September 26, 2008


With a title like that you just know this can't be a good post right? Well, it isn't...

Last night on my way home from work, I was involved in a car accident. Maybe involved is the wrong word...I was the cause of the accident, I was the totaled car in the accident, I was the royally screwed party (albeit by my own screwing...that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean) in the accident.

I had just merged onto I45 and was stuck in a pile of cars waiting to use a one lane exit. Anyway, being my patient self, I was ready to move over into the next lane where traffic was going faster. I saw that the car ahead of me had the same idea, but we had at least one and possibly two car lengths between us. We moved over and just as I checked my side view mirror to see if I was clear, I hit her.

Once we got pulled over to the side of the road, I got out and immediately asked about her. She said that she was fine, and then she explained that a school bus cut her off to merge so she had to slow down. While she said she braked (I don't know...I was looking the side view mirror) when I hit her there were no brake lights on. She admitted that she was just putting her foot back on the gas when I hit her. After settling that, and deciding to call the police, I got my first good look at my car. My crunched up front end car. My leaking fluid all over the road car. My crap this can't be good car. Have I gotten across the point that the car isn't in good shape?

After what seemed like forever, the state trooper came, I was given the ticket (of course...), the kinda scary but very nice tow truck driver hooked up my car, and a friend came and got me, and then I had to call my parents. The most unfortunate part of the whole car probably isn't worth what it will take to fix it. I'd lay money on the fact that a new car is in my immediate future. While that prospect does excite me, the budget side is a little frightening. I like a cushion in the bank and this will turn my cushion into a thin piece of mosquito netting. Sigh...I just got sad.

I took today off from work (main reason...can't walk the 30 mile commute) to get started on the claims process and trying to find a rental car. You would think that should have been easy, but with this Hurricane Ike business (have I mentioned how disillusioned I am by hurricanes now?) there are practically no cars to be found. Thankfully, the fourth place I called has three full size sedans to pick from...I think I'm getting the Hyundai Sonata. *EDIT...just found out it is going to be a Toyota Camry that I'm getting...*Anyway, at least I'll have some transportation until I know what my options are for the car.

So, as my mom said this morning, I'll have to dig deep and find my well hidden cache of patience and ride this thing out. I'm normally a glass half empty kind of girl, but I'm trying to see the positives here...I'm okay! I might get a new car...which I've been thinking about and working toward! While it isn't how I'd choose to spend it, I do have a cushion so that this won't break me. (That doesn't get a !...) I have a friend that didn't mind driving out of her way to come and get me! I have parents that love me and would have given up their plans for the weekend to come down and help me through this if I thought I'd needed them to!

All in all...I'm still very blessed and for that I'm very thankful!


Edtime Stories said...

glad you are ok...that does suck

Anonymous said...

well that surely sucks!
glad you are ok though.

Good luck on the car thing!!!

Riff Dog said...

I love your attitude on this! Car accidents can be such a drag (understatement,) but they really do have a way of letting us know how lucky we are. How close we came to absolute disaster . . . but we're okay. Kind of a wake up call.

I'm glad you're okay!

TAG said...

Any time there is an auto accident the first question to ask is: "Is everyone ok?"

If you can answer that one with YES, everything else suddenly becomes less important.

Sure, it is a pain in the backside to deal with the hassle. And sure the financial side of things kinda sucks. Plus, telling the parents has to be one of the more stressful things ever.

Having said all that, just think how much worse it could be.

Last fall, I learned a really good lesson from my cousin. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. That's when I heard her say, "Any problem that will go away if you throw a little money at it isn't all that big a problem."

I know you don't have lots of extra money laying around (who does?). But look at it this way. They build new cars every day. They don't bring back lives or restore severed limbs.

Consider yourself lucky this time. We'll all hope you're never in an accident any worse than this one.


Mike Stewart said...

Glad you and the other driver are okay darlin'! Auto accidents happen to most of us several times in our lifetime. At age 68 I speak from experience! If there are no injuries it's no big deal although admittedly right after it happens it can seem like a big deal! Sometimes we can learn a lesson from our accidents (like "Slow down!) but it doesn't sound like you or the other driver were doing anything wrong in this case. Hopefully you both were insured. In any case it's time to put it behind you and move on and I'm absolutely sure you are smart enough to do just that! Good luck on finding the right replacement car!

Naughty Girl said...

Ed: Thank you. I'm glad that I'm okay too.

Sage: Thanks! I haven't heard anything, but I'm going to stop by the body shop tomorrow and take a few shots to send to my dad. He's just itching to see what damage I did to the front end.

Riff: Exactly. At the time I could just think about my mess of a car, but I'm so thankful that I walked away without any sort of injury.

TAG: You are right. Cars can be replaced, but life can't. I do feel very lucky to have come away with only my car showing signs of damage.

Mike: No, I did still come away with a lesson...keep your eyes facing forward and that you can never be too careful on the interstate.

Alfie said...

We were so sorry to hear about your accident. But so glad you are unscathed - except finacially.

Rae said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you're okay! You're right the new car part is exciting...but the paying for it isn't so much.

It will all work out though, I know. Any help you need, let me know. You know I have some car connections. :-)

Jennybean said...

As a kid who grew up with next to nothing, property damage was always my biggest fear. Not hurting myself, I'm a farm kid, I'm durable, but hurting something.

I never wanted to borrow things cause I was afraid of wrecking them. I am extra careful with my car and other expensive things because I fear having to pay for repairs/replacement.

I now have a good job and plenty of funds, but I still fear it.

Irrational-yes. Real- very!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are ok. These things put things into perspective. Easy for me to say when i am not the one trying to rent a car and sort everything out. Keep your chin up.

asweetnectar said...

I am glad to hear that you are okay. It seems as if thing have been very crazy for you! Well wishes to you!