March 17, 2008


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I've seen this little quiz on a few blogs and thought I'd give it a shot. The questions were pretty straight forward and I discovered that maybe I'm a little straight laced (I only have piercings in my ears, my "number" can be counted on one hand, I don't have a tramp stamp or any other type of "ink", and I prefer to cuddle up with a movie and two hands touching in the popcorn bowl on the couch for my Friday night entertainment) but none the less it appears I could turn a nice little profit.

So...who is saving up their pennies?!


Southern Sage said...

thats it??
ok I'll pay...........

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think you'd be worth every cent!

Naughty Lakota said...

I was something like $1125/hr - so we almost cancel each other out.., wanna do a trade? ~wink~

Naughty Girl said...

Sage: I know...compared to others I've seen I'm a good deal. Lol...I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing?!

Mr. Bananas: Thanks!

Lakota: Seriously, that made me giggle. For two girls addicted did you put it - the man meat...we sure do flirt a lot!

Kyma said...

$1132/hour.. teehee :)