October 8, 2008

That Sounded Dirty

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the naughty offers to spank me! The birthday was a good one. I spent the evening out with friends and got some great gifts (which it isn't about the gifts, but gosh I love getting them). All in all...a good way to start the next trip around the sun!

Lately, DF and I haven't been able to make the connections that we (well definitely me and hopefully him) have come to enjoy due to some unexpected travel and work related stuff. Sure, I can (and have been) take matters into my own hands, but still I like the sharing of the pleasure. Needless to say...I've been twitchy. A lot.

As if I needed more proof...today I found the the most nonsexual thing he said so darn sexy. We were talking about my very soon upcoming purchase of a car (yes...my car buying virgin days will soon be behind me...) and he was giving me some advice about the warranty. Honestly, I'm not even sure where in context this fell, but he said something about the lubricated inside parts.

Can anyone else clearly see where my mind went?!

I and my lubricated inside parts are missing him.

(See...I do find inspiration Mr. Muse.)


Lucy said...

It's at this point that you know it's been too long and something needs to change ;-)

Congrats on the excitement of soon purchasing a new car! And as we all know...lubricated inside parts are always a good thing ;-)

Have a good one Naughty.

Rae said...

I just had a coughing fit I laughed so hard.

asweetnectar said...

I often find the sexual side in just about everything. Especially when there is a dry spell for a couple of days. It tend to take over your mind doesn't it!?

Jennybean said...

dry spells are a bitch... everything looks like cock, and everything sounds dirty!