July 27, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Stories seem more personal when they are written in first person. When I wrote this I wanted it to feel and be...personal. It is a little on the long side, but I think it is well worth the read.

Just as I pull back the curtain to step under the hot spray, I hear a loud succession of knocks at the front door. Not expecting anyone, but curious all the same who is there, I reach into the shower and turn the knob to stop the flow of water. Grabbing my short, white terry robe to cover my nakedness, I walk to the front door and look out the peep hole.

My breath catches in my throat as I begin to unbolt the door. You aren't supposed to be here...not tonight. Opening the door, I take in the man before me. I can't help but notice the dress slacks and button down shirt. I also make note of the way your hair looks like you've combed restless fingers through it.

“I thought you were busy...” I begin, but the words die on my lips when you brush past me into the apartment. You shut the door and redo the locks.

“I am not in the mood to be gentle.”

The questions will not stop, but I won't allow them to cross my lips. I am too grateful to question the hows and whys of your appearance here tonight. Instead I focus on that untamed look in your eyes. Moving into your arms, I tilt my head back for the kiss. There is no preamble to it as you open your mouth over mine and let your tongue have free reign in my mouth. It stokes against my own and begins the artful dance deep into my mouth and then the retreat so mine can chase and tangle back.

With one hand cupping my head, the other strokes down my back and around to the knot at my waist. With one tug, it releases and the robe opens. When your fingers meet bare skin, you pull back and look down. I am not one to make a habit of sleeping or walking about naked. One dark brow arches.

“I was about to shower.”

With not so gentle hands you take hold of the fabric and begin to push it down my shoulders, stopping when my arms are trapped at my side. You place your fingers at the base of my throat. You feel the muscles move as I swallow. You smile as you move those fingers down. I hold my breath waiting for you touch my heavy breasts or the nipples that have hardened. Instead you trail your fingers between my flesh, down over the gentle swell of my stomach, and into the curls between my legs. Threading your fingers, you tug. At first, I do not move. Unsatisfied, you tug again, with more pressure. Shocked at this new intimate way of being brought to you, I move closer. You step back in the direction of my bedroom and tug again. With every step you take back, I take one step forward until we are standing next to the bed.

Releasing me, you finish removing the robe. My fingers work the buttons down the front of your chest. Stopping when I reach the belt, I tug the fabric up and out of your pants. When the last button comes free, you shrug out of the shirt and let it fall to the floor. Working the belt loose, I pull it from your waist. As I drop it to the floor, you step out of your shoes and toe off your socks. I lean in and press kisses along your jaw. With a stroke of my tongue, I move down the side of your throat to your shoulder. I use my teeth to scrape against your skin. My hands move over your chest and stop when I have covered your flat nipples. I just begin to close my fingertips around the hard nubs when you stop me.


Reluctantly leaving your nipples, I trail my fingers down your sides until I reach the pants. With a tug and a zip, I push all your remaining clothing down your hips, over your thighs, to your feet. Stepping out, you turn and sit on the edge of my bed. Walking into the space between your thighs, I cradle your head against my breasts. I can feel the pressure of your fingers at my hips. I can feel the deep breath you take and then the gentle kiss you place above my heart. I close my eyes as you sigh against my heated flesh. Looking down at you, I realize any gentleness you brought left on that breath.

Pulling me down to the bed, you cover most of my body with yours. Again our mouths meet and mate. The kisses are possessive and rough. We both know my lips will have that slightly swollen look in the morning, but neither care. Struggling for purchase on the bed, we move to the middle. My back is cushioned by the pillows and covers while I raise my bended knees up around your hips. I can feel the heaviness of your cock against the aching center of my body, but you don't seem in a hurry to ease the ache.

Your mouth moves to my breasts. First, you suck one nipple into your mouth and pull hard. The pleasure seems to run straight from your wet mouth to my wet pussy. One hand curls into your ass, while the other holds your head against me. You continue to suck and lave. Moving to the other, you nip the flesh above the nipple. I moan and arch up into your mouth. Your fingers ply the wet tip you just abandoned, while you feast on the other. My hips rock against your cock and I tighten my knees.

