November 8, 2008

Creative Outlet

A dear friend was looking for a creative outlet and shared the following story with me. I loved it! My friend has such a way of making a story sensual without making it vulgar. I'm so oral so one particular spot captured my attention. I'm sure it will capture something of yours as well!

Climbing through the bushes he knew the niche would be the perfect place, he even loosened the bulb of the security light when she wasn’t home. He was cloaked in foliage and darkness. From this vantage point he could see through the flimsy curtains straight to her bed. He felt himself stiffen already as he unzipped his jeans. It didn’t take long for him to wrap his fingers around his sensitive, growing flesh.

She came out of her bathroom in a towel. Removing it she reached for a bottle on her nightstand and rubbed her skin with the oil from it. He watched slowly stroking himself, he wanted to wait, not go too fast, hoping he would see more. As she rubbed her thighs he could see she enjoyed her own touch, but imaged himself rubbing the moisturizer into the soft flesh and kissing her along the line of her hair. Gently arousing her. He could tell she was getting aroused now and his body reacted.

Putting the bottle down, she turned and bent over searching in a drawer. His mind raced seeing her full ass, thinking she wanted him, needed him. He imagined walking up behind her and sliding inside. Would she react with a startled response? Does she want to be fully taken? He had to stop touching himself for a second afraid it would be over too soon.

He watched as she turned with a pink phallic toy in her hand. He could tell the vibrator was one of her favorites, she moved to the bed, on her back, and rubbed it the length of her body. She would stop to excite her nipples, to rub it over her stomach and her thighs, and move it around the soft petals of flesh between her legs. She teased herself and he matched her teasing, sensing if he continued to keep his own rhythm he would soon cum.

Bringing the toy to her mouth she sucked it in, slowly, wetting it and caressing it with her lips, while opening her legs wide. He could only think of her lips around his flesh and his own mouth and fingers exploring the display in front of him. He closed his eyes for one second and when he opened them he watched the pink of the toy disappear into the pink of her body. She was ready for what she wanted and he was too. Her hand moved fast, driving the vibrator in and out, her back arching and her teeth biting her lips. His hand moved fast and now there was no turning back, he would surrender to his need and as she bounced on the bed thrusting deep into herself he felt the violent quiver go through him and he exploded, holding himself up with one hand as the other aimed the spray down hitting the brick of her foundation. He collected himself in time to see her relax on the bed. They had shared the moment of ecstasy. They both stayed still and he saw her rise and come to the window. Opening it she popped her head out and looked down.

“You going to hose that down?” she said smiling seeing the evidence of his fun slowly dripping to the grass below.

“It will rain later”, he replied.

“Well put that away”, motioning to his softening erection, still oozing, “and come inside, maybe we can bring it back to life”. She closed the window and walked away. He tucked himself in and didn’t both to snap and zip up. He knew his pants would not be on for very long.

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Rae said...

Oh my. I think I know whose that is. I love that. I have slight peeping tom fantasies of Naughty watching me. There is something infinitely erotic about exhibitionist side I suppose. :-)