April 15, 2008

Death, Taxes...

...life being so un-naughty and complicated at times.

These are guaranteed things right?

My life (you know the not naughty one) is very busy and complicated and stressful at the moment. So, coming home and writing something sexy or sexy-inspiring is just too much. For the moment. I hope it is only a moment. I'd miss all my sexy bloggers!

I do have an HNT post for Thursday, and hopefully my flow will be flowing by the weekend. Until then...I didn't want to just leave everyone hanging.


Southern Sage said...

hope u get to de-stress!

Naughty Girl said...

Sage: If only orgasms made all the stress go away...sigh.

Rae said...

Well, orgasms HELP...I hope you get to de-stress too. I'd been wondering where you are! I'm the same. Other than an HNT entry this week, there won't be much from me.


Loving Annie said...

The mundane sometimes does take over from the pleasurable.... I wish it didn't either !

Just came by to say hello, Naughty. I hope that things in your life get easier and more relaxed and simpler... Sometimes changes take time, sometimes you've got to draw the line, and make the changes happen :)