February 5, 2008

Patience Is A Virtue

I wrote this story not long ago and it has since become one of my absolute favorites! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

They relaxed together on the couch. They each were enjoying the pleasure of just being in the other's company. With all the stress and busyness of the week they had basically fallen into bed and gone straight to sleep each night. She wasn't even sure she'd kissed him goodnight last night. Deciding to catch up on some pleasure time with him, she pulled the pillow out from under her head and tossed it on the floor. Then she turned onto her back and let her knees come up. She guided the hand that had been comfortably resting on her thigh to the soft curve of her belly.

Placing the laptop on the end table next to the couch he shifted slightly. Looking down at her, he allowed the corners of his mouth to tilt upward. It was easy to read the desire and playfulness in her eyes. She tilted her neck as he bent down to place a soft kiss on her lips. Her mouth relaxed as his took control; his tongue slipping between her lips and touching the fleshy part of her cheek. A fine tingle began to make it's way down her spine to the gathering dampness in her panties.

She laced her fingers through his and let her thighs part. Together they slipped their hands into her panties. His fingers slowly curled into the soft hair guarding her center. Using pressure to communicate her need to be touched on a deeper level, she led fingers to her already slick slit. He pulled his fingers free of hers and pulled the hem of the shirt up over her breasts. She moaned her disapproval to which he simply grinned. Her breasts were small in size, but he adored them. His fingers began to tease the already puckering flesh around her nipples. He could feel each breath she took.

With her hand still in her panties, she began to squirm. He reached for her wrist to stop the touch.. She needed to take the edge off and he wanted to draw the pleasure out.

“I can take care of myself.”
“Not as well as I can.”

With that promise, he shifted off the couch. She went up on her elbows to stare at him. He held out his hand to her needing her to let him fulfill that promise. She sat up and placed her hand in his. With a soft tug, he pulled her to her feet. He bent his head and kissed her. It was gentle, but it conveyed that he understood her need for something very ungentle. She sighed and he moved his mouth down the side of her neck, nuzzling and nipping with his teeth and teasing with his tongue. Liquid heat pulsed between her thighs. Without speaking, she let him lead her to their bed.

Stopping at the edge, her impatient fingers found the hem of his shirt and pulled upward. He allowed the shirt to be pulled over his head and thrown to the floor. She reached for her shirt, but his hands stopped her. He loved her enthusiasm but wanted to draw out the pleasure for both their sakes. He was just as hungry for her as she was for him, but he'd learned the benefits of taking one's time.

He pushed his body into hers urging her to sink back onto the bed. She immediately began to scoot back crab style to the middle of the bed. Deciding to give into her demanding nature he hooked his thumbs in the elastic of her panties and pulled. She raised her bottom to speed up the process. As soon as her panties hit the floor, he returned for his shirt. Her hands were already raised above her head and she had a saucy smile on her face.

“Patience is a virtue baby.”
“It isn't one of mine...”
“Lucky for us, it is one of mine.”

The shirt quickly joined her panties on the floor. He pushed his sweats down and kicked them away. She lay back with her thighs slightly parted and her hands above her head. He simply looked. She met his gaze, letting all her need show in her eyes. Desire for this woman hit him with a brutal blow. He needed her. He needed to be inside her and surrounded by her. He loved her body. He loved the shape and texture. He laid down next to her and let his hand rest heavily on her lower stomach. He took her mouth, gentle at first, savoring the taste of her as his tongue tangled with hers. She sighed as she relaxed into him, her body trusting his to take care of every need, moving against him in silent plea. “Such a temptation,” he whispered against her mouth.

Knowing that she found kissing the most enjoyable form of foreplay, he continued to take her mouth as he touched all parts of her body. He did it to heighten both their arousal. It worked. He could sense her arousal heighten, knew it was for him alone. The look of utter need in her eyes was for him and it was powerful. Her tongue slid over his skin before she whispered his name in a heated caress.

He moved between her thighs, the tip of his hard cock resting against her now drenched center. He didn't move his hips, though her hips were arching trying help his cock find its way inside her body. With his weight resting on his arms, he began to trail his mouth down her body. He was deliberately slow as he brought his hot mouth to her breast. He took the hard tip inside. Alternating between both breasts, he was both rough and gentle, slow and fast, a bite of sensual pain eased by a soothing stroke of his tongue. Her body was arching and moving against his. “You have to do something,” she pleaded.

She murmured something hot and erotic and very unladylike. His body throbbed in response. She met his eyes with a look that said she was at the edge. She'd endured as much as she could. She silently begged for mercy. Lifting away from her, he stared down into her eyes as he leaned forward and slowly pushed his cock into her. The connection between them tightened as she closed her delicate flesh around him. His body began a rhythm that finally matched her need for hunger. She slid her fingers down his back, cupping his ass as he thrust deeper into her wet center.

She felt her body tighten all too soon. The tiny clutches around his cock caught them both by surprise. He'd wanted to come with her, but she was too close. He increased the tempo until she arched in his arms. Holding still, he let her climax wash around him. Each pull of her tight, wet body was the most incredible form of torture. He gripped her hips, holding her down as he thrust into her twice more. Finally, he let his body have control. His release was intense. Heat curled up his spine and settled low in his belly as her tight pussy gripped and milked ribbons of hot semen from his body.

He was right, she couldn't take care of herself like this.


sweetness said...

Patience is not a virtue of mine either! I don't know that I want it to be either!!!

Great great story!!!

Anonymous said...

wow great story. I think I'll touch me now.
Come check me out and do as requested.

Rae said...

Ooh! Ooooh! Yum!

I like the label of "handing over control" too...I feel like it gets misinterpreted that control can only mean something rough or D/s, when it can really just be sweet torture.

Edtime Stories said...

it is a great story

Naughty Girl said...

Sweetness: Well, patience isn't one of my virtues either!

Sage: Hmm...how did that "touch me" thing turn out?! And I'll be over ASAP. I wonder what you're requesting?!

Rae: Yep, and I'm all for sweet torture!

Ed: Thank you. I think so too!

HisGirl said...

Thank you for sharing. Nice end to my day!
-His girl

Naughty Girl said...

His Girl: Happy to have helped! :)

Lucy said...

Oh wow! That was beautiful. I was right there in the moment, and never wanted it to end. Although it was a lovely ending. How sweet this is, especially coming up to valentine's day.
Just great, loved it.


mapiprincesa! said...

Good God, I miss sex.

That was great...have you ever thought about submitting? This is better than some I've read on oysters & chocolate.

Just a thought...

Be well.

funkytimmi said...

Very Erotic........