September 22, 2008

Who Is The Boss?

The other night DF and I were doing an equally great job of turning each other on, but I was being bossy and taking some control. This being the boss, while new for me, is sort of a power trip. I was just getting into my groove of giving directions and taking charge when DF tossed back, "Just ride the damn thing." I can assure you that a purely feminine laugh with undertones of "not a chance buddy...I have you exactly where I want you" slipped out at the command. You ladies have to know exactly what I'm talking about...

And there in lies my question (or questions as it turns out)... often do you wrestle control from your guy? If you're more of the submissive (I couldn't think of a better word but you know what I mean...the one that usually follows the lead rather than gives it) do you find it easy to slip into the "boss" role? you like it when your lady takes over? If you're the more dominant type, is it easy to let her have the control?

I really should write something about how this whole line of thought came about shouldn't I?


Lucy said...

Hey Naughty,
It's good to see you back writing again. Now, onto the question at hand :-)

For me, I'm a sub, always. However, for the first time on Friday night I took control. It wasn't as planned as I would have liked, but it still went very well. Although, I think I'm still too soft "is that ok? does that hurt? do you want me to move?" etc. This is something that I'll be working on. Yes, that is implying that I'm going to take the lead again!

Re: do you find it easy to slip into the "boss" role?
For me, no, not at all. He's always taken the lead with me, and it's only been recently (more so since we've been living together, but also because of my recent weight loss) that I've had the confidence to take control and WANT to be the "boss". And I agree, it is a power trip. Not in a "He did abc to me x weeks ago, therefore I'll get him back for that by doing xyz to him tonight". It is NOT like that at all! It's just fun (and intoxicating) to get out of my bubble and do something different. And it gives Him a break of being in charge.

This is something I know I'll be writing about in time to come. That is of course when the schedule slows down and I get some more time to plan just what I'm going to do to him ;-)


Southern Sage said...

Well I always play it however she wants. I could actually be to easy, hehe.
I don't say no so she can instruct if shed like. If I think she wants ass slapping, hair pulling and nipple biting and it appears to be working then thats what she gets, if I think she wants me to lay there and let her have her way, then thats on.
Whatever gets her off I'm in for.

Alfie said...

Come to think of it, Emma and I seem to share the boss-role about fifty-fifty but I can't quite think how it comes about that one of us takes the initiative over the other. It just happens.

h said...

I like being in control. but i really like the fight for control more than actually being in control. fighting for dominance is sooo sexy! I've been submissive occasionally, but i've never had a guy really dominate me. might be worth a try...

Naughty Girl said...

Lucy: It is great to be back! I agree with you about being the one under control. I think you know you're going to please him if you're doing what he's saying. But, as DF pointed out, sometimes it is nice to just go with it and be the one in control. At first I was really nervous...would he like this, is this too over the line, maybe I'm not good at this...but so far I've heard no complaints. I must be doing something right. ;)

Sage: You pleaser! It is nice to hear that guys can be flexible too.

Alfie: That probably happens because you two know each other so well. I think you two have such a great relationship. I'm just glad you let us peek into it!

H: I've discovered that dominance has so many levels, but it really is liberating to "let" him have control over you and your pleasure. But, I also agree that the power struggle can be such an erotic experience too!

Riff Dog said...

I'm definitely dominant, but I love it when she takes control. It's especially cool because then she's really letting me know exactly what she likes.

Rae said...

I like taking control on occasion, but I like having him take control too. I think it's just that feeling of wanting to be wanted so much that someone is willing to "force" you to do their bidding. I love, love, love that. Yum

asweetnectar said...

I am the controller. It seems as if he just wants oto make sure that I am happy and pleased. No matter what he is pleased in the end.

Although there have been a couple of instances that he has taken control when I have had too many!