February 1, 2008


There is a place where I'm so tangled up in emotion that I can do nothing but feel. At times I feel safe and protected within those ties, but other times I feel like I've been let go and the fall has been hopelessly suspended because those ties won't let me go. This came from that tangled up place. It is what it is...

that bitch

the one thought tears at you

you are the one who will do

easily used quickly left

at the moment of highest pleasure

a wrenching pain

the body betrays

straining for his release

a release he needs

without the caring you crave

you pull back

he feels it in the touch

sees it in your eyes

stop me

those hands let you plummet

a tear falls a head turns


letting you retreat he releases

a release that shatters

more than your body





Rae said...

Wow. Very powerful.

Edtime Stories said...

damn, that was quite descriptive

Southern Sage said...

strong words

feetman said...

I like this...more emotion than the sex story...seems raw...i like it,