January 26, 2009

Coming Home

The familiar chirping of my cell phone alerted me to his text.

"U home?"

I couldn't help the smile that curved my lips. I was thinking about a recent text involving his impatience and the desire for a quick screw. The crassness of that conversation was such a turn on and frankly my pussy was beginning to throb. My response was short and sweet.

"Almost...about 10 minutes."

I thought about asking him if he wanted something, but I knew what he wanted so why be coy. Those last few miles home seemed to take much longer than normal. Just as I was digging my keys out of my purse to unlock the door I was reminded of his impatience.


I walked into the living room and kicked the door shut behind me. I dropped most things on the floor, but decided to hang up my keys. I'm pretty good at losing those things so I try to keep them in one spot. Anyway, he wanted me in the bedroom so that was exactly where I headed.

I laid down across the bed and reached for my zipper. I thought he was slightly disappointed to realize I was still dressed instead of immediately stripping in the living room when he said I needed to get naked...now. The best way to get naked fast...have help! I was stripped down to bare skin within seconds.

My fingers immediately went to the wetness pooling between my legs as his tongue slid from my ankle to my calf and up toward the juncture of my thighs. He sure was taking his sweet time now.

My hips arched as his mouth licked my swollen lips in a broad stroke. His teeth came next...pulling open my wet sex...one fleshy fold at a time. I wanted to feel his tongue on my clit. I needed to feel the sucking kisses. Instead he had other ideas. Without much pretext his finger pushed inside me and my pussy clenched hard. His tongue began a quick slide to my ass. So...dirty.

My hands clutched at the sheet and covers on the unmade bed. I wanted to reach for my abandoned clit, but as I started to slide my fingers into my curls his mouth moved back up. He was determined to make the orgasm quick and hard. I wanted to come around his dick.

A quick flip to my stomach and my hips pulled up into the air, he replaced the stroking fingers with his hard, hot fuckable dick. I could only grab hold of the bedding beneath me and hang on. My ass pushed back against each hard thrust. The sound of balls slapping against flesh was such a lovely compliment to the slick sliding sound as he drove us both closer.

We don't last long most times rather choosing to give in to passion, but we especially don't last long in this position. I felt my body start to tighten and the pressure building behind my clit. Trying to slow down the release was pointless.

I gasped and groaned out loud as he said my name and demanded that I take his cum. I wanted to...I wanted every last drop of him inside of me.

"Welcome home baby."


Lucy said...

Welcome home indeed! :-)

Riff Dog said...

What a very nice welcome! And isn't it fun how there's always that one position that's impossible to hold back in?

Ronald10021 said...

Deliciously hot.

asweetnectar said...

That position does it for me too! Wow! What a way to come home!

Mike Stewart said...

WOW! That was really erotic DARLIN'! You'll have to excuse me now because it's sort of hard to type with just one hand if you know what I mean and I think you do! At my age I can't afford to waste any boners! Thanks for the inspiration you sweet young thing!

Anonymous said...

How about when he is done with you then I get a piece of that action.

Naughty Girl said...

Lucy: Yes, indeed!

Riff: That is a favorite of ours.

Ronald: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Nectar: Really...just what a way to come!

Mike: I just adore you!

Anonymous: Uhh, thanks but no thanks.

David said...

very hot...well done ;)