April 27, 2008


She wanted to play.

He was at the edge of his control, but would indulge her.

To a point.

Her tongue darted out to moisten her lower lip and then she pulled it into her mouth.


All the while eyeing the thick bulge hidden by the thin material of his briefs.

Her fingers moved across his hardness, brushing the offending material down his thighs.

Nails trailed up his legs and across his thighs.

Her palm cupped his balls as warm breath washed over the tip.

She licked her lips.

And then she licked him.

Her tongue teased the thin slit and smoothed away the bead of moisture.

Using her lips, she placed light sucking kisses along the underside of his cock.

She gloried in the small jerks that betrayed his control.

Harsh groans filled the room.

They made her feel so sexy, wanted.

Her fingers began light rhythmic squeezing near the base of his cock.

She leaned in and closed the distance between her wet mouth and his hardness.

Curling her tongue around the dips and ridges on his skin.

Slow and wet was the slide into her hungry mouth.

His hips impatient and pressing back into her throat.

She could feel the closing of her throat as a gag threatened.

Breathing and relaxing her throat as his cock jerked against her tongue and teeth.

He gently wiped away the small drop of moisture that gathered at the corner of her eye.

His cock reached the back of her throat.

She held him there, flexing her fingers against the base and coarse hair.

"Shit baby. Suck me."

The pulls from her mouth were wet and deep.

Keeping her mouth tight, she let the slick saliva pool around his cock.

His thrusts were short and hard.

With her tongue flat, she applied pressure.

She could feel his cock growing thick, hot, full.

His thumb on her jaw and his fingers on her throat held her still.

Such a carnal pleasure to indulge.

His musky scent filled her nose.

He thrust hard, his hands rough on her now.

Cock jerking, he exploded against the back of her throat.

Swallowing and struggling to breathe, she turned her head.

Slick strings of spit and cum connected her mouth to his cock.

She smiled, his control was shattered.

He smiled, she belonged to him.


Diana said...

Mmmmmm....Such a wonderful image in my head. Maybe I should wake my man.

Rose said...

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

suburban hotwife said...

Sounds naughty! ;)

sweetness said...

Such a wonderful way to belong to him! A girl after my own heart. love ya

Gorilla Bananas said...

If you want a job well done, get a naughty girl!

Edtime Stories said...

wonderful image......thank you

Naughty Girl said...

Diana: I'm sure he'd enjoy the waking!

Rose: Yes, it was!

Hotwife: Very naughty indeed!

Sweetness: Yes, the belonging is an extremely erotic part of the experience!

Mr. Bananas: Well, any job worth doing is worth doing well. ;)

Ed: Always something to be said for imagination...

Stratocast said...

Yes, I think I could deal with that! Very hot!

Naughty Girl said...

Strat: Right back at you. So picnics huh?!

Loving Annie said...

That was wonderful, Naughty. You describe it so well. I miss it... God, what memories you create with your words/images...

Southern Sage said...

I know not your intent.
You made me hard
intended or not..........

Naughty Girl said...

Annie: I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. When I wrote it, the images in my head were vivid. I'm glad that came across!

Sage: My intent was for the reader to be able to see that moment and feel connected to it. I'm glad you had such a response!

jason said...

wow really like the post