You make a slow trek down my body as I rest my feet against the bed. My hands reach to soothe the breasts you left tender, while I watch your dark head move between my thighs. I wait for the touch of your mouth. Instead I feel your hands stroke my thighs as you slip your arms under my raised knees and you begin to rub along my pubic bone. With warm breaths against my wet flesh, you stroke your thumbs down the lips to message the delicate flesh outside the opening to my body. Stroking back up, you press my wet lips together and expose my hard clit to your gaze. I wiggle in an attempt to bring my body to your mouth, but you seem to want to tease and torture tonight.

“Work your muscles.”

Trusting you know what to do to bring my body unbelievable pleasure, I flex the inner muscles and acutely feel the rolling motion as you pull the lips. You use erotic words to describe what you see; how the wet opening comes together and opens back up, how my clit jumps with the roll, how my scent is driving you mad, how much you want to taste the shiny wetness. I whimper and moan, but still your mouth hasn't lowered. My mind is screaming that I am over exposed to you, but my body can't find the will to do anything but respond to your words and touch.

When I feel the pressure of your fingers leave my skin, I look down and watch as you bring two fingers to my mouth. I open and readily begin to curl my tongue around your fingers. I suck and coat them with my saliva. I know they are going to be sliding inside my body. Again, spread open for your pleasure, you slide your fingers into my pussy. You press down against the tight rings inside and stop at the deepest part of my pussy. Unable to control the tightening, I arch. With one hand touching me inside, you press the other down against the curls at the top of my pussy.

“Please.” I manage to work out into the heat.

“Please what?”

“Please put your mouth on me. Suck.”

With your fingers still working from the inside, you cover my lips and clit with your mouth. Finally, the firm, broad strokes from your tongue and the pressure of your lips brings a small measure of relief. I can feel myself creaming around your fingers and the wetness coating my inner thighs and down to my ass. Your fingers move out to hold me open while you suck and taste me in the most intimate of ways. My hand cups your neck and toys with your hair. I sigh and moan.

You shift your body and I can feel the wetness on your chin and lips as you move up between my legs. I can't help but smile at the mess you've trailed up my body. Bringing your lips to mine, I eagerly taste myself on your lips. I curl my tongue around yours and draw the slick wetness off. With a final kiss to your lips and my hands curled into your shoulders, I begin to nibble and use flat strokes of my tongue to lick the remaining wetness off your chin and down your throat.

“You are a messy eater.” I whisper as I move across your collar bone.

I feel the vibrations in your chest as you growl. I start to shift from under you, clearly wanting my turn to touch and tease, but you stop me by fully lowering your weight to my body. Getting the message, I sigh and relax back. As you ease off my body, I reach between us and use my thumb to stroke the tip of your cock. My wetness is there and also I smear the bead of moisture that has formed across the slit. Experimenting with my grip, I curl my fingers around your hard cock. Pressing my hips down to the bed, I slide the tip of your cock between my lips to brush against my clit.

Taking back control, I feel you nudge the wet and gripping flesh at the opening of my pussy. With one hand braced on the bed by my head, the other lays against my throat. You look at me and watch my eyes closely. Experimenting, you increase the pressure. I lick my lips and moan in the back of my throat as your thumb presses into the soft flesh of my neck and your middle finger meets the hard bone of my jaw. I close my eyes and arch my hips up against your cock. I want you to be inside of me, but you seem content to stay just at the opening of wet heat.

“Say.” You nudge just the tip of your head inside my pussy. My muscles are already working to try and pull you the rest of the way inside.

“My.” With a controlled slide, you ease further into me, but not deep enough.

“Name.” Finally, you are deep and where we both want you to be.

Your name comes out on a moan. I grip you inside with wet, velvety walls. My knees close around your hips and my feet curl against the back of your thighs. My arms pull you down to me.

For a moment, I simply flutter around your cock as you hold still and rest your forehead against mine. Then you begin to move. Setting a rhythm and pace I know well and easily catch. The thrusts are deep and fast. My breasts are pressed against your chest and you feel the movement of each as we rock together. For several moments the only sounds in the room are grunts and moans, breathy pants, and the slick slide of hard flesh into yielding flesh.

