March 3, 2008

Coming Awake

I like to think this is sexy. Or maybe it is just selfish! Either way, I wouldn't have any objections to it becoming a reality.

He awoke to the curve of his lover's ass pressed to his side. Her toes were curled against his calf. While he didn't care to always be her extra pillow, it was nice to know that even relaxed in sleep her body craved the touch of his. Leaning up on his arm, he reached over her and gently tucked a strand of tousled hair behind her ear. The movement cause her to sigh and shift more into him, but she didn't wake up.

She'd gone to bed in panties and one of his t-shirts. He didn't quite understand her need to sleep in pajamas, but he liked talking her out of them. The soft material of the shirt had ridden up her stomach. He laid his warm hand on her soft belly and rubbed. He inched his fingers up to her breasts. Reaching out, he brushed his knuckles over the small mound. He could feel her nipple pull tight despite the layer of material separating her from his fingers. She stirred and he looked up to her face.

Blinking, she slowly came awake. He continued to stroke her body. She smiled and shifted her thighs.
“Morning baby.” he whispered against her neck.
Mumbling something similar, she closed her eyes and arched her back as she stretched. She turned her head to meet his mouth. His lips teased and sucked at hers. She opened her mouth under his and allowed his tongue to sweep inside. Their tongues mated in a way that had her lower body responding with a slow throb. Pulling back slightly, she whispered his name against his lips.

His hand swept up the material of the shirt to expose her breasts. The tips were beginning to crinkle and her nipples were hard points against his palm. She shifted slightly and grabbed for the hem. With a quick pull, the shirt was off her skin and on the floor. Her hands reached to cup her own breasts.
“No.” The harsh command stopped her short. The desire in his eyes and the pleasure she knew he took from bringing her body pleasure had those hands stroking up his chest instead.

His head was lowering to her breasts as her hands cupped his neck. Arching her back high, she presented him her breasts. He caught one swollen nipple in his mouth and sucked strongly. She felt the pull of his mouth deep in her womb. Crying out, she lifted her hips in a silent plea. Without breaking the seal he had on her breast, he slipped his hand under the band of her panties. Sliding his hand around her hips, the panties slipped down. Grabbing the now damp crotch, he pulled them off her legs.

After giving her a hard, wet kiss, he began to lavish the same attention to her other nipple. The low throb between her thighs was becoming an ache. Again, she reached for her body. His fingers quickly wrapped around her wrist halting her move to provide some relief. He placed a sharp bite on the swell of her breast.
“No, means no Darlin'.”
“Then touch me.”
“I am touching you.”
“Between my legs. Touch me there...please.”

He wedged one large hand between her thighs and stroked. Her swollen flesh was already slick and wet. She was hot and arching into his touch. Without much care, he pushed three fingers into her, hard and deep. She gasped at the rough entry and then moaned as he began to walk those fingers along the soft walls of her pussy. She ground against his thrusting fingers.

She was so responsive to his touch. Her body was soaking his fingers while her nails dug into his chest. Leaving her nipples wet and hard, he took her mouth hungrily as he increased the tempo of his fingers inside her pussy. She whimpered and moved against him, trying to ease the pressure that was building deep inside. Far too soon, he felt the tightening of her body around his fingers.

“That's my girl. Come for me.”

He still had his fingers pressed deep inside of her as she became shaky and relaxed back into the pillows. She sighed and licked her lips. Bringing his fingers to her mouth, she sucked them inside. Her tongue swirled around his fingers, lingering on the knuckles as she cleaned his hand. He pulled his wet fingers from her mouth and held her chin.

Winking, she asked, “My turn?”
With his cock and his lust for her surging, he murmured, “Yeah...”


sweetness said...

OMFG!! That is so amazing! You've got me dripping....good job girl!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Hooo-weeeh! Miss Naughty likes to be touched first thing in the morning! Is anyone surprised?

Edtime Stories said...

great wakeup call.

Naughty Girl said...

Sweetness: You are always so nice to me! There was a bump in the middle of that story and I had a hard time finishing it. I liked how it turned out and I'm glad you did too!

Mr. Bananas: I like to be touched at any hour of the day! And I'm sure no one is very surprised by that. ;)

Ed: Yeah, I liked it the more I played around with it. :)

sexy.sun.goddess said...


There are few things better than wake-up sex. Those have been the lovers hardest to ever forget, he who would wake me up instead of expecting me to wake him...

Ahhhh...damn, where's my rabbit?

Southern Sage said...

yeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwww @ good moaning sunshine sex!!!!

Naughty Girl said...

Goddess: While I love being woken up in this manner, I wouldn't mind doing the waking every now and then. ;)

Sage: LOL...I just love that comment!

mnwhr said...

Fantastic way to begin any day.

Rae said...

Oooh, I want to be woken up like that too! Jealous! ;-)

Mike Stewart said...

WOW! DARLIN'! That sexy post just woke up a certain body part of the Horny Old Guy and that part is now getting some "exercise", if you know what I mean and I KNOW you do!

the happyhusband said...

nice erotic story. isn't it called sleep sex?