless you've tried on a pair or two

And don't get me started on wearing that fun too