October 26, 2008

Fuzzy Line

There is a line drawn in some patch of sand. On one side sits the girl who can say please over and over without feeling a bit of self doubt. On the other sits the woman who is getting pretty sick of saying please because it is starting to feel like begging.

And walking the fuzzy line is such a fucking pain in the ass.


David said...

Being made to plead incessently is not really the point is it, it does become begging, or is so intended? But, there is supposed to be fulfillment or partial appeasement every so often, no?

(who loves responding to a post that he makes no sense of - just so see if he was even close)

asweetnectar said...

It is so confusing when we feel this way. Many are different instances but they all have the same line. I am a beggar too!

Edtime Stories said...

I am not sure what you are saying? Did I miss something?

Alfie said...

Billy Conolly says his wife complains he never speaks to her when they're making love. His reply: "I have to beg for it so much, by the time I get it I've lost my voice."

A. Secret said...

Ah yes that fuzzy line. My line shifts under my feet constantly, depending on my mood and how sassy I am feeling. Keeps my guys on their toys that's for sure.

Rae said...

Talk to me!

And I understand, begging is really only attractive in some situations. :-)