November 25, 2008

Say My Name

I should start by saying that, at least for me, having him say my name during the act is so freaking hot. No matter where we are in the process, if he growls, moans, gasps my name I am so the brink...ready to fly apart. I can't explain why it turns me on so, but it does. Of course, I don't always return the favor of growling, moaning, gasping his name and perhaps I should. Maybe it has the same effect on him? Either way...he said it this morning and in very quick secession I was thrashing about on the sheets.

Of course the plying of my wet, warm pussy didn't hurt. Neither did the finger inside stroking that sweet little spot that makes it hard to stay still and endure the touch. Or hearing him tell me explicitly what he wanted to make me do in his mouth. Not even the cramp I got from curling my toes into the sheet felt bad.

Ahh, yes...dirty talking and orgasms...the perfect way to start the day!


Southern Sage said...

Defiantly the best way to start any day!

Riff Dog said...

You're not alone. I always say the woman's name and it's like magic. And I definitely love to hear my name.

Anonymous said...

Very erotic, thanks! Totally agree, hearing your name at that moment increases the intensity in an amazing way.


Your Little Slut said...

Perfect indeed! I tend to say His name more often than He says mine, but that seems to do the trick for both of us :)

A. Secret said...

Helluva lot better than coffee that's for sure.

A lover can call me any name he choses, but none sound as sweet as my name.