April 13, 2008

Possibly Useless Information...Round 2

As promised, here is more little insights into The Naughty One. If you are interested in reading the first round, it is posted below.

The wildest sexual aid I have ever used was...a hairbrush handle. I was sort of in a pinch and the bristles against my clit were a whole new realm of sensations. I wonder what ever happened to that brush...

The most pleasure I have ever had with a foreign object was...some sort of a toy. I haven't had many (maybe three or four), but I'm currently enjoying a g-spot vibe. I'm on a quest to squirt.

The last sexual request I refused was...hmm, it has been a while since I said no, but I think it was probably coming on my face. I don't mind the neck (or if I'm being oral my mouth and chin) down, but something about having cum in my nose and eyes seems degrading. I don't participate in facials often.

The last sexual request someone refused me was...I haven't been denied. I've been lucky to have a willing partner!

The thought of making love during pregnancy makes me...twitchy. Not having been pregnant before I don't know for sure, but I've heard that a lot of women feel pretty darn sexy during pregnancy. Besides, I just think it would add a level of closeness and intimacy to the love making.

The thought of making love during "that time of the month" leaves me...again twitchy. With the exception of possibly the first day of TTOTM, I'm pretty revved up. I'm not sure how happy I'd be with guy that wasn't okay with earning his red wings.

My favorite fantasy involving a hot tub is...naked slippery foreplay. I'm not exactly a water-sex kind of girl.

My favorite fantasy involving a romantic location is...a secluded bungalow on the beach with a big bed with cool, crisp sheets, and the windows open so a breeze is blowing in and we can hear the waves on the beach (since my last cruise I've turned into such a beach girl...)

My favorite fantasy involving a famous man is...Tim Gunn (yes, I know he is gay, but still...I can't explain my fascination with him.)

My favorite fantasy involving a man I know is...him and me in that bungalow on the beach

My favorite fantasy involving a woman I know is...well as a general rule I'm not into women, but if I was, I'd probably be fantasizing about a blogger friend (yep, she's linked) and indulging in some play with her and her man.

The last time a man tried to pick me up was...in March. I'd gone out for drinks with friends and I was asked for my phone number.

My favorite fantasy involving sex in a public place is...on my desk at work or the table near my desk.

The most public place I ever made love was...hmm, I'm not sure. Public places are still sort of a no-go zone for me.

When I finally lost my virginity, I was...in college.

I think the maximum number of men I am physically capable of making love to in a single day is...one...I'm a one at a time kind of girl. Now, that one and I would probably not let a moment of that day go to waste!

I really like having a tongue stuck in my...I'm torn! I want to say pussy. I also really get turned on by a tongue in my ear or sucking on my ear lobe.

I really hate having a tongue stuck in (between) my...toes! Kissing and sucking feet and toes do nothing for me.


Miss Belle said...

I'm lucky that I wasn't drinking anything when I read about your fantasy with a famous man. I can hear it now...

Naugthy one: Harder. Fuck me harder.

Tim Gun: Make it work.


Naughty Girl said...

Belle: I know...it is crazy, but I just think he's adorable!

Southern Sage said...

Great answers.
a gay dude?
I wonderif gay guys accept bj's from chicks?
will they do anal with chicks??
I digress.
good answers.

Rae said...

I'm glad I wasn't reading Belle's comment while I was drinking anything!

And, really...a lady who is linked? Who, who, who could that be? :)

Stratocast said...

This information may be possibly useless . . . but I can always hope, can't I?

Naughty Girl said...

Sage: Thanks! Interesting question you pose about the gay guy thing though...

Rae: I know I know! Tim Gunn makes absolutely no sense, but I can't help it. You probably know her. ;)

Strat: True...it might come in handy some day. :)

Loving Annie said...

I agree with you on not liking come in my eyes or nose - on my cheeks or lips is okay though.

You're lucky you've never be denied.

The beach fantasy is great - if you are ever in southern California during the off season, and go to The Montage Hotel in Laguna on Pacific Coast Highway, ask for one of the cottages in front with no-one blocking you... That just might exactly fulfill the fantasy...

And yes to your last one too - foot fetishes do nothing for me either...

And yes, just one guy a day is exactly the right number.

Southern Sage said...

i did get kinda turned on by the image of you fucking a hair brush.

just sayin

Naughty Girl said...

Annie: Thanks for the tip about the hotel. I've never been to California, but just maybe I ought to go. Of course I'd have to pursuade him to come along with me...

Sage: Of course you would! I don't blame you...I got pretty turned on myself. ;)

padme amidala said...

I really enjoyed this meme and gave it a try yesterday. :)
padme amidala

Porno Spark said...

Hair brush!!! hmm..pretty good huh!!y don't you girls call us!!lol!! Like me..I would definitely help you. After all even i'm naughty..so naughty and naughty being totally naughty..lol!!.sounds good right!