February 26, 2008


I was tagged to complete a meme revolving around the number eight. Some might have seen it or been tagged yourselves. I'm doing it...but with a twist. Instead of listing my eight favorite movies, books I read, songs I listen to, and such I'm putting a little naughty spin on it. If you're interested in stealing...go ahead. If you're not...okay by me.

8 Sexual Things I Want To Try (implying that I haven't done this, but think it sounds like fun)
  • Squirting...my orgasms are great without the squirting, but I still want to be able to experience the phenomenon
  • The Mile High Club
  • Panties with a little remote that someone else controls...is this something real or did I just make something up?
  • Being watched...I recently read a story on Watching My Wife about a couple that were being watched by someone in another hotel room from across the courtyard. I think I might be able to get into that.
  • Public sex...I mean some place where the possibility of getting caught is high.
  • Have sex in a car...being ruled mostly by the good girl I never had sex in a car...didn't seem lady-like
  • Nipple clamps...might be something fun
  • Play with a strap on...does that one really need some sort of explanation?

8 Things I've Said During Sex

  • "Oh God!"
  • "Fuck me"
  • "Harder"
  • "Please..."
  • A name...99% of the time his
  • "Yes!"
  • "Oh baby..."
  • Do groans and moans count as said words?

8 Things I Find Completely Sexy About A Guy

  • When he calls me Darlin'
  • Watching him drive...I don't question this, but I love seeing a guy drive
  • Body hair...not Sasquatch, but enough that I can run my fingers through
  • When he is the bug killer!
  • Fingers that just...fit
  • Good teeth
  • A sense of humor that is kind of off...I have a sense of humor that is kind of off
  • His scent

8 Favorite Sexual Positions

  • Missionary...I know it sounds completely vanilla and boring, but I love the eye contact, his weight on me, and the way my thighs feel up around his hips
  • Doggy...great for spankings
  • Cowgirl
  • Spooning
  • The Butterfly...perfect on the edge of the bed
  • 69
  • the one where I'm on my stomach, but not with my ass in the air
  • sitting...both of us

By the way...you should go here. The couples are animated. I had a lot of fun and learned a couple of things!


Rae said...

Good teeth are VERY important! I agree!

And is it wrong that I got more than a little turned on by that link? Hilarious...but hot too!

the luckiest husband said...

nice post. my wife told me once that she had 8 reasons she would never leave me. it was after she meaured my... anyways, wanted you to know i love your blogs. i'm new to all this as i have just started a blog about my wife this week. blogs like yours inspire me to express my thoughts about sex and love. thanks.

Gorilla Bananas said...

If the panties thing isn't feasible, you could try a fucking machine with someone else controlling the speed button.

SoCal Sal said...

Wonderful list Darlin. We would have a fantastic time together. *phew*

Southern Sage said...

great answers!

Hank said...

you mentioned several things I want to try also!

Lakota Princess said...

thanks for the link by the way - i had hours of fun with that and some of my boys...

Naughty Endevours said...

That was wonderful!

Porno Spark said...

oh will try this with ma bf and will let u all know