February 3, 2008

To Bare or Not To Bare (Update)

With the exception of swimsuit season, I do not particularly give my pubic hair region much thought. In my last relationship, he was from an era when the full look was a very good thing. That worked for me. The maintenance and up keep were very low and worked just fine for the both of us. Now that the relationship is over (hence he shouldn't be seeing it again any time soon) I thought it might be time for a change. Currently I have this over grown little garden down there (mmm, I have to wonder if that might have been a little too much information...) which at the very least needs some reshaping. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I'm sort of lazy when it comes to removing body hair. I do manage to keep any stray upper lip, chin, and eyebrow hairs out of sight, but for the most part I tend to let legs and underarms go for days before I take a razor to them. So, I'm not thrilled at the prospect of having to begin daily pubic hair maintenance.

That started me wondering...just how important is this pubic hair stuff? From seeing a handful of porn I understand that bare has its advantages. Just like I don't really care for having to stop and remove a hair from my mouth, I would assume the same would hold true for guys. Also, panties must feel amazing against the smooth skin! Plus, I wonder if you feel just a little more daring, a little more exposed walking around bare as the day you were born. The drawback though...the up keep. That terrible growing out stage where you feel and look a little bit like a porcupine isn't pleasant for anyone. Then if you want to avoid the porcupine growing out stage you have to maintain that smoothness daily. Ick...sounds like too much work for my 5am showers. A sleepy me and a razor at my crotch probably wouldn't be a good idea. I've given myself enough tiny nicks on my legs to know that my crotch probably wouldn't be any different. I've been told there are some amazing gels and creams out there that would eliminate the chance of self-mutilation. So maybe this bare thing is doable.

I could take the landscaping approach and just thin the top and smooth out the edges a little. Actually, I'd probably end up snipping and shaving and trying to "even it up" so much that I'd be left with a stray hair right in the middle. That mental picture is pretty amusing. And of course when the hair starts to grow back... Of course, maybe I could just go somewhere and have it done. As long as it didn't involve wax and cotton strips I would gladly pay to lay back and let someone else take charge. My favorite lady down at the local Super Cuts might not agree though.

I'm going to do something...I'm just not sure what yet. I was asked to take a before shot (which I have, but I'm not sure you actually need a visual after my vivid description above) and then an after shot. I'm just not sure what the after shot is going to look like. Choices choices choices! Help me out. Guys...how do y'all feel about pubic hair? Ladies...how do y'all feel and if you've got some tips or tricks please share. That is what comments are for!

***Well that after shot would look very bare. I took a suggestion for Veet gel cream (love that stuff...easy to use and doesn't make me smell!) and now I'm bare. Makes me think of that poem Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear... Well, Naughty Girl isn't very fuzzy either!


Southern Sage said...

well I'm thinking it is prefrence, different for each person. I never did care that much as long as the hair wasn't long. If I had a prefrence though I'd say military cut, high and tight. Landing strip or shaved. But I'm thinking that does take some upkeep. And yes a guy should do the same.

Naughty Girl said...

Sage: While I don't really care for the hair in my mouth thing, I actually like the look of hair on a guy. I think hair on a guy (anywhere on a guy) is sexy!

Miss Belle said...

I like the bare look because of the reasons you listed (panties feel good and it's more daring).

As for upkeep, I use a combination that seems to work well for me. I use a gel/foam once a month or so and shave inbetween. I also use either Bikini Zone (you can find it either with the shaving stuff or with the creams and gels) or Neosporin on the whole area after I shave. It prevents ugly red bumps and makes the growing back process less painful.

This a long comment but I hope it helps.

Hubby said...

It's shaved bare for us all the way. No landing strip, just smooth cunny. Although sometimes hair adds a little mystery, it sure isn't as pleasurable to lick! Also the visual of shaved is exciting. At least to us!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Somewhere in my archives is a good story about my first wax job. It hurt like hell but it was SO worth it. It's great to do for special occasions like a cruise/vacation/romantic weekend. As far as daily, I keep my razor close in the shower and perform 1-2 times weekly shaves. That still doesn't help the area that's between the "lips" and the "ass"--sometimes Nair works best there, or scissors. YIKES!! Good luck but I highly recommend a wax at least once!!

Southern Sage said...

wooooooooooo hooooooooooooo
well how do you like it?
do tell
I won't beg for pics, but if you post them I'll surely see them!

Lucy said...

Hi. I've just found your blog this afternoon, and from what I've read so far (which is most of it), I'm definitely going to be coming back regularly.

On the whole hair or no hair topic... for me, bare is best, and He likes it that way too! Although the waxing does hurt, you get used to it, and it is DEFINITELY worth it. I love that my cunt is so much more sensitive when I'm bare. I've also tried shaving, but I tend to find that I'm not as smooth (or sensitive) compared to when I wax.

So what do you think of being bare?

Will be looking forward to your next post.


sweetness said...

Oh my!! I love love love a bare pussy...everything feels so much better!! The up keep so so well worth it!

Edtime Stories said...

Your body is your body dear. Enjoy it the way you want it, when you share it, I am sure your man will enjoy.

SoCal Sal said...

As it is already Kojacked, I will say, bald is so much easier to plant little warm wet kisses all over!

FireResQGuru said...

What a topic! LOL Well, the wife & I agreed on the landing strip for a while, then she went bare and never looked back. We both like it that way. Nothing in the way to slow you down and add friction! :)~

Naughty Girl said...

Thanks everyone! Today was so much fun...I was really aware of how everything felt down that way. My panties felt sexier and even peeing felt a little different. I can't wait to see how wet feels!

Oh, and a few had mentioned something about posting. I've decided not to post it (this subject to change!) but if you email me and ask nicely I'll share the before and after!

HisGirl said...

Been bare for years. So much better smooth. It is a rule of His, but unecessary in my case! Glad you love it! Post girl, we wanna see!

-His girl

Alfie said...

When Emma is bare, I miss the fuzz. When she's furry, I miss the smooth. It's the porcupine in between I'm not so keen on.

slave2Bholed said...

dearest naughty one, well, i think that was a postscript on your post and that you did indeed get yourself a bald pussy. *S*

For what it is worth, i remember when i was first directed to shave it all off. i had already had a very neatly trimmed little thing as i find straggly to be pretty gross.

But then again, i love really base things so the idea of some sick hairy bush is semi-arousing because it seems so "dirty". *S*

i've been completely smooth for maybe 7 years now (?). i tried shaving. And you are right -- the upkeep is daily -- but the problem is re-growth and it hurts if you don't shave every single day. Plus, stubble looks worse than straggly! *S*

Then i started to doing wax. NICE result but still, i'm a stickler and one little itty bitty hair meant that i needed to shave it and if you mix shaving AND wax, well, NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! INGROWN HELL!

A few years ago, my Master got me lasered. *S* The technician warned me, "okay, little girl -- you do know that from now on, and forever, you will always look like you have a 12 year old's cookie" and i cheered, hurrah! Let's go!

i absolutely love being bare down there and yes -- indeed -- the feeling of exposure and vulnerability is heightened and i feel free and wanton and READY ... and pretty. *S*


Lakota Princess said...

LOL! I just answered a letter on this topic last week. Too funny.
It was interesting hearing the male responses on their preferences, which mostly ran to - "yeah. love it but i'll take what i can get." ~wink~

Southern Sage said...

Surely you remember this post and my request, and your reply????
What else could ask for? Surely that would trump the 22 points!!!!!!!!
You up.
Thanks for the request!