Shifting, you press my thighs back and down, fully opening my pussy and ass to your gaze. My breath catches as you press the head of your cock against the tight pucker of my ass. I gasp and can't control the tensing of my body. With a hand around your cock, you nudge the opening, but do not penetrate. The pressure is intense and the pleasure unbelievably raw. My fingers reach down and open my lips as I rub against the hard knot of my clit. As you rock against my ass, you slid two fingers deep inside my puss. Turning them up, you find and stroke the spot inside that makes me buck against your hand.

I want to come, but I desperately want to come around your cock. You seem to know this without me having to vocalize the request as your fingers slide out and you slide your cock inside.

“Hold yourself open.”

I keep my fingertips on the slick flesh. I feel you slide into my pussy and then out to slide through the open lips to tap my clit. Then you slide down and back inside. You continue this tantalizing routine until I can't do anything but feel. My fingers fall away and I reach for you. With your hands pressing my thighs open, you thrust deep. I tighten and let my breathing increase. I feel the familiar coiling deep inside. It feels hot and piercing as I open my thighs wider.

The pace increases and I can't control the hoarse moans that are clawing up my throat. I feel the beads of sweat that drop to my neck as you lean down to me. My fingers curl into your thighs and my body sweetly tightens around your cock as I come hard over you. You hold still and feel the tightness as my walls contract and wetly pull against your cock. With another thrust, you groan into my ear as you come. I savor the jerking movement of your cock as your semen coats my pussy.

Hearing the ragged pants and beginning to feel the moisture behind my knees and across your back, you turn us to our sides to face each other. Your hands finger comb my hair away from my face. Looking into my eyes, you press a kiss to my lips. Tangling my legs with yours, I wrap my arm around your back and stroke. Sighing, I snuggle down against you.

“You mentioned something about a shower...”

“Join me...later.”


Loving Annie said...

Ohhhh God that was wonderful... You describe it so vividly... Lucky, lucky, lucky you --- that would be heavenly...

Edtime Stories said...

wonderful story my dear... back in good form.

Rae said...

Yummy. It would have been well worth it at five times that length too. ;-)

Personal is right.

Naughty Girl said...

Annie: Thank you! I feel like I'm coming into my own with the writing and I'm so glad that people are enjoying it!

Ed: I'm glad you liked it. It was something I needed to write.

Rae: You're too kind! And sometimes I just need to be personal.

Gorilla Bananas said...

This post needs to be read by Mrs Having-you-Cake, who gives out 'Sugasm' awards.

David said...

You are indeed back, and with a vengence, naughty girl, a wonderful tale. And I am so glad to see you back in the handing over control realm. Good girl.

having my cake said...

Hello, Mr Bananas sent me here and it is certainly a very good read :)

Sadly I dont give out Sugasm awards, I only enter my own posts and vote on all the submissions. But I do suggest that you enter your piece for this week's vote. The results for last week (sugasm #142) come out on Tuesday so if you go to www.sugasm.com after that you will find the form and instructions to enter the piece for #143. Good Luck x

Naughty Girl said...

Mr. Bananas: Thank you for sending others by to read. I always like new readers!

David: I was amazed at how quickly this story came together and so easy to write.

Having Cake: Thank you for stopping by! I always enjoy new readers. I've done Sugasm once before, but I'll consider what you've said about posting it there. Thanks again for the comment!

Riff Dog said...

Love this! It shouldn't be any shorter IMO because I so love all the details.

And yes, I much prefer first person.

~c said...

Wow - this is the first time I've been too your blog, and I must say,..grins.. i'll be back...

Good Job!

Naughty Girl said...

Riff: I'm glad you made it all the way through! And I much prefer in person to anything else.

C: Welcome! Thank you for compliment and you are welcome any time! :)

should-be-working said...

All I can say is damnnnnn. :) Keep it up.

Object-Oriented Sammy said...

So hot when he exposed you pussy and asshole ;)

jasi said...

wow tht was erally hot